What Is A Modeling Portfolio: A Detailed Intro

By Sachin Krishna
August 20, 2021

What is a modeling portfolio?

modeling portfolio shoot in different poses by Photo want Model in Kochi

Key highlights of a spectacular modeling portfolio are

  • Precise measurements of your body’s physical characteristics
  • Images depicting a range of favorable model poses.
  • Photos highlighting various gestures and body language.
  • Series of photos representing the types of modeling you are fit in

A modeling portfolio is never repeatable or reproducible. Each model has distinct physical characteristics and persona that they want to exhibit through their modeling portfolio. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and conceive the kind of modeling that best suits you before you actually begin setting up a portfolio.

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What kind of model are you?

So, how do you even decide the kind of modeling that is perfectly capable for you? One or several that you can really feel comfortable with and where you can naturally exude the right appearance and charisma on demand. 

To understand and make the needed preparations, here we’ve compiled a list of the different kinds of modeling.

It’s important to understand the different kinds of modeling and what agencies and the audience expect from each modeling type before choosing the right ones that suit your abilities and preferences.

What does a modeling portfolio include?

Once you have chosen one or more types of modeling to kickstart your career, it’s time to compile the best portfolio for the same.

A modeling portfolio consists of two Parts that portray a Model: Information & Demonstration. Both Explain Who are you as a model

Both Explain Who are you as a model!

Information Part of a Modeling Portfolio

The information part of the portfolio is where we share our personal information like biodata, physical characteristics, personal info, etc. These are clearly pointed out mostly in the beginning sections of the portfolio so that agents or potential clients are able to gauge your characteristics and see if you are fit for the role. 

The more information you can provide here the better.

These are the bio information frequently seen in a modeling portfolio:

  1. Name and bio
  2. Career objective (optional)
  3. Personal information
  4. Physical characteristics
  5. Previous experience
  6. Comfortable shoots
  7. Social media profiles 
  8. Contact details

There are no established criteria for creating a modeling portfolio. Each portfolio is unique from the next. It’s all about how you want to showcase your portfolio creatively so that it garners attention. 

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Name and bio

It’s important to make your bio as accurate and clear as possible. This way casting directors and agents would be able to better evaluate your characteristics to fit in with varying kinds of modeling. 

Career Objective

Here, you can write your career objective so that others can understand what you are trying to become in modeling.

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Physical characteristics

This is all about describing yourself in terms of physical characteristics. These can vary from person to person. Each casting director has different expectations for each requirement.

The physical features should be consistent throughout portfolios. Sometimes agencies may require specific requirements like blonde, blue-eyed, or white. Make sure you mention those in your portfolio.

Personal information

This section includes details about your personality, hobbies, and interests. It’s always best to add here what makes you interesting and unique as a person.


Here you can describe all about your previous experiences related to modeling. You can mention the kind of modeling jobs you were engaged in and the people or brands you’ve worked for.

Comfortable shoots

You need to mention here the kinds of photoshoots that you are comfortable with in this part of the portfolio. It’s crucial to let the casting agency/director know the areas where you can work comfortably because they may want to capture something specifically for their project/ product that you may find uncomfortable to work with.

Most of the time this little piece of information plays a vital role in winning and losing a modeling project or contract. 

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Social media and contact details

Mention your social media profiles in this part as most people look through them before hiring a model or making any decision related to that. Yes, your social media presence could play a vital role in helping you get hired into modeling.

Demonstration Part of a Modeling Portfolio

In this part, we actually demonstrate the pieces of information that we provided earlier using a combination of different images.

Images in a demonstration section of a modeling portfolio contain

  • Photos showing different kinds of clothing.
  • Images portraying various facial gestures and feelings.
  • Photos showcasing all types of modeling you are fit in.

Photoshoots in different clothing

One must model for different brands and products based on the requirement. He/She must be dressed in a wide variety of professional and non-professional attire.

The apparel worn for a shoot depends entirely upon the modeling genre that you have chosen. A fashion model should present herself in the most trendy costume whereas a glamor model mainly poses in innerwear like lingerie.

Make your modeling portfolio less about you and more about your abilities to support a brand and market their product or service. This offers you a greater chance of getting hired by an agency and modeling company.

Images portraying different facial gestures and feelings.

Don’t be a one-trick pony by wearing the same expression in every shot. If you’re scared to smile because you happen to dislike your teeth, have them looked into and treated before you make an attempt at modeling. 

Otherwise, your chances of success are slim to none. If you glance at magazine adverts, you’ll notice that models in the pictures don’t usually smile or appear intense. They generally attempt to express a feeling, ranging from ecstatic to depressed, goofy to the grave.

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Photos showcasing all types of modeling you are fit in

Let’s say Ann and Lisa are two models. Ann is a fashion model whereas Lisa is into glamour model. Ann would showcase how she can fit into the fashion industry.

Lisa, who is a glamour model will be more open to appealing poses and photoshoots, which she has to reflect on her portfolio to stand out in glamour modeling.

For a glamour shoot, a casting director can easily hire Lisa, as she already showcased her ability as a glamour model and has proven experience in the field. So it is critical to understand your physical characteristics and profile clearly before attempting to create an equally compelling demonstration section in your portfolio. 

Summing Up

It’s fairly easy now to create a modeling portfolio with tools that are available online or via specialized software. Working with a professional photographer and designer can help craft an exceptional portfolio that is sure to make an impression.

It all starts with you. Look yourself closely. Understand your characteristics and present them in a portfolio book (digital and printed) to hand out to agencies and casting directors. 

Chances are high if you have a portfolio handy when you go out seeking the next opportunity in modeling. And, by following the steps that we’ve covered here, you can build a strong portfolio. One that hopefully will land you a successful stint in the competitive modeling industry.

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