How to Start a Modeling Career in Hyderabad?

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The Pearl City of Hyderabad is also a fascinating city. In addition to IT, pharmaceuticals, and real estate, it is also home to the Tollywood film industry (not to be confused with the Bangladeshi film industry). Chiranjeevi, a southern superstar who once worked in a Telugu cinema, said: “When the Telugu film industry moved from Chennai to Hyderabad, it had a significant impact on the film industry and the overall image of Telugu industry. He knows nothing about becoming a pioneer in the industry, and this industry will one day become truly global. With that in mind, there is always a need for new, confident, and beautiful faces.

Starting in the glamour modeling industry seems like an intimidating task. You may come across a variety of questions, such as “what do I need?”, “How do I find an agent?” “What are the strengths and weaknesses of being a model?” If you are looking for help, this article will help answer a few questions about entering the Hyderabad modeling industry and provide a guide to becoming a popular model.

What It Takes to be model?

Modeling is not just about being “good-looking” or “beautiful.” There are many beautiful people in the world. If you are serious about modeling, it is essential to have a “look.” There has to be something unique in appearance and production methods. It can be the dimples with a smile, the shape of the chin or nose that adds to the contours of the face, or another unique quality mark of beauty (Cindy Crawford). It sets you apart from other models in the industry.

As an important common feature for anyone who wants to enter a model, height is probably the most important physical attribute of most models, and 5’7 “is usually considered the minimum. of course, with the exception of this rule, but this is a good starting point for deciding if you are destined to go to the modeling industry. The runway model “female” must be at least 5’8, and male must be at least 6’0. For editorial modeling, having the best look is more important than height or slim frame alone. For conference / promotional models, more is the ability to have an attractive personality and act as a spokesperson for the product.

What are the Different Types of Modeling?

Many newcomers to the industry are surprised at the number of different genres available to find a job.

Here is a list of the most famous genres and the Basic Model Requirement in Hyderabad :

Model GenresHeightBUSTWaistHips
Runway (catwalk) modeling:5ft 9 – 6ft32 – 3622 – 2633 – 35
Print (Catalog, editorial) modeling5ft 8 – 5ft 1132 – 3523 – 2634 – 35
Lingerie/swimsuit modeling:5ft 6 – 6ft32 – 35 C cup24 – 2635 – 35

Runway (catwalk) modeling: High-end models usually shoot editorials, high-end designers, runways, and fashion campaigns. Height is usually 5’9 “-6”, bust is 32 “-36”, waist is 22 “-26” and hips are 33 “-35”.

Print (Catalog, editorial) modeling: Another type of profitable modeling has fewer restrictions than fashion modeling. Height is usually between 5’8 “and 5’11”. Common sizes are chest circumference 32 “-35”, hips circumference 33 “-35”, waist 22 “-26”. fashion and Catalog are the two most specific types of modeling. That is why they are the most lucrative.

Lingerie/swimsuit modeling: Models also tend to have particular measurement conditions. Typical lingerie sizes are height 5 ‘6 “-6”, chest 32 “-35” C cup, waist 22 “-26”, hips 33 “-35”. The bikini model is similar to the lingerie model but with a slightly larger chest.

Other types of modeling include TV commercials, live products/brands, live showrooms, networks, niche modeling (tattoos, piercings, compacts, plus sizes, maturity, body parts, fitness/bodybuilding, no clothes, etc.). Depending on the type of modeling you use and the industry, the metrics are always different.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step in a successful career is to find a qualified and experienced agent. Some modeling agents are scams. It is very important to make sure that the agency you plan to work with is legal. Do your research! Checking the websites of interest agencies will help you understand the type of model they are looking for, the work they have booked, and their overall professionalism. Model management is essential, and it is best to do a survey before registering your company.

There are frequent suggestions and advice online to help you move in the right direction. One of the largest red flags is that agencies require new clients to pay upfront, whether it is the photo/produce portfolio or other reasons. There is no cost to a reputable agency. They can only earn when you book a job. If there are signs that they are trying to make money in other ways, then run away, do not walk, run away. You can search modeling job jobs online on one of these websites:

Building a Portfolio

Once you have created a list of trustworthy agencies you want to model, it’s time to send your portfolio to them. A portfolio includes a combination of “statistics” (basic size, height, weight) and images. The most important photo for you is a simple digital photo.

Take a picture of yourself with very simple clothes and minimal accessories, with little or no makeup, and try to use natural light. For agencies, it’s important to look at your face and body at the same time. Therefore, be sure to include wide-angle photos of your body and a face photo taken at a short distance. Dress tightly so that the agent can see the basic shape of your body. If you want to play in swimwear or lingerie, you should also include these pictures. Adjust the angles and postures to find the most flattering look and send it to the agent. Plan a similar approach when participating in public modeling calls. Clothes should fit well, and hairstyles and makeup should be kept to a minimum.

If you have previous modeling experience and have professional photos of past work, it is best to include them. However, paying a professional photographer to send high-quality photos to an agency can be a worthwhile investment if you are starting. From there, if you can invest in high-quality, updated photos every year, it will be a big plus for you.

A Few Tips for Every Model

 In time communication is essential

  • Fulfill promises.
  • Patience and stay positive.
  • You will hear “No” rather than “Yes.” Make sure it does not affect your confidence. Make sure it does not affect your life.
  •  Take care of your body and lifestyle.
  • Pay attention to the people you work with and what you are willing to do.
  • Make a plan B. You may not have enough work to make a living.
  • Make sure you have a real relationship with the agent. Willing to give and accept. Help them, and they will help you.

 Continually expand your talent. If you want to book a new type of job, learn new skills.

People with athletic bodies and strong self-esteem can challenge the modeling world both psychologically and emotionally. But financially? There are few jobs early in your career, and the salary may not be enough to pay the rent, mainly if you live in a major market. These big cities can offer most job opportunities, but they can also be costly to live in. When you get into modeling, you need to plan other jobs to pay the bills. For example, working in the modeling industry can be a good choice because it offers flexible hours and allows you to earn a substantial income in a limited time.


Patience and determination are important when engaging in modeling. The opportunity may not come soon. It takes time to build relationships with prominent people in the industry. It is highly adaptable; you can adapt to the ever-changing business environment, making you a successful professional model.

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