How to Start a Modeling Career in Chennai?

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Modeling is a profession today and symbolizes one of the most profitable and energizing professions available to young people. India’s consumerism and the further development of the media have greatly facilitated the industry. Coupled with the global development of the fashion industry, modeling has become an appealing profession.

From the outside, we think modeling is a beautiful profession. But this is wrong. If you are serious and want to be a model in life, you need to understand the inherent knowledge of modeling. You need to know all about the fashion industry and is the industry suitable for a model? He (she) must know their position in the fashion industry; if not, they will get lost in the crowd.

General requirements for becoming a model

Before we understand the steps to get started with modeling, let’s first explain what it takes to be a model.


You must be passionate about being a model. You like to deal with a very high level of attention and passion to the camera. If other people suggest, you enter the modeling because they think you are a good person and a suitable person, this is not the right approach. You should feel like you want to be a model.


Modeling is primarily about how you look and behave. You need to have a lovely personality and a healthy body. 


You need to be confident enough to meet other people alone. You have to wear all kinds of clothes and have enough confidence to carry them easily.

Skill / Talent

You need the skills and abilities to face the camera easily, and you need to be good at poses and provide various expressions.

Steps to follow.

If you have them all, follow the steps below to start modeling: –

  1. Contact the best modeling agencies and fashion photographers. They will rate you and tell you if they think you are qualified for modeling.
  2. Complete your professional portfolio only from supermodel agencies or top fashion photographers.
  3. Meet with several modeling agencies and show this portfolio. The person who created your portfolio will help you. These modeling agencies present your portfolio to their clients, and if you are chosen, you can work.

Body and height need to start a modeling career in Chennai?

Requirement TypeMen (cm)Women (cm)
Ramp / Fashion Show178 163
Beauty Pageants171 163
Print/ Commercial Ads167162

All data mentioned is approximated.

The minimum height of a ramp/fashion show in Chennai is 5’10 inches (178 cm) for men.

For beauty pageants like Mr. India and other missions, the minimum height of male models exceeds 5’7 inches (171cm).

For women, the minimum height of a ramp/fashion show in Chennai is 163 cm.

The minimum Height for Indian female models is 162 cm (5’3 “or 5’4”) for print ads and commercial models.

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How to find Modelling opportunities in Chennai

Let us help you to understand how to find modeling opportunities in Chennai. Read all the details below carefully, as these details will help you get complete insight to start your modeling career in Chennai.

 Complete your portfolio

Getting portfolio photos is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can skip it. Professional photography is expensive, but it will give you a better idea of ​​what you look like and increase chances to get you some work.

Get associated with an agency

Freelance modeling is popular these days, but if you are a freshman, it is recommended to join an agency because it allows you to get in touch with professional work. At the same time, you will understand the minutes of professionalism of the work. Always bring your portfolio with you when visiting a modeling agency in Chennai.

Build a professional social media profile

In the age of social media, casting directors are always looking for fresh faces on social media. Building a professional social media profile is important to avail modeling opportunities in Chennai. Post photos in different outfits. Always post high-quality professional pictures so that you will get more exposure.

Try Collaborating with existing Models/ Fashion photographers in Chennai

Collaborating with current Models and photographers in Chennai will improve your audience presence in Chennai which will eventually help you create more impressions on a larger audience. After all, building fans is key for this game.

Try digital platforms to avail opportunity

In this era of technology, it is pretty easy to find where to start and who to approach. You can use various digital platforms to search for modeling opportunities in Chennai.

To find agency FB pages in Chennai

  • Go to Facebook and search “modelling auditions in Chennai” or “modelling agency in Chennai.”
  • Use the filter option in facebook search to choose the right agency and send your portfolio to them.

To Facebook group for casting and modeling in Chennai

  • Go to Facebook and search “modelling auditions in Chennai” or “modelling agency in Chennai.” “casting calls in chennai” etc
  • Make your location to chennai
  • Filter out groups only using fb search filters


Instagram is a powerful tool to find modeling opportunities in Chennai. Try following existing models and photographers, ask for collaboration in upcoming content which most of them will be open to.


Google search is also an excellent source to start your modeling career in Chennai. To search on google, type the following in the search bar to get better results:

  • Models wanted for a photo shoot in Chennai
  • Modeling jobs in Chennai
  • Modeling agencies in Chennai

Job Listing sites

Different listing sites will help you find job opportunities. The same platforms as Indeed, Naukari are also a good place to find other modeling options in Chennai.

Local listing sites

Modeling opportunities are also posted in sales listing sites like OLX, Quicker, etc. Just find the relevant category and set your location for Chennai.


The essential thing to consider is why you want to be a model. Work hard, avoid Chennai masala to maintain your fitness, and follow the tips given above to become a model in Chennai.

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