A Detailed Guide to Become a Model

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Thinking about a career in modeling? Here’s what you need to know to get on the track to supermodel status.

The world of modeling has something for everyone. There are so many niches and specializations that you can find at least one that fits your look and personality. Once you decide to become a model is the right move, it’s time to choose the path you take to get there.

Here are the top steps to becoming a model in the fashion industry.

  • Understand what is modeling and the different kind of modeling.
  • Take care of your appearance and fitness
  • Find professional photographers to create your modeling portfolio
  • Collaborate with different persons/brands to build your authority.
  • Find Modeling Opportunities Available
  • Use your social media and digital platforms to brand yourself

Understand Modeling Career Paths

It is very important to learn modeling and which career path is right for you before jumping into a modeling shoot. These are the different modeling career paths available now,

Baby Modeling ( infant modeling)
Commercial Modeling
Child Modeling
Mature Modeling
Freelance Modeling
Instagram Modeling
Promotional Modeling
Runway Modeling
Fit Modeling
Fitness Modeling
Parts Modeling
Petite Modeling
Plus-Size Modeling
Runway Modeling
Fashion Modeling
Swimsuit and Lingerie Modeling
Glamour Modeling
Boudoir modeling

Take care of your appearance and fitness

Now that you’ve decided on a form of modeling that better represents your natural features and abilities. It’s critical for a model to look attractive and stay in shape so he or she can perform the part appropriately.

Your diet is important for modeling. If you want to work as a bikini model, make sure your physical fitness and body appearance are up to date with the requirements of glamour modeling, rather than plus-size modeling.

maintaining your fitness, especially if you want to be in top physical condition for the specific modeling niche you have chosen. This necessitates eating a balanced diet and participating in numerous exercises.

and you have to find a way to find climate conditions to ensure you will be looking good in the required modeling shoot. Modeling is a very competitive field, so it’s important to look your best. In addition, most models must be able to keep up their appearance and fitness on a tight budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t afford to eat healthily.

Physical characteristics that indicate good health are important. Working with a model-specific trainer could be a good idea. Tell them about your modeling ambitions and how you want to appear. Choose the kind of model you want to be. In theory, anybody can be a model. However, keep in mind that if you don’t meet those criteria, the work you can do may be severely limited, and you will have to make up for it in other areas (reliability, technique, etc).

Preferred Physical Characteristics of Models

HEIGHT – Women: minimum 5’6″ Men: minimum 5’11”

AGE – While age isn’t a factor, I’d like to point out that a few Indian women, such as Michelle Tung, have started as late as the age of 26; however, a young woman should be between the ages of 15 and 22. A man must be between the ages of 18 and 25.

WEIGHT- There is no such thing as a perfect weight! it all depends upon the type of model you have chosen. A magazine can choose a slim silhouette or a more curvaceous look depending on the trend or the market. Regardless, the value of proportion cannot be overstated.

Build Your Modeling Portfolio

Once you know your angles and postures, it’s time for a photographer. Remember to contact the photographer to understand the process and how they are going to fire. In order to get your face out there, you’ll need more than just some selfies and party photos taken from your iPhone. You will need to construct a modeling portfolio. Portfolio standards have changed significantly over the last few years and you want to make sure your portfolio is professional and polite.

There are two types of portfolios that you will be responsible for managing. The first is a traditional paper purse. That’s like your resumé. You’ll take her with you to every audition in person. It should feature your best 8 to 12 frames, and be presented in a portfolio case with a brief catalog of your modeling experience.

The second one is the portfolio website online. This technique is the place where you can truly show the magnitude of your experience and versatility. Building a robust modeling portfolio can be a lengthy process, but shows casting agents what you bring to the table and what you can do for them. It should evolve as experience becomes available.

Watch or create some videos. This does not mean clear shots of you and your relatives, but rather close shots against you without much make-up and against a simple background. You should photograph them in natural light with little or no distraction. These are agencies to see you in your natural state. Consider taking a headshot, a physical shot, and a profile shot. Consider hiring a professional photographer. Even if it’s expensive, professional photography will give you a better idea of ​​how you paint. Consider investing in these images in the future, as you will need them for interviews.


Collaborate with Models/Photographers

Collaborating with current Models and photographers will improve your audience presence. It will eventually help you create more impressions on a larger audience. After all, building fans is key for this game. However, don’t just collaborate with anyone. You want to make sure that you have a good quality collaboration. Quality collaborations will reflect positively on your account and grow your audience more quicker. So how do you go about finding collaborators?

Find Modeling Opportunities Available in the modeling

There are different ways to find modeling opportunities.

But you can start by associating or registering with an agency of your preference. It takes away the headache of finding clients as well as your freedom. You will be always answerable to your agency. Or you can become a freelance model

In this era of technology, it is pretty easy to find where to start and who to approach. the different digital platform becomes handy to pump in your leads as a freelance model. You can use various digital platforms to search for modeling opportunities. Here are some:

  1. FB pages
  2. FB groups
  3. Instagram
  4. Google
  5. Job listing sites
  6. Local listing sites

To find agency FB pages

  • Go to Facebook and search “modeling auditions” or “modeling agency.”
  • Use the filter option in Facebook search to choose the right agency and send your portfolio to them.

To Facebook group for casting and modeling

  • Go to Facebook and search “modeling auditions” or “modeling agency.” “casting calls” etc
  • Select your preferred location
  • Filter out groups only using FB search filters


Instagram is a powerful tool to find modeling opportunities. Try following existing models and photographers, ask for collaboration in upcoming content which most of them will be open to.


Google search is also an excellent source to start your modeling career. To search on google, type the following in the search bar to get better results:

  • Models wanted for a photoshoot
  • Modeling jobs
  • Modeling agencies

Job Listing sites

Different listing sites will help you find job opportunities. The same platforms as Indeed, Naukari, Linkedin are also good places to find other modeling options.

Local listing sites

Modeling opportunities are also posted in sales listing sites like Yellow pages, OLX, Quicker, etc. Just find the relevant category and set your location.

Brand yourself in different digital platforms.

as a model, you need to brand yourself in order to survive in the industry. Social media can be extremely powerful in this regard.

Start off by creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, and also Instagram profile if you want to stay relevant in social media.

You need to develop yourself as a model through these platforms because companies look for models that are active on social media so that they can market their products using your popularity

Another thing that you need to do is to create a blog where you write about your experiences in the industry. By creating this platform, it gives you the opportunity to talk about yourself and brand yourself as a model.

Through your blog or social media pages, show people what you look like and also try to show what you are good at. You need to be in a position where when people click on your profile, they already know who you are and what you do.

When you are working

Be professional, polite, and respectful. Stay on time for every appointment or shoot. If you are late or rude, the word will spread easily, and no one will want to work with you. Organize yourself. Models are always called at the last minute and have very busy days. If you want to excel, you must stay on top. Investing in a daily planner can be very rewarding.

Confirm if a make-up artist (MUA) will be on hand for any work you’re doing. You may be required to carry such items (such as base foundation), and you must plan accordingly if they do not have a makeup artist scheduled.

Be honest about your measurements. Don’t pretend to be slimmer than you are just to get a photoshoot. The stylist will have issues until you arrive, and you will be discovered. Word will spread, and you can find yourself without a job!

Treat modeling as if it were full-time work. Girls who don’t take modeling seriously have a slim chance of succeeding in the industry. Recognize that it is more difficult than it sounds and that there is a lot of effort that goes into the glitz and glitter of fashion shows. Modeling is a full-time job that necessitates constant focus. Your career could be over in a week if you miss it. Recognize that modeling has a tiny window of time, and even if you take a break, you can not be able to return. Be creative on shoots. Photographers want to see you pose in different works, work for the camera, and associate with the world around you. Runway organizers want you to put attitude in your walk (or very specific emotion).

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