The year 2023 has been an incredible year for fashion. The lingerie modeling industry, in particular, was a dazzling display of beauty, diversity, and innovation. From new faces to well-established icons, the industry was filled with women who were not just models but also role models.
As we dive into the captivating modeling world, we’ll explore the top 10 female lingerie models of 2023, each a shining star in her own right. These women transcended traditional beauty standards, embracing their unique features and inspiring others to do the same.
Let’s meet these incredible women, shall we?

Top 10 Female Lingerie Models in 2023
Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes, hailing from the beautiful land down under, has that unique charm that draws people in. Starting as a young model, her smile soon became her signature, setting her apart. But her beauty is just the tip of the iceberg.
She actively nurtures young talent and leads by example with her unique blend of classic and modern lingerie. Her kindness radiates in the industry, making her more than a pretty face.

Irina Shayk
Irina Shayk, the Russian enigma, is someone who intrigues everyone. Her striking appearance turned heads, but her fearless fashion choices kept people talking.
What makes Irina even more remarkable is her commitment to the environment. She uses her platform to speak up and make a difference, a testament to her depth.

Chanel Iman
Chanel Iman’s name is synonymous with energy and sparkle. Born and raised in the USA, she brought life to the runway with her vibrant personality. Her lingeries are not just clothing; they’re an extension of her passionate soul, filled with decorations and bright colors.
Beyond her glittering career, Chanel’s philanthropy shines through, reflecting a heart as golden as her runway appearances.

Robyn Lawley
Robyn Lawley from Australia is a trailblazer in embracing natural beauty. She showed the world that curves are beautiful and made it her mission to inspire others to love themselves.
Her lingeries are more than just fashionable; they are comfortable, trendy, and a symbol of self-acceptance.
But what’s more compelling about Robyn is her fearless advocacy for body positivity, touching lives and changing perspectives.

Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham is more than a model; she’s a movement. She broke barriers in the USA’s modeling industry by proving that beauty has no size.
Her lingeries usually emphasize both strength and femininity, reflecting her empowering spirit.
Ashley’s voice goes beyond the runway as she inspires others to embrace themselves fully, becoming a beacon of positivity and self-love.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski’s grace is effortless. Born in the UK, she became known for her elegant style and chic taste in swimwear.
But Emily’s more than a fashionista; she’s a businesswoman who turned her passion for style into her brand. Her lingeries are an amalgamation of sophistication and modernity.
Emily’s journey inspires many to pursue dreams with confidence and flair.

Gabby Epstein
Gabby Epstein from Australia is the playful star who brightened up social media. Her quirky and unique style makes her an online sensation, especially among the young. Her lingeries are as colorful and fun as her personality, perfect for her playful spirit.
What’s truly lovely about Gabby is her willingness to guide others through style tutorials, making fashion accessible to all.

Sierra Skye
Sierra Skye is not just a model; she’s a fitness role model. Growing up in the USA, she turned her love for sports into a lifestyle. Her sleek and bright lingeries are a reflection of her dedication to health.
Beyond her radiant beauty, Sierra’s devotion to wellness inspires others to embark on a journey of fitness and happiness.

Rose Bertram
Rose Bertram, Belgium’s graceful flower, blooms with kindness and sophistication. Her timeless beauty is matched by her classically beautiful lingeries, which anyone can wear and feel gorgeous in.
But Rose’s true beauty lies in her humanitarian efforts. Her work with charities adds an even more extraordinary dimension to her life, making her an icon on and off the ramp.

Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray from the USA is the epitome of strength and joy. Known for her athletic build, she turned her love for fitness into a thriving career. Her lingeries don’t just look good; they scream power and confidence.
Sommer’s not content with being a model; she’s trying to empower others with her motivational talks and fitness routines. She’s more than a pretty face; she’s a force of nature.

The Evolving Trends of Lingerie Modeling in 2023
Sustainability and Ethical Fashion
2023 saw a significant shift towards sustainability and ethical fashion. Models led by working with brands emphasizing eco-friendly materials and fair labor practices. This movement made a powerful statement about the responsibility of style towards our planet.

Body Positivity and Inclusivity
The body positivity movement was strengthened in 2023 with models celebrating natural beauty and embracing all body types. The emphasis on inclusivity opened doors for more diverse models, reflecting real-world diversity and promoting a healthier image of beauty.

Embracing Cultural Heritage
Models were instrumental in embracing and showcasing cultural heritage through their work. From traditional patterns to cultural symbols, the blend of culture and fashion created a rich tapestry that resonated with audiences worldwide.

2023 has been more than just a year in fashion; it was a year of triumph, transformation, and trailblazing. The top 10 female lingerie models of 2023 were not merely faces on magazine covers; they were pioneers, artists, influencers, and leaders.
They challenged norms, broke barriers, celebrated diversity, and set new standards. They reminded us that fashion is not just about what you wear but who you are, what you stand for, and how you express yourself.
Here’s to the women who made 2023 a year of beauty, boldness, and brilliance in lingerie modeling. They’ve left a mark, and their legacy continues to inspire new generations of models and fashion enthusiasts alike.