Since the fashion industry was founded, to be a model, it had to be traditional beauty or very beautiful based on traditional standards. This is one of the many modelling myths we’re here to uncover here. Controlling the traditional beauty box is still important in the fashion world, but since the history of the 90s, the requirements have changed, and the boundaries have been broken.

Personality and self-confidence have won the battle, fashion models are becoming role models, and features are becoming more familiar to viewers. But, there are still many misconceptions about the industry that can be confusing. Let’s touch on some of the most common myths.

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Here are the top myths about modeling

  • You need to be tall to be a model
  • Models get heaps of free stuff.
  • You need to be young to model
  • You need to be young to model
  • All Models are skinny.
  • Every model needs professional photos.
  • The agency will pay for everything if they like a Model
  • You need to be popular to be a model
  • You need perfect hair to be a model
  • All models have to go on a diet.

You need to be tall to be a model

When the runway becomes a thing, the height of the fashion model has to fit within a very certain scope. In recent years, we have seen the industry loosen these requirements. We see more and more models under 5’7 dominating the fashion industry. Kate Moss is a pioneer in the sector, and Flavia Lazaro walked the Australian catwalk at 5’5.

Many domestic and foreign modelling agencies in New York, Paris, Milan, and other major fashion markets now feature “small” or “tiny” models. In addition to model height, the agency evaluates a comprehensive package that emphasizes personality and unique characteristics.

Models get heaps of free stuff.

Unfortunately not. Models can only wear all the luxury and expensive clothes and accessories at the time of the shooting. They cannot take them home. If you’re a supermodel, you might occasionally take something home, but that’s right. Usually borrowed as needed. You need to post it on social media to promote it.


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Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway

Coco Chanel

You need to be young to model

People are healthier and living longer than ever; in this industry, it is no exaggeration to say that 50 is the new 30. Especially as successful 90s supermodels like Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell continue to work and leave the industry open for new talent to step in.

Consumers over the age of 35 are said to have the strong purchasing power to promote market development. Models of all sizes are sought, and brands are also looking for models suitable for all people. Apparel manufacturers, healthcare companies, and other major customers are increasingly using mature models in advertising campaigns and promotional materials. If you’ve always imagined becoming a model, this might be your chance.

All Models are skinny.

Again, not. The first thing that comes to your mind is a tall, slim person because your mind naturally wants to draw somehow. However, being a bag of bones isn’t the only form of “expectation” in the industry.

The best example of exhibiting this fantasy is Marilyn Monroe. She doesn’t have either of these two “requirements”; instead, she is short and crooked. Above all, she is loved and envious of her looks. Due to her incredible energy and passion, she seems fascinated. After all, don’t forget that there is a “plus-size” category. Indeed, the perceptual form is becoming increasingly popular because it reflects natural, vivid photos of real models rather than skinny Photoshop work.

Every model needs professional photos.

It’s cute, but even beginners can’t buy it. Hiring a professional photographer can be very costly for those who are just starting their career or want to give it a try. All you need is a few simple and effective snapshots that represent the best snapshots. If you have the potential to become a fashion and business model, these attempts should help agents.

You know what they are saying: “Camera loves me!” That is our goal. If the model looks promising, the casting director may be willing to pay for the first photo, but sometimes it’s up to the candidate to spend. Knowing your skills and abilities is very important. Be objective. Therefore, the portfolio you want to present should look like an expert, but it doesn’t have to be done by an expert.

The agency will pay for everything if they like me

Maybe, but if you’re lucky, one in a million, and it looks pretty unusual, the agency thinks you can bring in millions of dollars a day. It’s interesting to see how frustrating and unrealistically encouraging the myth is and always skip this step. Indeed, this is a stage where all the truth is hidden.

There is a lot of hysteria and misrepresentation, but remember, this is still true. If you look average but still believe you have the potential you need, it is possible that some organizations are interested in you. But that doesn’t mean they’ve spent a lot of money on you. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain sufficient information on all additional costs typical for beginners.

You need to be popular to be a model

When you see influential people and bloggers on Instagram finding jobs and representatives at major modeling agencies, many wonders, “Do I have to be a model to be popular?”

Of course, popularity has its advantages. Visibility and engagement can affect agencies and brands in terms of those who represent the guaranteed work, but if the model has a potential social media reputation, it’s secondary. It is a thing. Some models that appeared in Fashion Week’s Vogue editorials and major fashion shows do not have a solid online image, but their talent and professionalism make them stand out and continue to sustain their needs.

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You need perfect hair to be a model

For years, being a model has been closely related to having long, sweet locks. Curly, wavy or straight hair should be shiny and soft. The second choice is a model with natural hair colour or a person with light and brittle hair. The situation is different now. The famous models took topics into their own hands, took off their wigs on the runway, shaved their heads, and got boy cut. Today, people celebrate natural hair and unique hairstyles, such as braids and dreadlocks, and even hair loss models have become international success stories by showing their outstanding personalities.

All models have to go on a diet.

Oh yes, you have to be hungry to the limit of your life without food intake. Don’t be fooled by prejudice. As you may know, this profession is challenging. There are no working hours, and there are many places to sit and stand. Sometimes you need to spend hours in the bright spotlights in the same position. Does the body resist without proper nutrition? Not! There is no strict diet, so a balanced diet, especially a healthy diet, is very important. With these complex exercises, even the strongest body can surrender, so you need to eat properly. As always, act normally; this is the best advice!