Even the most inexperienced amateur photographers can take great pictures with the right model pose! You don’t need to be blessed with artistic talent or extensive knowledge of composition and lighting in order to get quality shots, because if you know which poses look best you can fake it until you make it in the world of photography. Check out these top 10 easy model poses, and you’ll be well on your way to taking great photos!

1) Arms Folded at Waist
When you stand with your arms folded at your waist, it’s easy to lose track of your posture and end up leaning forward. This pose looks stiff and uncomfortable, which is not what you want when shooting pictures. In addition, keeping your arms at your waist can cut off circulation, causing tingling in your fingers. To model a more relaxed look, keep both hands loose by letting them rest in front of you at hip level instead of folding them behind you.

2) Hands-on Hips
Hands-on Hips is one of those poses that work well on everyone. It’s simple, natural, and flattering. It gives definition to your upper body and helps showcase arms and shoulders, which are often under-appreciated parts of a woman’s body. I’ve found that putting my hands on my hips can make me appear more assertive and confident when photographed at an angle or straight on by telling my story with my body language. If you want to add a twist to your pose then you can cross one arm across your waist while keeping your other hand on your hip. However, be sure not to do too much with your hands as it could cause awkwardness in pictures.

3) One Leg Forward
One leg forward is a simple pose that requires very little equipment or expertise. It’s also used in almost every portrait, which means it’s easy to remember. By crossing one leg over your body, you give off an air of grace and elegance—even if you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The only tricky part is that it might take some practice to get your torso straightened out so both your shoulders and your hips facing forward.

4) Both Legs Forward
This pose is very flattering and good to use in a variety of different ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing jeans or a dress because you can still look just as beautiful in them. This pose will make your waistline smaller than it already is, making any clothing fit more comfortably on your body. Make sure that both legs are equally forward when doing these poses! You don’t want one leg to stick out farther than another. In addition, make sure that your knees aren’t turned inward towards each other; they should always be pointing straight forward as well. When performing these poses it is important to keep your head up, back straight, and chest out while keeping your shoulder blades close together.

5) Front Leg Forward
Move your model’s body forward with her left leg bent out in front and her right leg placed behind her. Her left knee will rest on a stool or chair, while her right knee is planted firmly on the ground. She should be well-balanced with both feet firmly planted on either side of the center. This pose is an excellent way to show off a woman’s curves, particularly when she wears something floor-length and slit up one side.

6) One Arm Backwards, One Arm Forward
Modeling is a tough job, especially when it comes to posing. Many photographers do not have easy-to-remember poses at their disposal and will resort to asking models to pose randomly. Instead of trying to memorize every possible hand and foot position for every situation, pick out your favorite poses that can be used in any setting. One Arm Backwards, One Arm Forward is a great go-to pose that can be used in any photoshoot; just ask your model or find someone willing to model and you’ll learn very quickly how useful it is!

7) Both Arms Backwards
One of my favorite posing tricks is to put one hand on your hip and extend both arms backward. Not only does it give your subject a strong, confident pose, but it also helps them move their hips forward slightly and make their waist appear smaller. It’s an easy way to get professional-looking photos while taking minimal effort (and time). Plus, when you use both arms together with a few other poses on our list—like putting one hand over your head or leaning backward slightly—it creates even more variety in your shots.

8) Simple Lean Forward
This pose is perfect for any sitting photoshoot or video. It’s easy, simple, and super effective! Model Poses for Photoshoots Lean Forward can be used to improve posture as well as create a variety of different moods. To perform Lean Forward, sit up straight and fold your arms across your chest. Place your hands on your elbows while leaning forward at a slight angle. Leaning forward can also serve as an active listening pose.

9) Chin Up and Tilt Head Back
While posing, keep your chin up and tilt your head back slightly. This will make you look more confident. Do not pose with your chin tucked in or down—this can make you look insecure and even guilty of something. Chin up!

10) Crooked Smile
A crooked smile gives off a sexy, sultry vibe. This is also commonly known as a smile (smiling with your eyes). It’s an open-mouthed, slightly upward-tilted smirk. You can do it by drawing your lips into an upside-down smile and adding a bit of cheese to your face.

Even if you’re no professional model, don’t let a lack of experience stop you from mastering these easy poses. Keep practicing and before long you’ll be a pro at photoshoots!

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