What are Modeling Tear sheets? Why Every Model Needs One

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Modeling is about marketing yourself, and one of the best tools you need is a solid modeling portfolio with the best, up-to-date work. Usually, your “book” should contain a variety of professional photos that not only show your best assets but also show your personality, diversity, and attitude. But what is the best way? Include as many tear sheets as possible. This article will help the new models to get an insight into the tear sheet.

What are Tear sheets, and why so important?

Models often keep a large number of copies of brochures and magazines of their previous work. It is much easier to keep the actual page, as it can be annoying to tell others to browse the catalog and find the page you are on.

Tear sheets can prove that you have been posted in a magazine. They put your photo in context and show you the agent or client you worked for and what kind of work you do. If your portfolio is full of tear sheets from well-known brands and publications, you have a better chance of hiring from the best model agency and getting a well-rewarding job. Before issuing a visa that allows you to work in their country, certain foreign countries may also need to have tear sheets that prove that you have worked as a professional model.

Types of tear sheet

A tear sheet is an actual page that has been torn from any printed publication or a magazine and inserted into a model’s portfolio. Today, it can also be a digital advertisement or editorial due to the Internet. Therefore, there are two types of tear sheets:

  1. Traditional tear sheets

Many models are still going to the old school, putting their tear-sheet in a black portfolio with a handle to be easily carried for interview. These traditional folders can be purchased in the Art and Supply store or online but are outdated.

  1. Digital tear sheet

In the “Internet” era, new types of tear sheets are becoming more and more common in the industry. In addition to the handheld folders, the portfolio also requires electronic versions like online catalogs, websites, PDF files, and more. It allows the model to share their interests and work with the hiring agency in easy way.

Do Digital Tear Sheets Count?

Yes, it is! Even if the tear sheet has been torn from paper catalogs, brochures, magazines, etc. Online publishing is also a valuable addition to your portfolio or resume. Nowadays, with many online Look books, web banners, catalogs, and other forms of digital media, customers are always looking for models. If you have mastered such a performance, then the generated digital tear sheet will be an excellent addition to your portfolio.

How to Get Digital Tear sheets from your Projects?

It all depends on your customers and contact person for the shoot. In most cases, if you know the website’s name, the image will be displayed on, visit the website, and access the digital tear sheet from there. You do not have to contact anyone.

However, if you are unsure whether your information or images will not be posted online right away, it is best to send a follow-up email to the person in charge (photographers, casting person, etc.). And ask them when they think the photos will be posted online. After everything is up and running on the website, ask them to send an email with a weblink. 

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You may end up with that the image does not appear on an easily accessible website but used in digital textbooks, brochures, or other similar projects. In that case, you can send an email to your contact person asking if you can get a copy of the page that will use the image. That is the beauty of the digital tear sheet that if it is published online for everyone, it is easy to access these images at any time. There is no need to wait for the photographer to send you pictures.

What is the Most reliable Way to Grab an Online Image?

Ordinary users

You do not need to be a technical wizard to print digital images. It is really easy.

  • Copy the photo.
  • Paste it into your favorite photo editor (Photoshop works best, but whatever comes with your computer will work)
  • Make it as large as possible without losing quality, and then print it.

Experienced Photoshop users

Experienced Photoshop users can use the computer’s “Print Screen” feature to copy Web images and “paste” digital tear sheets into new documents (8 “x10”). You can enlarge or reduce the image as long as the image can fill the document.

Save the tear sheet in high-resolution jpeg and set the DPI to 300. It is very suitable for printing (if it is set to a number other than 72 or 300, check the DPI setting before printing, which will affect the quality of the printed photos). If you change the DPI, Photoshop may display a digital large tear sheet. Do not panic just before printing; zoom out to make sure the image is centered correctly. To obtain a final image suitable for printing, some adjustments may be required.

Printing paper selection

Use glossy photo paper instead of regular printer paper and choose the best possible print quality. If you are in trouble about the process or do not have a printer, you can always download the image and upload it to photo printing site, and the image will be processed automatically.

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As we have always emphasized, money is always a good thing, but when it comes to other assets that are critical to the model profession, tear sheet is gold. If you are provided with a modeling gig, and the agency is happy to provide a tear sheet on your work instead of paying, always prefer it. Tear sheet is very important because it provides legal evidence that you have been booked and posted for a particular gig. This type of payment is usually better than money because it is a quick way to build a modeling portfolio. Customers take a model more seriously when they see that the model has a good tear sheet set.  Unlike the incredible images of a photoshoot, the tear sheet includes all the elements (text, logo, title, etc.) that indicate it has been published.

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