The Definitive Guide to Start Modeling in Kochi, Kerala

By Neeraj
April 13, 2021

Opportunities are plentiful in Kerala, you need to look at the right place. More importantly, choose a path that defines your individuality like your values and so forth.

Opportunities for talented models are at an all-time high in Kerala in 2023. It’s never going to be otherwise, especially when every brand in Kerala is investing in digital content production regardless of their size.

There is a huge demand for professional models to feature in and represent a gazillion different products and services. The question is, where and how to start your career in Modeling as a Keralite?

Where to start Modeling in Kerala

Kochi. the financial hub of Kerala can help you a lot as a fresher model. To survive in the industry as a fresher one should have a permanent source of income. Kochi will be able to provide a full-time job that you can depend upon until you build your empire in the Malayalam glamour industry.

Cochin is geographically beautiful and has the largest port which is open for trade since its historical days. She also harbors all major brands of Kerala, which will help to find a job, during the initial stages of their career. Cochin is also famous for holding a Major share of Kerala’s fashion and film industry market share.

Are you considering finding a modeling job in Kochi?

Unlike other Indian states, in Kerala state (where Cochin is), some enter the world of modeling and the Malayalam film industry, quickly with their lucky breaks like the wink girl Priya Warrier. Others pass the beauty pageant in Kerala. For someone like Aishwarya Lakshmi, it may take a long time to work as a part-time fashion model in Kochi and then enter the film industry. There is no right or wrong way to get involved in the Glamour industry, but you can consider many ways to make sure you get a modeling job.

How to be a Model in Kochi (COK), Kerala

Here are the steps to being a Fashion Model in Cochin:

  • Understand the basics of modeling Opportunities in Kochi.
  • Take care of your appearance and fitness
  • Find professional photographers in Cochin to create your modeling portfolio
  • Collaborate with different persons/brands to build your authority.
  • Find Fashion Modeling Opportunities Available in Kochi
  • Use your social media and digital platforms to brand yourself Cochin

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Understand the basics of Fashion modeling opportunities in Kochi.

Kochi is on the road to a fast transformation. Yes, it is one of the growing cities in the country and this steady pace does reflect on several different industries that are gaining a foothold there, especially fashion and modeling. The fact that major industries like film have shifted their base to Kochi signals this new turn in direction. So, how should you approach it? 

For a start, it is best to get an idea of the existing opportunities in and around the region. Modeling agencies are a good way to understand open auditions for models for a variety of roles. You can approach an agency or get in touch with a casting director to showcase your portfolio and try your luck in any opportunities they may have, especially for new faces. It might be your lucky break. Besides, you get hands-on experience of what it is like to find the best agencies and get to work with them.

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Take care of your appearance and fitness.

You know what counts in modeling, the way you present yourself. This is especially true if you really want to land a modeling career in Kochi. The hot and humid summers of Kochi are brutal and can really affect your appearance. It’s a combo of your physical and mental stature. Both are important. Inner well-being makes you more composed and confident of your abilities, which flows down outward into your physique.

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Meanwhile, you shouldn’t forget to compliment your natural appearance. Cosmetics can help you with this as they augment your appearance. More importantly, try to get in shape by hitting the gym. The right combination of exercises helps tone your body to maximize the appeal and give you a confidence boost, which is one indispensable component that goes with your modeling career. 

Find professional photographers to create your modeling portfolio.

A photogenic face and body posture is key to successful modeling, but that alone is not enough. Without the help of a professional photographer, you may end up adrift not attracting the best opportunities around. A pro can really spruce up your appearance with a clever interplay of framing, composition, lighting, and different imaging effects both in-camera and during post-production. 

If you are a beginner, finding a photographer well versed in fashion and modeling shoots is definitely an advantage as you can learn a lot about how to position your body and face for getting the perfect image. In Kochi, professional photographers are plentiful if you know where to look. Try some modeling studios and the city hosts several of them. Work with a photographer and get some really good shots to include in your modeling portfolio.

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Collaborate with different persons/brands to build your authority.

Networking is one huge leap to building up a flourishing career in modeling. For that, it’s pivotal to find and connect with well-known and reputable names or brands in the fashion industry. Look for events where such persons and brands come together to get the right connections that can help you land your career. Kochi regularly hosts modeling photoshoots and fashion shows, which you can take part in to connect and collaborate with some of the well-established names in the industry. 

Getting backing from eminent persons or brands is one step to building your authority. Most agencies and casting directors are on the lookout for talents that come with approval from the top. Showcasing such collaborations in your portfolio can jumpstart your career in modeling and diversify the number of opportunities presented to you. 

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Find modeling opportunities available in Kochi.

Kochi is on track to becoming a major fashion hub of South India and you should definitely leverage this to your advantage. As a result, modeling opportunities have skyrocketed with different agencies coming out to seek promising talents. Opportunities may not come knocking at your door as you need to get out there and find the right opportunity yourself. 

Start by running a quick search on the internet to know about the different modeling agencies in and around Kochi and get in contact with them. Upcoming events and openings are usually posted on the web through social media like Facebook, which you can use to find the relevant opportunities to try your lucky break in modeling.  

Use your social media and digital platforms to brand yourself.

The world of social media opens a vista of opportunities for promising talents like you to showcase yourself. A big part of this involves branding yourself, which is just like the way products are branded and marketed to sell. Build a brand for yourself with your unique portfolio and modeling stance to get the attention you deserve. See how successful models have stood out from the rest with their own branding elements. Emulate that with your own individuality and find the best platforms to publish your portfolio like Instagram and Facebook.

What Are The Most Reliable Ways to Get Modelling Works?

As a new model, you need someone to represent you. An agency, model coordinator, or even established photographer can help. The modeling agency method is a great way to get a job as a beginner, as they help you have a good understanding of the industry. With enough experience, the freelance method will be more straightforward.

How to find the best modeling agencies in Cochin?

Finding a model agency or model coordinator in Kochi can be a daunting task, as there is an intense fear that new models will be rejected.

If you do not go through the agency after many attempts, don’t remember to take it personally. Do not think it is because you don’t look good.

It means you do not “fit in” with their current project. If the casting director rejects you, you should not be discouraged, but gladly accept it. Because if they tell you “no”, understand that it’s their loss if they miss the opportunity to work with you.

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What You Should Avoid While Seeking Modeling in Cochin

The modeling industry attracts scammers who cheat innocent young models to lure you into the trap. That could be a considerable amount of money for zero return or put you into a dangerous situation. Always proceed with caution and never trust anyone hiding behind a computer screen. Finding legal and professional people online is very easy. Therefore, do not agree to pay on Skype or expose yourself to situations that put your very dignity at stake.

How To Find Kochi-Based Modeling Opportunity Online

Following are a few well-reputed websites that post ads for models you can read the ad and, if to their needs, can apply for the job:

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You have to be very honest with yourself when exploring this industry and deciding where you fit right. That is because if you go to the wrong industry, you will eventually lose your job and may lose your confidence and end your career. However, never feel discouraged. In a growing city like Kochi, do know that there are plentiful ways to get yourself into modeling and become successful. The only qualification needed is hard work and perseverance. It ultimately pays off. Wishing you the best for your journey ahead.

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