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To Pose a Model or Not To Pose? That Is the Question

Before we get started, you need to know that this is not a how-to pose in a photo article. In this blog, instead of teaching you how to pose your model, I’m going to teach you some of the tricks that so that you can easily use to communicate with your subjects to get consistent results time after time. 

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These techniques that I’m going to show you are less about getting your subject to pose and more about creating consistent and best results when you’re photographing people one on one. So, let’s start!

Respecting Space

Respect your subject’s space. There is no advantage to getting up close to your subject’s face and talking quietly like you’re making some kind of connection with them. All you’re doing is taking their space and making them feel uncomfortable, awkward or wiped out.

You should stand back and communicate with your subject eye to eye very effectively. You need to remember that eye contact is crucial, especially if your subject is wearing something short like lingerie. If you have to move close to your subject to adjust hair or fix clothes it’s better to have a female assistant to do it. If you’re working one on one with your subject, tell your subject precisely what you plan to do first, then, at that point, move in to make the change.

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Move where you want your subject to look

Never tell your subject to just look over there or turn 45 degrees. Most people are even don’t know how much 45 degrees is.

So, the best trick is simply to move where you want them to look. That way, they’re going to turn and face you. You’re going to have them exactly where you want them.

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Use the Model’s Left to right (and hand gestures!)

You need to know that you can’t just say move your hand to your subject. You’ve got to tell them which hand (left or right) and which direction. Never make the mistake of looking down and saying your subject move that hand. Because of this mistake, you’re going to break their focus and when that happens the hair drops and you lose your shot. You should use hand gestures.

You can also tell your subject like this: – “Please just tilt your head a little tiny bit to the left” or “A little bit to the right.” In this way, you give them directions and they can understand you properly.

Demonstrate the pose (mirror image, of course!)

Don’t simply advise your subject to shift their head or turn their body or lift the rib cage. When you want my subject to turn their head to the left then tell them, “Okay, just a little bit turns your head to the left.” This way your words and your hand gestures grab their attention and leave the actual direction until the end of the sentence. 

Tog Tip

 The crucial piece of advice: always take your time to teach your model about what you need them to know. It will great achievement in accomplishing your goal of getting a great shot.

You need to explain to your subject all the things that are in your mind that you want to see come out of them.

For example, you can explain to the model that you only ever ask them to do three things with their head. Up and down, side to side, or a little slide either way. The little extra time that it takes you to give them this information and this understanding payback in profits.


Do you see the conclusion of this? Don’t pose. Communicate with your subject or model. Put yourself in your subject’s shoes so that you can better understand them. But the key is to make your thoughts specific, take the time to explain to your subject what you’re looking for. In photography, you need to experiment, you need to new and different things and never stop learning. The more you put these tricks to use, you’re going to find the pieces that work best for you. Now, go get a camera and click some photos and try these tricks

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