The film and the glamour industry seem like an exotic topic of discussion, but various stories remain behind the screen and are never disclosed. Casting Couch is akin to the fashion industry, and it is a topic of conversation for more than the last few decades. Let’s discuss a bit about the casting couch.

What is a casting couch?

The casting couch is the idea in which directors/casting agents get immoral profits from aspiring film actors and actresses and provide young people with a chance in movies in exchange for sex.

Many recruits have to experience the psychological and physical pain of casting a couch in their life and career.

What is a compro shoot?

A compro shoot (or simply Compro) is a term used to represent immoral sexual favors are involved in a photoshoot or casting process. Compro is nothing but a modernized cyber-slang for casting couch

Recently, celebrities have started talking about this issue and have started to open up about it. It sheds light on the black side of Bollywood.

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Why it’s ruining the industry.

In 2017, Hollywood’s top actress shocked the world by blaming the movie “Titan Harry Weinstein” (Harry Weinstein) for sexual harassment and even rape. These allegations soon led to a tsunami of similar complaints against Hollywood celebrities. The Golden Boy was praised at the awards ceremony and has been respected and distrusted in the past.

Hollywood is also a highly partial industry. In industries that do not have jobs, many people try to “succeed”. Women’s negotiation is her charm and sexual desire, and some men like Weinstein have all the capital to make these women’s dreams come true. Some of Weinstein’s targets said that because they did not miss the opportunity to take a break in Hollywood, they felt pressured by the wrong consent and joy. Celebrities like Emma Thompson refer to “gender dysfunction” and “extreme masculinity crisis” more widely in the industry. According to Thompson, it is common for women to be bullied by male executives and employees. Few women are in power in these societies.

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Actresses who dare to share the horrific experiences of the casting couch.

As you know, the devil of the casting couch has swept Hollywood. After that, many Indian actresses and models began to talk about the sexual harassment they encountered in the film industry.

No one urged to talk about it because they were worried about their career and were overlooked by the filmmakers. From Malayalam star Parvati to Aishwarya Rajesh, Madhavi Latha, Radhika Apte, and many actresses, the film industry admits a casting couch. Here are the verdicts of some actresses:

Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte is known for her daring and forthright attitude and many times talk about the casting couch. She is one of the actresses who dare to talk about her heart and her soul. She insisted, “When I got the call and was told I was shooting this movie in Bollywood,” I hope you can meet them, but is it okay to sleep with that person? I laughed.  I said you’re funny, but I said no. Ask him to go to hell. She recently revealed another incident: On the first day of filming, a Southern actor touched her feet and tickled her without her consent.

Shruthi Hariharan

Lucia’s Shruthi Hariharan talked about her encounter with the casting couch at the 2018 South India Today Conference. He states: “One of the major producers of the Tamil cinema bought the copyright for my movie” Kannada “and provided the same role in the Tamil remake. Five producers, and we will deal with you as needed. “Hold the slippers in your hand and answer. Many producers who knew this person asked me if I said what I said. Since then, I haven’t had a good project in Tamil.

Aishwarya Rajesh

In an interview, Aishwarya Rajesh admitted that casting couches are very common in the industry. She said: Initially, I faced it many times. It seems unpleasant to hear this sound. But I think the situation changed when new directors and new corporates entered the cinema. To appear in a movie, people will say, “Walk for 30 minutes”. This is very obvious. And what I’m facing isn’t even a great movie. Even in these “Upma” movies, people want you to do it. Coordination, contract, agreement are the words they use. But I have to say that today’s girl is very sure. When these things are told, they will not remain silent because now they scream. It is not necessary to complete all these steps to enter the cinema. I think it’s time to return the goods.

Ileana D’Cruz

Iliana has never encountered but dares to share stories that may have been witnessed. The actress remembered what happened when she was making a South Indian movie. Major producers lobbied young artists and asked them to offer sex.


Over the years, movie stars have revealed their stories about sexual harassment and how producers and directors misuse their power. In a perfect world, people fear that humans will promote internet tycoons and oppose the casting couch. However, in the imperfect world of our lives, can we expect local cinemas and TV networks to closely monitor their work to avoid scandals and preserve a good status? They have to do this to protect the new model from such terrible events.