How to start modeling in Pune: Expert’s Advice

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If people always say that you should try modeling or if at any time you find yourself looking at a model in some magazine or billboard, and then feeling, “it must be me”, you may be thinking, what’s next? Especially, if you happen to be living in Pune, that sprawling city known for its varied tapestry of history and tradition. 

How to become a model in Pune

Pune is rich and sustained over centuries by waves of settlers and its diverse and rich geography, people, and customs. Its long tradition in arts has flourished along with the marketing industry, which means there is always a need for new models. But you always have questions in mind. Where do I start, and how do I enter the world of modeling in Pune? 

So, here we share with you some helpful steps to get started with modeling in Pune and become noticed in the industry. 

  • Choose your type of modeling suits you
  • Decide what should the pictures look like for the modeling type
  • Create Your Modeling Portfolio for pune clients
  • Submit Portfolio to Modeling Agencies in Pune
  • Keep Looking for Exposure and Experience in pune

Choose your type of modeling

There are different types of modeling and selecting the right one can significantly impact your success. The primary market is for the catwalk, as well as commercials and swimwear/lingerie models.

  • Catwalk models are usually at least 5’8 ‘, and are known to be very slim, and have almost no curves.
  • Plus-size models tend to be nearly the same height but are more than 10 yards tall in most cases.
  • Commercial models can be shorter, and their body shapes can be more diverse. Imagine the kind of model you see in catalogs and TV commercials.
  • Swimsuit/lingerie models are often called glamor models and usually have large busts and small buttocks.

Besides, there are numerous other modeling categories that you can try out. Here’s a list of some of the major types: 

  • Runway Model
  • Plus-size Model
  • Magazine Model
  • Glamour Model
  • Parts Model
  • Petite Model
  • Fitness Model
  • Commercial/Print Model
  • Promotional Model
  • Instagram Model
  • Lingerie Model
  • Boudoir model

Know that these are just standards, and there are always exceptions to every rule. So don’t be disappointed if your body shape doesn’t seem to fit the catwalk model. But, you know your steps are enviable or have a distinctive look. Your first step should be to find an agency that can help you find a job that meets your artistic requirements.

What should the pictures look like?

No worries about what market that you work in. Your portfolio should consist of headshots from all angles, but if you are doing commercial modeling, be sure to include a fair amount of shots where you showcase a natural smile. However, any type of model must be greater than or equal to the number of straight-faced ones.

So try to include some full-length photos. Agents usually prefer some of them as swimwear shots, but again, it depends on the market. For glamorous models, it is necessary to have swimming goggles for shooting.

Once you have a good collection of photos, put them in your portfolio and make it also includes pages with statistics. This will list your height and all other dimensions, as well as your hair and eye color.

Create Your Modeling Portfolio

The first and most essential step in starting your modeling career is to have a professional and well-organized portfolio of modeling products that highlight your strengths through stunning, high-quality images.

 When you first start modeling, your portfolio (also called books) is sparse. With time and success, it will continue to grow. But now, ask a friend to take some snapshots for you, then let the agency tell you how you are. Your photos may not meet professional standards but make sure to use a high-resolution camera and make sure the light is soft.

And, if you happen to be at a crossroads on how to create a professional-looking modeling portfolio, here’s something for you. Check out our free modeling portfolio where you can find all the info about top models featured by us. Refer to it as an example to create that outstanding portfolio to get you spotted by modeling agencies and clients.

Create Your Modeling Portfolio Now With Photo Want: Email Us at info@photowant.com

Submit to Modeling Agencies

After preparing your portfolio, you can contact several modeling agencies in Pune. First, perform a bit of research to find a reliable agency that matches your market of interest. Visit the agency’s website to find out how to submit your book. Some will send you an email, while others will allow you to fill out a form and upload your photos online.

Also, many agencies have filed public appeals. That is a massive opportunity for ambitious individuals who want to become a model in Pune. In an open call, the model introduces the portfolio and meets with casting agents. The agent will then carefully examine the model to determine which model is suitable for the agency. 

If you have the opportunity, it is always advisable to go to a casting contest instead of simply submitting a book. In real life, your personality shines, and you can immediately improve your appearance. If you want to take such an opportunity, make sure to bring a composite card with a photo along with your name, phone number, and status.

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Keep Looking for Exposure and Experience

Finding an agent can be a lengthy process, so do not be disappointed, even if it takes time for someone to confirm your true potential. At the same time, look for other ways to gain exposure and experience. Some colleges in Pune have modeling clubs that share information about castings heard by aspiring models and advise how to shoot correctly and what to wear.

Broaden Exposure With Digital Platforms

It cannot be stressed enough how crucial digital platforms are today in the modeling industry. This brings ample opportunities for you to find the right opportunity to get your hands on and strike connections that will help you scale that ladder more easily. Yes, with all these amazing platforms at your disposal, like social media, it presents a convenient platform to showcase your qualities as an aspiring model, which greatly increases your chance of getting found out and hired. 

To pursue modeling in Pune, digital platforms are the key and here we list out some major ones that bring in higher exposure and are laden with opportunities. 


The social media giant hosts a plethora of audition spaces put forth by leading modeling agencies. Due to its wider reach, most modeling agencies and casting directors primarily use Facebook to search and attract the right candidates. They do so by posting for audition calls localized based on region. So, if you are living in Pune, a quick search will definitely yield results about any upcoming auditions in that region that you can apply to

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to Facebook and search for “modeling auditions in Pune”, “modeling agencies in Pune”, “casting calls in Pune”, etc. 
  • Set your location to Pune.
  • Use filters to search groups suiting your preferences. 


A focused search in Google unveils a collection of resources informing you about modeling careers available in and around Pune. It’s easy. All you need to do is enter the right search terms and pick the ideal ones from the hundreds of results returned. 

Here are some popular search terms about modeling in Pune that are sure to bring out several exciting opportunities for you to enroll. 

  • Modeling jobs in Pune
  • Modeling agencies in Pune
  • Casting calls in Pune

Job Posting Websites

There are several job posting websites that can help you find and apply to potential modeling careers in Pune. Platforms like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, etc. are much sought over digital spaces for reputed modeling agencies to hire the right talents. Go through these posting sites and run a search, which is sure to help you find modeling options in Pune to kickstart your career. 

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Local Listing Sites

Just like posting websites, you can find plenty of modeling opportunities by browsing on local listing sites. OLX, Quikr, Just Dial, are a few leading ones that you can use to search for openings. Get to know of upcoming modeling opportunities of your desired category and region with a simple search. 

As a club like this is good, be careful of other cheats; however: there are so many “modeling schools” and faux “agencies” in Pune that guarantee to make you a star but just want your money. Generally, if they ask for money up-face, you do not need to work with them. So always be incredulous and be sure to thoroughly verify anyone you’re thinking of working with on your way to the top.

So, best wishes for your modeling journey ahead. 

Create Your Digital Portfolio Now With Photo Want: Email Us at info@photowant.com

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