Are you a fashion or modeling industry specialist in search of quality space to showcase your expertise? Photo Want will be able to help you. 

Photo Want features a plethora of articles covering all things related to modeling and fashion. This is a growing platform for bloggers covering fashion and modeling to reach out and convey their ideas and stories to a wider audience base. By contributing to Photo Want, you get the chance to showcase your expertise, broaden exposure among the fashion and modeling community and also drive traffic to your personal blogs. 

Topics Covered by Photowant

We are now looking for passionate writers well versed in the fashion and modeling industry. We accept quality articles on and around the following topics:

  • Modeling
  • Photography
  • Film Casting

If you are looking to get your article featured on Photo Want, email us at – with a short author bio and article outline.

Why Submit Your Article Today

  • Audience exposure – With ever-growing monthly traffic, Photo Want has become the one-stop destination for modelling enthusiasts. Your contributing posts will thus gain wider exposure with our audiences thereby helping you gain a foothold in the industry.
  • Recognition – We ensure that you get all the due recognition as a writer by publishing the posts in your author profile. 
  • Social Media – Our extensive social media presence will help promote and give additional exposure to your shared articles. 

What We Look For

We are on the lookout for top-notch content that is both well-researched and engaging. Your post should serve as a guiding material for aspiring models and fashion industry professionals to expand their knowledge. For this, we expect guest posts that are:

  • Well-written, backed by proper references, and relevant.
  • Easy to read without too much jargon and at the same time engages the reader.
  • Original and unpublished without any plagiarised material.
  • Attached with relevant images that illustrate and add value to the write-up. 
  • Properly formatted with subheadings, bullet points, and bite-sized paragraphs. 

Submission Guidelines for Guest Posting in Photo Want

Submissions must meet the quality standards set by our editorial team to get published. We own all the rights to make needed edits to your article wherever needed to make it apt as per our guidelines. 

  • Any content that is self-marketing or advertising a service/product will be discarded without further notice.
  • Your article length must be 1000 -1500 words and should be easily readable and engaging.
  • Properly format your article by breaking it up with subheadings and bullet points wherever necessary.  
  • Please do not send plagiarised content that has been published elsewhere. Your article should be original and unpublished.  
  • Include a social profile, preferably Instagram.
  • Authors should remarket their articles on relevant social media platforms. 
  • All link placement will be directed to relevant blogs or other resources and not to any sales-oriented web pages. 
  • Produce at least 3 original Images along with the write-up.  (If you don’t own images, please mention them in the email.)
  • Email your content request to along with your author bio & social profiles.


FOR DIGITAL MARKETERS: This is not a Paid opportunity. We never accept paid content. If you are an SEO or digital marketer, you should reach out to us only if you represent a model, photographer, or fashion industry specialist.

If you are representing a fashion brand, Please let us know who will be authoring the content along with the title. An author profile with expertise in the niche is a must to write for Photo Want.

Free Photography Guest Article

Experienced photographers can share their industry knowledge by writing free articles. All content credit will be given back to Photographers or Photo studios based on the content. Pre-approved by Photo Want webmaster. All photography titles should be associated with fashion or modeling photoshoots.