7 Most Important Things To Know About Working With a Makeup Artist

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New photographers are always afraid to work with a Makeup artist. They don’t have the basic idea of how to work with one, they don’t have a clue the amount to pay them, they don’t have a clue how to speak with them. What’s more, actually, working with a makeup artist interestingly can be scary. New photographers intermittently don’t know what to advise makeup artists to do, and they are hesitant to look stupid – primarily in light of the fact that they assume the artist has presumably worked with other, more experienced photographers.

If you are also afraid to work with a makeup artist then read this blog till the end and get the answers to all your questions.

7 Most Crucial Things To Know About Working With a Makeup Artist

Number 1: First thing you should know is that just because somebody has a website, a Facebook or Instagram page that says they are a makeup artist that doesn’t mean they are professionals at it.

You should always look at their samples and if they are not good then don’t hire them.

Number 2: There is no single makeup artist who is stunning at EVERYTHING.

I have worked with many makeup artists and due to my experience, I can tell you have to hire more than one makeup artist to address your issues as a whole. You need to understand that there is no single photographic artist who is stunning at all classifications of photography. 

Number 3: Make choices regard what you want and convey it to the makeup artist.

Frequently new photographers have this common problem that they are very disappointed in their makeup artist, even though the makeup artist was marvellous. You need to do proper communication with the makeup artist about your idea and what you want to avoid any conflict. You either need to know what you need and impart it or you must be straightforward that you don’t have a clue. In the subsequent case, you should be working with a makeup artist to team up on a thought or idea that you both settle on.

Number 4: Collaborating.

Finding and working with a makeup artist, particularly another one, is like starting another relationship. It is both enjoyable and disappointing from the outset, and the genuine fun comes as you two get to know one another better. With difficult work, the relationship will develop and flourish and in the long run, you’ll be finishing each other’s objectives. 

Number 5: Plan Ahead!

Keep in mind, your makeup artist doesn’t want to ruin your photographs or your subject looks bad. If your makeup artist begins with some crazy colour on your model’s eyes or faces and afterwards conclude you need a perfectly clean look, you are asking them to fail. You have quite recently made their work impossible.

You need to prepare and your planning should include talking about everything with the makeup artist a day or more before the shoot, to reduce all the conflict and issues like the above one.

Number 6: Help to build their portfolio.

Communicate with any makeup artist and they will communicate dissatisfaction in killing themselves over an astonishing cosmetic work just to have the photographer shoot the model from head to toe so you can’t actually see any of the details of their persistent effort.

Regardless of whether you want a close-up, it just requires a moment to shoot a couple of all-around made close-ups of the subject with the goal that your makeup artist has something to add to their book. A cosmetics craftsman will exceed all expectations for any photographer that pays special attention to them.

Number 7: Reward your makeup artist.

Makeup artists, very much like you, would like to get compensated or paid for their work. In addition, many have built their professions to the level where they will not do trades.

If you can find a new makeup artist who needs pictures for their portfolio, then, at that point, there is nothing bad about doing a trade. however, you have to remember number 6 on my content – ensure that you don’t go off and shoot all that you need disregarding what will assist them with showcasing themselves.

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