Know About Upcoming Fashion Shows in Kerala

By Sachin Krishna
September 20, 2022

Kerala is on track to becoming a booming fashion hub these days. New faces are getting into modeling and the industry is gaining a solid footing across the state. 

There is a vast network of modeling and talent agencies spread out, especially in major cities like Kochi. They are constantly on the lookout for aspiring individuals who want to pursue a career in fashion. 

These agencies and fashion houses frequently conduct fashion shows and events across the state to aid in these efforts. For instance, this year alone Kochi hosted multiple fashion events by talent agencies, fashion designers, and leading textile brands.  

Through such public events, modeling agencies get a chance to bring in fresh faces to make their mark in the industry and also a platform for seasoned models to showcase their talents.

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How fashion shows are shaping fashion trends in Kerala

As a place teeming with diverse cultures and ethnicities, Kerala has a distinctive presence on the fashion front. 

However, the fusion of various clothing and styles in different parts of the state often remains localized and thus goes unnoticed. New trends never go mainstream and enthusiasts of fashion may never get to know the latest happenings in the industry. 

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Fashion shows take it all up and put it in the limelight. Organizing fashion shows is a sure way to market new clothing and promote the fashion industry in a region. The wide reach of such shows helps designers and fashion brands exhibit their newest styles and collections to the public. 

In addition, through fashion shows, attendees get first-hand knowledge of top trends and collections from major brands and designers. Particularly, fashion buffs will find these extremely useful to update their wardrobe and present themselves in the best possible way to get noticed. 

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Retailers will get a chance to explore more incoming and trend-setting styles and incorporate them into their collections. 

Upcoming Fashion Events in Kerala

Here are the upcoming fashion shows in Kerala

Fashion Show NameStarting Date VenueCity
Techie Fest14-02-2024Amphitheatre, TechnoparkAmphitheatre, Technoparkk
Mrs Thrissur18-02-2024CDMA HallThrissur
OVM Designer Show18-02-2024KochiKochi

Benefits of Being Part of a Fashion Show as a Model

The stakes are high for young and talented models in Kerala. Fashion shows act as stepping stones for models looking to make their next big break into fashion. Besides, a model gets several advantages by being part of a fashion show. 

Professional training in modeling

Most fashion shows organize hands-on training to groom models on walking the ramp. If you are a beginner, these workshops give valuable practical experience on the ins and outs of modeling like:

  1. Runway Walking – Display the correct posture and body language while walking the runway.
  2. Model PosesPut forth the best poses while on the ramp and in front of the camera. 
  3. Choreography – Basics choreography routines for professional runway modeling
  4. Grooming – Master interpersonal skills, professional etiquette, and tips to prepare for auditions. 

The insights gained from these sessions will surely help you master needed skills and confidently take on the ramp. 

Coverage through portfolio shoots

Having a strong portfolio is key to achieving success as a model. They act as a calling card to find opportunities in modeling.

Signing up for a fashion show is one way to expand and build on a modeling portfolio. Show organizers like talent agencies have in-house teams that can create stunning professional portfolios for models. 

Through well-captured photos and a captivating design, such portfolios help you seek out and build the right connections during and after the event. 

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Extensive social media promotion

Another way fashion shows help emerging and experienced models are through promotion through multiple social media platforms. 

Starting from the months leading up to the show date, fashion event organizers run extensive social media campaigns that feature photo shoots and promo events.

All participating models receive wide coverage and promotion through these events on different social media. Through this, models gain more visibility and coverage across a large audience base. 

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Expert Guidance 

Fashion shows present yet another key learning opportunity for models. 

Before and throughout the event, models get a chance to interact with top models and other professionals in the field. You can join sessions conducted as part of the show and get expert advice and supervision from leading figures in the industry.

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Television coverage

Most fashion shows get covered by local and state-wide TV channels as part of promotion activities. This is an excellent chance for models to be seen by many and showcase their talents to a wide audience via multiple TV channels and YouTube live streams. 

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Content creation support & guidance

Getting featured in a fashion show brings a whole lot of other marketing benefits to new models like you. 

As part of the promo activities and for empowering new models, most fashion events offer support for creating content in different verticals. This includes:

  • Photo Booth
  • Partnered Shoots
  • Instagram Reels
  • Runway Rehearsals 
  • Runway Shoots & Videos
  • Countdown Shoots

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Benefits of Being Part of a fashion Show in Kerala as a Fashion Designer

Fashion shows present an exciting opportunity for fashion designers to showcase their collections. 

A big part of a fashion event is different segments where upcoming and top designers take their collections and display them on the ramp. Some events also feature a separate expo, dedicated spaces where designers get to have their stalls to exhibit their collections and even put them up for sale. 

Besides, a range of other benefits awaits designers by being part of a fashion show such as:

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Showcase designs & collections

Fashion shows are a great way for designers to display their collections in front of a large audience. They can use models to exhibit new designs or put them up in mannequins or stalls in and around the event venue. 

Put up stalls to market & brand products

At a fashion show venue, designers can showcase their collections in stalls or cubicles. Through this, they can display their newest collections, offer them directly for sale and interact with potential customers who are attending the event.

Network with top professionals

Participating in a fashion show helps with networking. Especially for fashion designers, a show is a place where they can connect with seasoned professionals in the field. 

It’s a chance to meet and join leading designers and see their newest collections and even find chances to enter into a collaboration. 

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Gain extensive coverage

Getting a slot as a designer in a fashion show is a great way to get featured in different media. There is free marketing and promotion offered as part of the event’s adverts and other campaigns. 

Such promos get distributed via different media like TV, social media, radio, and press, which helps showcase designers to a wider audience. 

Other benefits include support for content creation, photo booths, partnered reels, Instagram reels, and runway shoots.

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