Top fashion influencers of Kerala in 2023

By Neeraj
March 23, 2022
Seethu Lakshmi shoots

Fashion Influencers are sprouting in each corner of Kerala. They’re innovative and creative individuals coming forth with unique content focusing on their area of interest. Of this, fashion influencers have quickly become the trend of the time. 

Fashion influencers have stunning feeds on their social media platforms showcasing distinct styles and beauty recommendations. Most images published by these influencers display their incredible talent in modeling and their up-to-date fashion sense. 

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Being an influencer is not easy and takes consistent effort. Influencers put in hours of work to carefully capture and curate their latest pics on social profiles to maintain followers’ interest and increase engagement. 

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Recently, independent influencers have topped the list even crossing the reach of most celebrities in terms of follower count. The rise of micro-influencing has been a catalyst for the emergence of this trend in recent years. Instagram and YouTube personalities who have excellent tastes in fashion and are playing a major role in shaping the fashion choices of the current generation. 

Here is a list of the top influencers from Kerala

  • Seethu Lakshmi
  • Ahaana Krishna
  • Shaun Romy
  • Apoorva Bose
  • Unnimaya
  • Akhila Mohan
  • Zaina Jinan
  • Blush with Ash
  • Shaani Shaki
  • Archana Ravi
  • Mashar Hamsa
  • Jishad shamsudeen
  • Gayathri gayu
  • Saniya iyyappan
  • Ajmal khan
  • Malavika Mohanan
  • Jumna khan
  • Lakshmi Menon
  • Sruthy Menon
  • Ketaki Narayan
  • Naznin Abdulla
  • Sreebhadra Menon
  • Dhanush Udayan
  • Rakshitha Sunaina
  • Sooraj Sk

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Seethu Lakshmi

Instagram: (@im_seethu_official)

Seethu Lakshmi is a rising model who won the model of the year award in 2022. Her recent fashion photoshoots are going viral among Kerala’s fashion enthusiasts, Seethu is famous for bold and hot shoots which help brands reach more audiences in a short time.

Ahaana Krishna

Instagram: (@ahaana_krishna)

Ahaana is a famous and proficient actress with an impeccable experience of style. She stole the attention of Malayalis through her function in the movie LUCA. Ahaana was additionally nicely appreciated for her Tedx speech. a glance at her posts and we recognize she’s worth all 1.8M of her fans. She often posts pics together with her circle of relatives and her holidays.

Shaun Romy

Instagram: (@shaunromy)

Shaun is an upcoming actress in M town recognized for her function in Kammatipaadam and Lucifer. Her fashion style is formidable and it includes an extremely good sense of individualistic expression. 

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Apoorva Bose

Instagram: (@apoorvabose07)

An actress and regulation scholar, Apoorva is a stunning woman with lovely taste in style. You find her in each western and Indian wear, looking at ease in each of those patterns. Apoorva has

Over 118K fans on Instagram. Along with posts of her singing and her travels, she has many posts in Sarees making each person need to drape one.


Instagram: (s@simplymystyle_unni)

This younger woman has attracted many fans through her content on Instagram. She has finished many product opinions and tips on her web page. With 113K fans at the gram, Unnimaya is not anything short of a superstar thanks to her movies and innovative content.

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Akhila Mohan

Instagram: (@akhila_mohan)

Akhila is a tik tok sensation and basketball player. She has also regarded in the movie happy Sardar. Akhila posts pictures of her modeling on Instagram wherein she has around 63K followers. She conjures up many unique style choices to be had and he or she is visible to have a completely lovely and captivating persona. Akhila also has a YouTube channel.

Zaina Jinan

Instagram: (@thelifeofjinan)

Zaina has simply hit 50K fans and is constantly developing on her Instagram. She is a style influencer who focuses on modest style. Her feed is full of numerous hijab-styled pix assisting many ladies available to get innovative with their seems.

Blush with Ash

Instagram: (@blushwithash)

Ash posts extraordinary motion pictures on the topic of beauty and fashion. She is also very active on her Instagram where she stocks photos of her looks as well as small videos on exceptional merchandise.

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Shaani Shaki

Instagram: (@shanishaki)

Shani Shaki is a leading fashion photographer from Kerala with a rich portfolio of celebrity photoshoots and events. He is also a recognized actor with roles in several recently acclaimed Malayalam films. Beginning his career as a photographer, Shani had since then showcased his brilliant talent as a stylist, actor, creative artist and brand influencer over the years.

Archana Ravi

Instagram: (@archana_raviii)

Archana Ravi is a seasoned model and social influencer. Crowned Miss Universe India 2020 Top 10 and Femina Miss India Kerala Top 3, Archana has been actively into modeling taking part in several beauty pageants, and has also served the role of choreographer. Besides her modeling career, she is also made her mark in acting debuting in Tamil cinema, and is an accomplished classical dancer too.

Mashar Hamsa

Instagram: (@masharhamsa)

Mashar Hamsa is a leading choreographer working mainly in the Malayalam film industry. His costume works have been featured in several recently released hit films and has been awarded the Best Costume Designer for his work in the films Joji and Irul. Mashar signature style in costume design has since then received critical acclaim and is being signed up for several films and fashion events.

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Jishad shamsudeen

Instagram: (@jishadshamsudeen)

Jishad Shamsudeen is a renowned stylist and fashion designer from Kerala. His works have been featured in a multitude of films in the Bollywood and Malayalam film industry. Jishad is well known for being the personal designer stylist of actor Mohanlal and has also been associated with numerous other top actors nationally. As a designer, Jishad has been a pioneering figure in bringing custom jean jackets to the mainstream in the state and continues to experiment with different fashion wear.

Gayathri gayu

Instagram: (@gayu_inkb)

Gayathri Gayu is a well-known Indian model and fashion content creator. Known for her experimental fashion works, Gayathri has amassed a huge following in different social channels for her innovative content and has turned out to be highly influential in fashion circles as of late.

Saniya iyyappan

Instagram: (@_saniya_iyappan_)

Saniya Iyappan is a popular actress who works mainly in the malayalam film industry. Over the years, Saniya has been a notable presence in several films released recently and made her debut in the industry in 2014. Besides acting, she is also a fashion influential figure with a huge social media following and owns a clothing brand.

Ajmal khan

Instagram: (@ajmal_khan_)

Ajmal Khan is a top model and fashion influencer who has made a name for himself over the years. His extensive social media following shows his influence as a successful model and is the most sought figure in mainstream modeling today. Besides, his modeling stint, Ajmal is also a keen blogger and entrepreneur.

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Malavika Mohanan

Instagram: (@malavikamohanan_)

Malavika Mohanan is an accomplished actress from South India who works mainly in the Malayalam and Tamil film industry. Starting off an acting career in 2013, Malavika has since then earned numerous accolades for her roles in major films. Alongside acting, Malavika is also a top influencer with a wide social media following and is known for her signature style blending traditional with western clothing.

Jumna khan

Instagram: (@akhila_mohan)

Jumana Khan is a highly successful social media influencer and actress from Dubai known for her extensive social reach. She is a popular figure on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok with a huge follower count. Jumana also runs different fashion blogs and is a well-known vlogger covering the fashion space.

Lakshmi Menon

Instagram: (@lakshhmenon)

Lakshmi Menon is an emerging model and fashion influencer from Kerala. Across her modeling career, Lakshmi has showcased an incredible flair for modeling and was subsequently crowned Miss South India and Miss Queen of India in 2018. She was also chosen as a finalist for the national-level beauty pageant Femina Miss India in 2019.

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Sruthy Menon


Sruthy Menon is a talented actress and model from South India who primarily works in the Malayalam film industry. Nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress, Shruthy has become an established actress in the industry and lauded for her critically acclaimed roles. Besides acting, Shruthy is also a TV host and professional host making her presence in a variety of events worldwide.

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Ketaki Narayan


Ketaki Narayan is a well-known actress and model whose work spans major film industries like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Marathi. Featured in a host of roles, Ketaki has earned a reputed following among film circles and has signed for several upcoming films. She is also into modeling working full time and has been the cover model for leading fashion magazines in India.

Naznin Abdulla

Instagram: (@nazninabdulla)

Naznin Abdulla is an eminent fashion model and actress who has done extensive work in both film and TV. Her unmatched skill in anchoring had given her a successful stint in popular TV reality shows. Naznin’s modeling work also shows her remarkable talent and her choice of attire is especially noted for being a unique fusion of traditional and modern clothing.

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Sreebhadra Menon

Instagram: (@sreebhadra.menon)

Sreebhadra Menon is a successful fashion influencer and model from Kerala. She has been into modeling for a while and has been into numerous photoshoots that showcase her abilities in fashion modeling.

Dhanush Udayan

Instagram: (@dhanush_udayan)

Dhanush udayan is a promising entrepreneur from Kochi. He is a part of some successful businesses and he is also an uprising fashion content creator on Instagram.

Rakshitha Sunaina

Instagram: (@rakshitha_sunaina)

Rakshitha Sunaina is a top-rated model and fashion influencer. Her work has been featured in ads and magazines. With her unique tastes in fashion, Rakshitha has crafted an influential social media brand with an excellent curation of quality images and is also known for her experimental work in varied designer outfits.

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Sooraj Sk

Instagram: (@soorajskofficial)

Sooraj S K is a leading celebrity stylist and fashion designer from Kerala. He made his mark in the fashion industry over the last few years and has quickly emerged to become a preferred stylist for several actors in the industry. Aside from being a stylist, Sooraj also owns a clothing brand – Bespoked that focuses on men’s outfits.

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