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Some people may be familiar with the term “fashion model,” while others may not. What is fashion modeling? What are some of the benefits of becoming a fashion model? What do you need to do in order to become one? These are all questions that will be answered in this article!

What is Fashion modeling?

Fashion modeling is a profession where models are hired to wear different types of trendy garments, apparel, and accessories in photoshoots and ramp walk for showcasing new fashion products.

The job of a fashion model is to walk down the catwalk, showing off designer clothing in front of a live audience and photographers. This form of modeling does not require speaking abilities because there is no dialogue involved with this style.

What’s important in fashion modeling is your appearance!

You need an excellent build if you want to become a fashion model. You need to be tall and skinny with a low body fat percentage. Typically, weigh between 110-125 pounds and stand around five feet nine inches tend to be most hired because they can fit into larger sizes and look taller than other women on television.

Most fashion models start their careers between the ages of fifteen and eighteen.

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What are some of the benefits of becoming a fashion model?

Some of the benefits of being a fashion model include

  • Earning money by simply wearing designer clothing
  • Getting free clothes and accessories (not always, Read: Myths around modelling)
  • Traveling around the world meeting different people
  • Having great health insurance coverage
  • Keeping up with the latest fashion trends

What is a Fashion Model Portfolio

It is a type of modeling portfolio designed to showcase a models’ ability to be a fashion model.

Typically, a fashion portfolio includes photos of the model wearing different types of trendy clothing and accessories. This helps show the agency or company why you are interested in becoming a fashion model so they can see what your best features are!

The images and information included will clearly demonstrate a model’s suitability for work in fashion modeling. and the pieces of information like weight and height restrictions, as well as other physical measurements, must be shared in your modeling portfolio so that you may be called for an interview.

What to include in a fashion portfolio

There is no unique style of creating a Fashion model portfolio. But these are some basic information that has to be filled in a modeling portfolio

  • Name & Bio
  • Career objective (optional)
  • Personal Information
  • Physical characteristics
  • Body Measurements
  • Experience
  • Comfortable shoots
  • Social Media and contact details

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along with that information, a model should include different images that will emphasize her claim as a fashion model.

Posses for your first fashion shoot to include in a fashion portfolio

Listed below are some of the most common types of images found inside a fashion model photoshoot:

  • Close-up shots (head and shoulders) showing facial features, hair color/style, etc.
  • Full-size shots from all sides show physical traits, build, and clothing.
  • Full-length shots showing complete body figure including the shape of legs/feet/hands, etc.,
  • Ultra Close-up images that focus on a particular part of the model’s face. i.e: eyes, lips
  • Group shots with other models displaying different types of clothes but all are wearing trendy clothes ideal for a fashion model.

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