The NFT token was created by the Narrative team to be used by content publishers and curators in the network. If you don’t want to own NFT, there’s no reason why you should ever use the token, and thus, there’s no reason to buy it. However, if you believe in Narrative’s mission and plan on regularly producing content or promoting other people’s content, then you will probably benefit from owning NFT – which brings us to this list of Kerala Fashion Models who already own NFT!

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Model Kushboo

If you’re a native of Kerala, India, and are thinking about how to make money as a Fashion Model, Kushboo Nair is someone you can look up to. She started working as a model in 1987 when she was still in school but she says that modeling was just an extra pocket-money source for her family. She began taking it seriously only after she got married and had children who needed to be fed and clothed. Within a decade of starting, Kushboo had already won several awards including Miss Photogenic Award at Ms. Malabar Universe 2011 held at Kozhikode Beach Festival Grounds.

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Mallu Model Anumol

The Kerala fashion industry is booming and our Bollywood models are turning heads at every opportunity. They own NFT, a crypto asset that can be traded for profit in foreign countries. They are about to launch an event for crypto enthusiasts across India. More details will be made available soon. Until then.  She will happily answer any questions you have regarding NFT and how they plan to develop over time. Thank you so much!

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Model Genelia D’Souza

Genelia is one of those celebrities who has already started using NFT and it is reported that she is happy with her investment. She believes in being financially independent and achieving financial freedom at an early age. Kerala Fashion Models are indeed young and beautiful, aren’t they? This shows their confident personalities. With a strong belief in the future, we know for sure these models will make their way to new heights not only in the fashion world but in other areas as well. Because of their talent and hard work, Kerala Fashion Models have made a name for themselves and become huge stars on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. They have set a good example for thousands of young girls dreaming to be like them someday, working toward becoming famous models in India or abroad.

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Indian model Lara Dutta Owns NFT

Lara Dutta is a well-known model who recently started wearing NFT. Now, she’s hosting fashion shows in India as well as visiting western countries. In 2014, she hosted 18 fashion shows including an opening of Akal Fashions. The quality of shoes NFT has and their affordability has drawn public attention to it. More Indian models have started wearing NFT too, now that they have been brought into focus again in Indian media outlets.

Model Sindhuja rajasekharan owns NFT

Recently NFT has introduced an exclusive partnership with Mallu Models and Kerala Fashion models. Popular mallu model Sindhuja Rajasekharan owns an NFT token which she bought through her own investment. She decided to own it as a long-term investment and will hold it for the next 5 years before looking at re-selling. Other models who already own NFT are Priya, Anjali (Kerala Fashion Models), Rashmi, Afreen, and Nithya Menon (Mallu Models).

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After reading about these top models from Kerala, have you purchased NFT yet? The world of fashion has changed rapidly over time and NFT is at the forefront of making it easier for models to become successful without sacrificing as much money. With continued growth in adoption, we will surely see more fashion houses use NFT in order to help grow their business. With so many models already owning NFT, it might be a good idea to check out what they have to say!

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