What Are the Different Modeling jobs in Kerala?

By Neeraj
July 10, 2018

Look no further than Kerala if you are looking for a way to break into the modeling world. With its abundance of jobs and lucrative contracts available in the modeling industry, this state will indeed have something that fits your vision. 

Kerala has everything from photo shoots to catwalks when working as a model. And with the right mindset and preparation, you might find yourself taking part in some of the most beautiful locations India can offer—while making money off these opportunities too. 

Whether you’re an experienced hand or a newbie stepping into unchartered waters with us on this journey of exploration – let’s get started exploring what kind of job possibilities are available for models in Kerala.

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What Are the Different Modeling Jobs in Kerala?

Kerala is one of the most scenic places and a hub for aspiring models looking to jump-start their modeling careers. With its many opportunities and breathtaking landscapes, it’s no surprise that modeling jobs in Kerala are some of the most sought-after. 

Here are the top 6 modeling jobs in Kerala.

  • Catalog and Commercial Modeling
  • Magazine Modeling
  • Editorial / Fashion Modelling 
  • Ramp/Runway Modeling
  • Promotional Modeling
  • Trade Show Modeling

Catalog and Commercial Modeling

Kerala offers aspiring models the chance to work with top-notch photographers, create compelling images, and even feature in national catalogs or commercials. In Kerala alone, you can expect to find many fashion shows, commercial television shoots, and print media campaigns that require both male and female models. 

Catalog shoots featuring clothing designs for local and international labels are especially popular. Commercial modeling jobs such as product promotions through print ads or TV commercials attract many talents who enjoy performing onscreen or serving as a face for a product campaign.

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Magazine Modeling

Quite a number of fashion magazines are popping up in Kerala with all the updates of the fashion world. This means more job opportunities to take part in magazine photoshoots.

 Imagine taking part in magazine photoshoots and seeing yourself on the glossy pages of a magazine! Something is alluring about working as a model in an area known for its rich culture and stunning landscapes. 

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You would have the chance to express yourself artistically in a magazine photoshoot. With the help of experienced professionals, you can create striking images that really stand out. Moreover, such images will be the best addition to your ever-growing modeling portfolio.

Editorial / Fashion Modelling 

Editorial modeling is a unique way to tell stories without using words – all through the power of photography! It’s perfect for models with girl-next-door looks and wanting to be part of an unforgettable magazine experience. 

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In Kerala, editorial modeling can take you to familiar publications such as Vanitha, Mangalam, and Grihalakshmi. Your photos might feature in articles about college exams or other exciting topics. 

So if you’re looking for something special that showcases your beauty and creativity with fashion styling, then editorial modeling could be the ideal choice.

Ramp/Runway Modeling

Runway models are the stars of fashion shows, strutting along a long stage in front of audiences to showcase the latest trends. There are many annual catwalk shows that take place in Kerala – events not to be missed if you are looking for modeling jobs.

To become a runway model, specific requirements must be met: women should have tall, slim figures, clear skin, and well-defined features. At the same time, men need good posture and a height above 160cm. 

Catwalks provide fun opportunities to view new outfits from designers worldwide. Hence, runway modeling is everlasting, with more and more job opportunities coming up soon.

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Promotional Modeling

Are you an outgoing, sociable person between 18-25? If so, promotional modeling might be the perfect job for you. As a promotional model or ‘hostess,’ your primary role is to interact with customers and help boost consumer demand. 

This could involve talking to journalists at events such as trade shows or exhibitions – without needing to pose in front of cameras like other models. 

Plus, it’s only typically 2-3 hours long, making it ideal part-time work that flexes around your existing schedule!

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Trade Show Modeling

Drawing attention to products, trade show models are essential in exhibiting various services and goods. From initiating conversations with potential customers at auto car expos to being photographed while testing out new cameras on the market – these professionals handle it all. 

Trade show models can also be relied upon when showing off product features and advantages that could spell success for businesses going into exhibitions.

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Given that Kerala is a fashion and industrial hub of India, trade show modeling opportunities are becoming abundant as businesses interact with their customers publicly to sell their products.

There are plenty of ways to get into modeling in this amazing state, from fashion shows and photoshoots to movie roles and hosting events.


With the advent of so many modeling types, it has now become easier than ever to get started in the modeling industry in Kerala. With different types of modeling jobs available, there is something for everyone. Some agencies and companies can help you get started whether you are looking for runway, commercial, or print work. 

The most important thing is to research and ensure you are comfortable with the agency or company you choose to work with. So don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you. Go out, grab them by the scruff, and propel your career to new heights.

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