Modeling portfolio shoot in Kerala
Modeling shoot in Kerala
Modeling portfolio shoot in Kerala
Modeling portfolio shoot in Kerala

Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot

If you love fashion and have the looks to go along with that passion, a modeling career may be for you. To be a successful model and have longevity in the industry, you require a modelling portfolio. Find out the niche of modelling you want to enter into, and we are here to help you kick start your career.


High Fashion Modelling

We offer high-fashion modelling that tends to be more creative and artistic. High fashion models are used on catwalks, in fashion editorials and in promoting high-end products. We can get you a killer portfolio with several different shots, including a close-up head shot, a full-body shot and a quarter-body shot.

Modeling portfolio shoot in Kerala

Commercial Modelling Shoot

Our team has great photographers to capture commercial modelling including plus-size, fitness, petite and beauty. Requirements for commercial modelling are less strict compared to high fashion modelling. We help you have a diverse range of photoshoots in your portfolio when you’re applying for commercial modeling jobs.


Instagram modelling

We features stunning models posing in various locations throughout the state, such as the pristine beaches, lush forests, and historic landmarks. The photographs often highlight the beauty of Kerala's traditional clothing, intricate jewelry, and vibrant makeup, while also showcasing the models' individual fashion and personalities.




What preparations must a model have before a photoshoot?

Models should be clear about how many outfits and variations they require for a particular photoshoot. Be sure to discuss the posing for the look and the style guide you are referring to.

How long do Modelling shoots last?

Depending on the type and amount of content required, a shoot can last from a few hours to several days. In addition, it depends on how quickly the team can come together to develop a clear vision

How to be a Model in Kochi, Kerala?

Understand the basics of modeling opportunities in Kochi. Take care of your appearance and fitness. Then find professional photographers in Cochin to create your modeling portfolio. Later, you can collaborate with different persons/brands to build your authority in Kochi.

What kinds of pictures do I need to build my modeling portfolio in Kochi?

There should be a variety of photos in your portfolio, including headshots and full-length photographs. Also, you should have three-quarter-length and full-length photos. Ideally, you should have a good balance of studio and location shots to build a modelling career in Kochi.

Is modeling a successful career to pursue in Kerala?

A lot of people still dream of being a model in Kerala. There is nothing more glamorous or thrilling than a modeling career. The modeling industry in Kochi can lead you to build your career, earn wealth and fame.

How much do you charge for modelling photoshoots in Kochi?

Depending on the type and duration of the shoot, the budget will vary. Drop us a message and let us know the location, the type and duration of the event(s) and we will contact you back.