How to Start a Modeling Career in the Thirties?

Many models begin their careers at a young age, and although their careers are relatively short, you can be successful if you start modeling later in life.

Starting your modeling career at the age of 30 faces several challenges, but with the look of your modeling career and your motivation and determination to pursue your goals, you can find the right path.

Modeling from 30 with previous experience

Of course, if you already have experience as a model in photography, advertising, and fashion shows, it is much easier to get into a modeling agency. Many agents, including us, are considering good models over 30 years of age. From the first fashion show at the age of 16 or 17, not everyone stayed in a modeling agency but studied, worked for a media agency, or become a doctor in entirely different ways. Therefore, not all are the same. Therefore it is so important for modeling agencies to find good models over 30. In addition to presentations of new fashion collections and fashion shows, it also includes online store photographs, YouTube and TV commercial video recordings, cinema, and more we need you. You already know that there are many types of jobs that models under 30 can do.

Modeling from 30 without prior knowledge and experience

If you want to be a 30-year-old model but have no experience or knowledge of the industry, it will be a bit difficult! But this is normal, and the same goes for younger models. Of course, many inexperienced models want to make their dreams come true. Therefore, we advise you to be fully prepared for this application.

Put Together a Portfolio

Starting modeling as a career in the 30s is a challenge in itself. A portfolio of recent photographs and a resume showing experiences that will help you in your modeling career bring something you can bring to your agency. The portfolio should be as professional as possible and should include 5-8 glossy photos (8×10) that can be viewed in various modeling situations. Your portfolio must prove that you can use the camera well.

Locate a modeling agency

The truth of the modeling business is that many young models can find work simply by attending casting calls. Qualified modeling agencies can set up modeling work specifically for older models. Modeling agencies make money knowing where the jobs are and which models are being submitted to these jobs. Interacting with a modeling agency will increase your possibilities of finding a job. Some agencies are even looking for a specific job for models in their thirties.

Models who successfully broke the rules

Following are few models you broke the rule that you cannot become a model in old age:

  • Drake Burnette is a 25-year-old American model. She went to Celine and signed huge model contracts with international brands Topshop, Missoni, and Rag and Bone.
  • Aymeline Valade is a French model who signed a contract at the age of 26. She contacted several times when she was young but prioritized her studies. She entered the fashion world very late but walked Chanel, Chloe, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and Gucci during her first fashion week.
  • Kati Nescher is a 27-year-old Russian model. During her short career, she participated in 63 fashion shows, modeling Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.


Take every chance that can work. Consider using a job as a hand or foot model. This may not grab your attention, but it will help build your portfolio. Once the hand or foot modeling work is complete, you can begin to establish connections with the industry, which may allow you to do more extensive modeling work. We assure you that it is difficult to compete with young models in the 30s, but if you are confident in building your career, it will stand out for the quality of your work. Using high-quality photo layouts will increase your workload

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