Start a Modeling Career in Bangalore: A Guide for Freshers.

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Modeling is the art of learning to walk, move and show off clothes in the best way. When potential clients look at a model, they usually imagine themselves wearing that dress. This article will assist you in starting your modeling profession in Bangalore.

What Bangalore clients are looking for in a model?

No special qualifications are required to enter the industry. To get started, you can deal with a trustworthy model agency with your recent portfolio. You can also sign up for competitions held by various magazines, cosmetic companies, fabric manufacturers, etc. After obtaining the 10+2 qualification, you can enter the industry. It is recommended to have at least a bachelor’s degree to help manage the profession’s core.

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Personal qualities are the most valuable factor for a successful modeling profession. To be a model, an important attribute is a healthy skin and shiny hair. Ideally, a female model should be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall for men, the higher, the better. Photogenic is also an important characteristic. The camera-friendly mindset, self-confidence, and elegance for showing off the product are all important factors in winning the reputation of the industry.

Salary Package for models in Banglore

Usually, the starting salary for male models is Rs. 6000-10,000 rupees per show, female models’ salary is about 10,000 rupees per show. Various model coordinators who provide modeling tasks on a commission basis usually, the range of each allocation is 15% to 20%. Once launched in the industry, the model can earn For TV commercials is 20,000 to 50,000 rupees.

Steps to start modeling in Bangalore?

Let us help you to understand how to find modeling opportunities in Bangalore. Read all the details below carefully, as these details will help you get complete insight to start your modeling career in Bangalore.

Here are the initial steps you need to follow to become a model In Bangalore

  • Understand the duties of the Modeling job in Banglore.
  • Take care of your appearance and fitness
  • Find a professional Photographers to create your modeling portfolio
  • Find Modeling Opportunities Available in Bangalore
  • Collaborate with Different persons/brands to build your authority
  • Use your social media and digital platforms to brand yourself

An excellent professional portfolio photographer knows the angle, composition, and overall appearance of the portfolio. He can give you proper modeling ideas. Remember: Don’t let friends or new/nonprofessional photographers click on your portfolio, which will harm your modeling career.

Understand the duties of the Modeling job in Bangalore. 

Modeling needs hard work, the ability to determine, the ability to follow instructions quickly and effectively, the ability to pose in a specific way, or the ability to replicate the appearance for hours at a time. Depending on the type of modeling you want to use, you will need to pose in different poses in the arsenal. You also need to know how to tilt your face and body so that the camera provides the correct image. If you want to grow into a runway model, you need to build and practice a signature walk.

Take care of your appearance. 

Modeling is all about aesthetics, but attractiveness is not the essential part. Taking care of your body is an integral part of modeling. There are more opportunities to model with different body shapes and clothes sizes, you need to take care of your skin, hair, and nails.

Complete your portfolio

If you are an amateur in modeling, then this is what you need to start your modeling career. An essential first step in starting modeling in Bangalore is to click on professional photos by famous fashion photographers. Getting portfolio photos is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can skip it. Professional photography is expensive, but it will give you a better idea of what you look like and increase chances to get you some work.

Find a modeling agency

Most models require an agent to help them find a job. Find the best modeling agent and find an agent that looks legitimate and represents the type of model you want to become.

If the modeling agency seems to be a good match, please send a Polaroid photo (also known as a digital photo) with related modeling experience.

Build a professional social media profile

In the age of social media, casting directors are always looking for fresh faces on social media. Building a professional social media profile is important to avail modeling opportunities in Bangalore.

Post photos in different outfits. Always post high-quality professional pictures so that you will get more exposure.

Try Collaborating with existing Models/ Fashion photographers in Bangalore

Collaborating with current Models and photographers in Bangalore will improve your audience presence in Bangalore which will eventually help you create more impressions on a larger audience. After all, building fans is key for this game.

Try digital platforms to avail opportunity

In this era of technology, it is pretty easy to find where to start and who to approach. You can use various digital platforms to search for modeling opportunities in Bangalore.


Many modeling agencies in Bangalore and directors post on Facebook auditions. Regularly check for audition calls in Bangalore so that you will not miss any opportunity.

But how to use Facebook for this purpose? Follow these steps and get better results:

To find agency through FB pages for Banglore

  • Go to Facebook and search “modeling auditions in Bangalore” or “modeling agency in Bangalore.”
  • Use the filter option in Facebook search to choose the right agency and send your portfolio to them.

Through Facebook group for casting and modeling in Banglore

  • Go to Facebook and search “modeling auditions in Bangalore” or “modeling agency in Bangalore.” “Casting calls in Bangalore” etc.
  • Make your location to Bangalore
  • Filter out groups only using FB search filters


Google search is also an excellent source to start your modeling career in Bangalore. To search on google, type the following in the search bar to get better results:

  • Fashion modeling jobs in Bangalore
  • Modeling jobs in Bangalore for freshers
  • Modeling jobs for freshers
  • Saree modeling jobs in Bangalore

Job Listing sites

Different listing sites will help you find job opportunities. The same platforms as indeed, Naukari are also a good place to find other modeling options in Bangalore.

Local listing sites

Modeling opportunities are also posted in sales listing sites like OLX, Quicker, etc. Just find the relevant category and set your location for Bangalore.


In some cases, the best way to start modeling is to participate in public casting. Although you cannot enter the agency and be seen easily. As a new talent, you need to do a lot of work by yourself to create a small audience and brand authority. Slowly these fans’ strengths will help you open those closed doors in your Banglore modeling career. Please take advantage of these self-improvement opportunities to further increase your chances of becoming a Bangalore supermodel

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