A Guide to Start Your Modeling Career in Mumbai

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Mumbai is the place for those who have starry dreams. There is no limit on the types of jobs you can get here. You

can be a model, actor, or theater artist. Thousands of TV shows, web series, fashion shows, and movies have been produced, and there is no shortage of work for pure talents.

Modeling is not as simple and attractive as it seems at first. It is a difficult job, involving a lot of dedication, commitment, and hard work. A successful model is the result of confidence, enthusiasm, and passion for the fashion industry. It is an aggressively competitive environment to be a part of, with only the most persistent attaining high levels of success.

You may think that a successful model only needs a charming face and a balanced look, but a brilliant career requires dedication to the future and careful planning. The career of a professional model is challenging and rewarding. It is not easy to understand where to start modeling, but this article provides a roadmap to becoming a successful model in Mumbai.

Be healthy from the inside.

Health is essential. Consider working with a trainer who works with models. Talk to him about your modeling goals and how you view and seek tailored exercise programs to support these goals. You need to exercise enough along with eating and drinking healthy food. A body that fits you will help you maintain your best look.

Always look similar to those photos of yours.

Actors capture photos of themselves, and when they appear for an audition, they have different colors or hairstyles. Sometimes they have been fattened and lose a lot of weight. If you want to change the look, you need to update the photos too.

Consider getting some professional photos taken.

Professional photography can be expensive, but it can change between being skipped and getting a discussion. Think of expert photography as a valuable investment in your career. Print your favorite professional photos in 8×10. If you are asked to leave photos before and after the meeting, please save them. If you have good enough professional photos, please consider adding them to your portfolio. Bring this product portfolio to actors and agencies.

Visit a modeling agency in Mumbai.

Almost every major city has multiple model agencies, so Mumbai also many and almost every agency is conducting “open calls” to find new talents. You can find modeling jobs on these websites:

  • Talent track.
  • Monster India

Bring your portfolio and make sure you also have the correct size. During the open recruitment of participants, you may be asked to walk or sit down to take pictures. If the agent rejects you, please do not be angry. Usually, the agent is looking for a different set of models, and you may not be suitable for model impressions at this time.

Prepare for your interview if you get one.

Practice snapping your face in front of a mirror, practice walking, or browse through magazines to understand the models’ poses. Create a tear sheet, if possible a portfolio. If you have enough work experience in the past, you can also create a short resume. The cover letter should include dynamic statistics (height, dress size, waist, bust, hips of the girl, etc.) and briefly explain why you want to be a model? Your resume should include past work and past theater/dance training. Personal stats include information such as eye color, hair color, and skin color.

Few Important questions that every new model asks.

How old do you have to start a modeling career?

There are modeling chances for people of all ages, including child models under 12 and mature models over 60. For fashion modeling, the normal age range is between 16 and 21. The age requirements for most other kinds of modeling vary primarily on the client’s needs for a project or campaign.

What is a “Go-See”?

“Go see” is equivalent to model auditioning. Here you can meet with customer representatives to assess whether you fit their company’s image or campaign image. This includes taking a picture of you and meeting and understanding your personality, and how easy it is to work with you.

Is it okay to have scars and tattoos?

Tattoos and scratches will not prevent you from becoming a glamour model. It depends on where they are, how big they are, and the needs of customers. Your tattoo can improve the style of the clothes and the location of the photoshoot. As with scars, clients can also cover their tattoos with clothes and use digital photo editing techniques.

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