Top Makeup & Hair Tips for Fitness Models

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Here are some tips:


The pores and skin are the maximum vital detail in a fitness shoot. Although make-up is utilized in each set, it’s miles most effectively used to decorate your herbal splendor and particular features. Leading as much as the photoshoot it’s miles notable vital to attend to your pores and skin. Lydia K, our Hair and MUA right here at The Photo Studio completely encourages the “Inside Out Method” wherein we cope with the entirety inner our body, in order that it then glows the equal manner outdoor too! Now this could imply something distinct to every individual, however right here are the pinnacle matters to appearance out for while prepping for an upcoming shoot;

A Clean Diet: As stupid as this can sound at first, distinct meals react in a different way to our body. In maximum instances, if something isn’t always sitting properly with us, the aftermath now no longer most effective indicates in our discomfort, however additionally on our pores and skin, that too on our faces! The maximum not unusual place regions that acne, bumps or spots because of a negative weight-reduction plan might also additionally display up are regularly on our foreheads, noses, jawline and chins. Dodging the unseen components in our food, inclusive of oily and sugary meals can sincerely gain withinside the clearing up of pores and skin nearly instantly, as those are the primary elements that make a contribution to stupid and fatigued pores and skin.

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Being Sober: Often while we eat alcohol, among the pollution withinside the beverages increase in the deeper layers of our pores and skin after which appear into diverse pores and skin troubles like bloating, puffiness, acne, redness and ordinary dullness in pores and skin. Staying sober can play a large position in lowering those congesting situations in our pores and skin, consequently leaving our pores and skin sparkling, sparkling and flawless!

LOTS of water: This is the very best hack to clearer pores and skin! Water is the treatment to flush out maximum pollution in our system, (so drink up!) and in case you need even higher outcomes you may continually toss in a few lemon slices, cucumber slices or maybe a few mint leaves to detox the system. Detox water is not only good for your skin but also for your whole body. Adding pinch of ginger in detox water is good for your fitness.

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The make-up method for a photoshoot could be very vital. Like noted earlier than, growing that no-make-up make-up appearance calls for a whole lot of pores and skin prep and to decorate that, the make-up has to appearance simply as herbal. Here at The Photo Studio the stairs used to nail the correct photoshoot appearance are pretty simple;

-Thoroughly cleanse the pores and skin

-Tone the pores and skin

-Moisturize each the face and neck

-Apply both a lip Scrub or lip balm

-Finally observe the Makeup (Usually silicone based-make-up)

Using make-up merchandise that deliver a tumbler pores and skin appearance inclusive of highlighter, mild blush and contour additionally assist substantially to gain the herbal end this is wanted for a fitness photoshoot. Another available tip is to keep away from faux tan previous to the shoot as it may regulate each the feel and coloration of your pores and skin on camera.

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Much like looking after the pores and skin inner out, our hair should additionally be sorted with small quantities of prep being accomplished main as much as the photoshoot. According to our Hair and Makeup artist’s recommendations, the exceptional manner to put together hair for texture styling is to smooth it and wash it both the night time earlier than the shoot or the morning of the shoot to keep away from immoderate oil at the hair. If the hair is left unwashed for a greater time than that, there’s a threat that the hair can pop out greasy on camera. Some of the exceptional and maximum realistic hairstyles which might be maximum usually utilized in fitness shoots are:

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  • Straightened Hair Out
  • Gelled & Swept Back
  • High Ponytails
  • Buns (each low and high)
  • Man Bun

If you’re searching out a coiffure that could be a little bit distinct, you can additionally try:

  • High Space Buns
  • High Space Braided Buns
  • French Braids
  • Fishtail Braids

Often for fitness photoshoots, among the poses will contain greater movement. Using a few sturdy preserve hair spray or organization preserve wax will come available at some stage in the shoot.

If you’d like to head the more mile to have that sparkling and healthful hair appearance, a trim for the ends or maybe a slicked again semi ‘moist appearance’ can carry a few depths to a shot!


The different small matters to hold in thoughts while prepping to your shoot;

Nails: Keep them trimmed and smooth. An herbal nail clipping could be an excellent choice to keep away from the strain, each without or with polish.

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Tattoos: If you’ve got any tattoos and are concerned approximately protecting them up, don’t strain! They can both be blanketed with complete insurance foundation/concealer or maybe edited withinside the post-shoot method.

Teeth: It looks as if a no-brainer, however continually discover the time to very well smooth your enamel earlier than the shoot, especially when you have eaten simply earlier than.

In summary, permit your fitness photoshoot be a 360 illustration of who you’re and what you exude! Most of those guidelines are matters that you may simply do from domestic so that you don’t must strain approximately it while the large day comes. Your pores and skin and your hair display fitness from what you undergo inside your lifestyle, so recall to attend to yourself first, and the entirety else will fall into location main up for your fitness shoot.

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