6 Ways to be a Model in Kottayam

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In order to become a model in Kottayam, you need to build a modeling portfolio and send it to various modeling agencies in the city. Here are six steps you can take that will increase your chances of becoming a model in Kottayam and help you learn how to be a model in Kottayam successfully.

Get a good portfolio

A model portfolio is essential for every model. Without it, you can’t get started in modeling in Kottayam. No matter what your gender, ethnicity, or background is you need to show that your body and face are worthy of being featured in newspapers, magazines, and advertisements. When trying to become a model in Kottayam getting an attractive and unique look for your portfolio is important. This can be achieved by taking numerous pictures of yourself from multiple angles and wearing different styles of clothing and accessories. If you are not able to come up with quality pictures on your own ask friends or family members who are good photographers if they would be willing to shoot some pictures of you wearing clothes you have in your wardrobe already.

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Look your best

Kottayam is not just about churches and it will surprise you with its fair share of fashion. If you want to look your best Kottayam is a place where you will get plenty of opportunities to model. for models, however, if you want to grow in modeling then Kottayam is definitely not where u should settle down as there are plenty of other cities which will give more opportunities than Kottayam itself.

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Where do you want to shoot?

The city of Kottayam is really not known for its fashion industry. Most models there will find themselves at photoshoots in places like Kochi or at ad films in Trivandrum. A lot of those people aren’t actually Kottayam residents, but rather they go back and forth between these cities and home. If you’re serious about being a model in Kottayam, you’ll have to create opportunities that don’t exist currently or build up enough of an online presence that you can get discovered by brands and agencies yourself. After all, if models are coming from other areas just to shoot here in Kottayam, it means there must be something happening here that’s making it worth their while!

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Practice applying makeup

Applying makeup can seem intimidating. There are all kinds of weird terms, complicated tools, and precise techniques you have to master. When it comes down to it, though, makeup is just another tool in your communication arsenal—you’re using it to send signals that say I’m confident or I’m professional. The right makeup application will accentuate your best features and hide flaws. Whether you want people looking at your eyes or your lips, use these tips on how to apply makeup like a model in Kottayam.

Have great photos taken by professionals

Models work in many different styles of modeling. It is important that you make sure that you are aware of what type of modeling you want to do. There are print ads, runway shows, catalogs, television commercials, and more. It is best to start out as print ads since it is easier and less stressful than other forms. When you get comfortable with print ads then you can begin looking into other types of modeling such as runway or catalogs. It is important that you have great photos taken by professionals before trying out for these jobs though.

Be social on Instagram

Becoming a model is much easier than you might think. With hundreds of thousands of Instagram accounts, there’s little need for agencies anymore. People are turning to social media networks like Instagram and Snapchat to kickstart fashion modeling; it used to take years to become discovered, but now you can build up your fan base within weeks or even days.


Being a model in Kottayam requires drive, determination, and hard work, but with patience and practice, you can become successful. Put yourself out there and take as many modeling gigs as you can. You never know what job or project will open up for you next.

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