How To Do Professional Modeling Photoshoots in Kerala : Tips for Photographers

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Kerala, the gods own country is now a blooming market for fashion brand during this post covid sceneario. Which opens up huge oppurtunties in models and influncers in Kerala. More and more models joins the industry with just the help of different social media platforms.

Every Fashion and commercial photographer, one of the most common questions face is “how should I pose?”. Although it may seem like an obvious question, there are actually many factors to consider when taking shots of your client in front of your camera.

Each Model has their own unique set of goals and expectations, so it’s important to understand these expectations before the day of the shoot.

So here we will break down how to shoot professional modeling photoshoots in Kerala

  • Plan the Shoot in Kerala
  • Location, Lighting, and Styling for the Kerala audience
  • Showcase Your Work with Creative Framing and Posing
  • Always Take Control of the Camera Settings
  • Spend Enough time on Editing the Shoot

Plan the Shoot in Kerala

A fashion shoot in Kerala is not just about pointing a camera at your models and having them pose. Shooting professional fashion modeling photoshoot requires a plan. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself

  • what do I want to shoot in this Mallu Photoshoot?
  • How will I shoot it?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • Hhow much space will I need to set up my lights, backdrop, and model?
  • Where can I find Kerala models that fit my theme?

These questions (and more) will help guide you in creating an amazing shoot that showcases your talents as a photographer in Kerala. List out answers for these questions and you have a plan infront of you.

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Location, Lighting, and Styling for the Kerala Audience

A modeling photoshoot can be quite intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting ready and making sure your camera settings are correct. Here is a breakdown of what to expect when you shoot professional modeling portraits: Location The first thing you need to think about when shooting your model is where you want them photographed. The location should be plain, well-lit, and as spacious as possible. Fashion magazines shoot their models outside in an open area with plenty of room for equipment. This gives a very clean look without many background details or distractions from passersby (although sometimes photographers will ask permission from those passing by). You could also shoot in an office or closed set with minimal clutter.

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Showcase Your Work with Creative Framing and Posing

Framing and posing are two very important techniques when shooting professional modeling portraits. The positioning of a model and its face is crucial in how a photograph will look. For example, if you move a models head and body into an awkward position, such as sticking their head out and twisting it toward a light source, they can’t hide from that light source; their faces will be noticeably distorted. Framing poses are especially effective for photographers who prefer using high-key lighting or using available lightings such as natural lighting or daylight; most frames will hide shadows created by natural sources without your needing to soften them with additional lights.

Always Take Control of the Camera Settings

Shooting portraits is all about how you control your camera settings. Although it is possible to get a great shot using automatic camera modes, shooting with manual mode gives you ultimate control of your image. By setting your shutter speed and aperture manually, you can take better photos in difficult lighting situations like extreme high contrast or strong sunlight. Portrait photography without professional models takes great skill as well as creativity, but there are some models who try and make it look easy-this kind of effort comes from countless hours behind a lens; if you really want to shoot professional modeling portraits yourself then I recommend doing just that: shooting! Take photos for several hours each day for at least 2 weeks straight and note any changes that happen over time.

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Spend Enough time on Editing the Shoot

A photoshoot with a professional photographer can be stressful, but if you want to look like a pro and get amazing photos, there are some things you should know before walking into that studio. Make sure you and your photographer are on the same page by knowing what is expected of you when going into a shoot. Your job is to make it easy for your photographer and give them exactly what they’re looking for, so make sure not to change any of these expectations when working with someone new.


Now that you know what to expect, you’re ready to start shooting your own professional modeling portraits. It takes some time to get used to all of these details, but once you have them mastered and a few shoots under your belt, I promise it will become second nature. The best part about being a professional photographer is having enough experience so that each photoshoot becomes easier than the last; just don’t ever let yourself think it’s easy. Sure, not every session is going to go perfectly, but by following all of these steps from start to finish you can make sure each one is as good as it can be!

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