Fashion Queen Season 3: Royalty at Its Finest with OVM India Fashion

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No fashionista in India can deny that Kochi is the epicenter of high fashion. We have seen Kochi becoming the launch pad for some of India’s biggest and most influential models.

Availing of this opportunity, OVM India Fashion & UTSAV Modeling Company recently brought the stunning fashion world to Kochi for the third season of the Fashion Queen pageant show.

With its unique and exciting features, Fashion Queen has quickly become one of the state’s most sought-after fashion events. This year’s show included Kids Kingdom Season 3 and Mr. Kingdom Season 2, making it a diverse and inclusive event.

The show saw the participation of renowned judges, such as Anu John and Levin. Let us take you through the eventful journey of Fashion Queen Season 3.

Fashion Queen Season 3 – The Masterminds Behind It All

The masterminds behind this show were among some of the most respected and well-known names in today’s fashion and modeling industry. The event shows why they achieved such recognition. 

Here’s the team behind success

Show DirectorMathew PM
Event OrganisazorsOVM India Fashion & UTSAV Modeling Company 
Production TeamLezwan Events & production
MC (Master of Ceremonies)Siani Thomas
Hosts & AssistantsFarzana Basheer
Crown PartnerParakkat Jewellers
Gift PartnerCity Collections
Show ChoreographerVishak
Photography & VideographyRajeev (Utsav Photography) & Phinz
VenuePGS Vedhanda

The event was held at PGS Vedhanda on February 26th, 2023. It was directed by Mathew PM

The production team, led by Lezwan, worked tirelessly to create a spectacular show that wowed the audience. The ever-charming Siani hosted the event.

Age Limits for Each Event

CategoryAge Limit
Fashion Queen Season 3 (Miss)17-30 years
Fashion Queen Season 3 (Mrs)24-40 years
Mr. Kingdom Season 217-40 years
Kids Kingdom Season 3 (Junior)4-10 years
Kids Kingdom Season 3 (Senior)10-17 years

Fashion Queen Season 3 – Esteemed Judges

Season 3 promised to be the best yet, especially with the esteemed panel of judges that included some well-known names in their respective fields – from fashion icons to noted celebrities.

  • Anu John, a doctor, gave his valuable opinion on the fashion sense of the models.
  • Levin, a film actor, and writer, also served as a judge, bringing his creative eye and experience in the entertainment industry to the table.
  • Jessy, an international fashion designer, provided a unique perspective on fashion and design, having worked with various fashion houses worldwide.
  • Ameer Ali, a film director, added a touch of glamour to the judging panel, bringing his expertise in film and entertainment to the event.

Together, these judges helped evaluate the contestants’ designs and performances and provided valuable insights into the fashion industry.

Fashion Queen Season 3 – Benefits for Models

The Fashion Queen Season 3 offered various benefits to aspiring models looking to improve their modeling skills and advance their careers.

  • Runway Walking

Participants had the opportunity to learn the correct posture and body language while walking down the runway.

  • Model Poses

Participants received guidance on how to put forward the best poses while on the ramp and in front of the camera.

  • Choreography

Participants were taught the basics of choreography routines for professional runway modeling.

  • Grooming

Participants learned interpersonal skills, professional etiquette, and preparation tips for auditions.

  • Portfolio Shoots

Participants had access to a team of professionals to help them create stunning portfolios.

Fashion Queen, Kids and Mr. Kingdom  Winners

Fashion Queen Season 3 was an incredible event that showcased the best of fashion and talent in Kochi. We were impressed by the performances and the stunning gowns on display. 

One of the show’s highlights was the designer round, where the contestants showcased their favorite designer gowns in the “Miss” category. 

Miss Fashion Queen Winners

Winner  Anjali Yedhi
1st Runners UpKripa  Sivaraj
2nd Runners UpRudra Lekshmi

The contestants were all stunning, and it was a tough competition to judge. The show was elevated even more with the guest appearances of celebrities like Sheela Kurian & Wizakh.

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Mrs Fashion Queen Winners

Ultimately, the coveted Fashion Queen Season 3 title in the “Mrs” category went to Roslin Grace Mendez.

Winner  Roslin Grace Mendez
1st Runners UpAshwinin Nair
2nd Runners UpAnju

Mr Kigdom Winners

Winner  Vishnu PS
1st Runners UpAmal Balachandran 
2nd Runners UpNebu Vijayan

Kids Kingdom Senior winners

Winner  Daya Dilip
1st Runners UpAkshitha salin
2nd Runners UpNidha Fathima

Kids Kingdom Junior winner

Winner  Kalyani Ajay
1st Runners UpSuryakrishnan V R
2nd Runners UpAlamkritha
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