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What is Commercial Modeling?

Commercial modeling is a type of modeling that focuses on helping a business to market, sell or brand a product or service. It can be done for print ads, commercials, or other forms of advertising. There are different types of commercial photoshoots, A product, product usage, or corporate shoots can be considered a commercial shoot.

Commercial models are often seen wearing flashy clothes and makeup to promote the product they are trying to sell.

Well, commercial modeling may be an option if you want to get into the fashion industry but What do you need to get started?

Just some creativity and persistence!

Commercial models are in high demand because top companies hire them to promote their products or services to their desired audience.

Commercial models are required for campaign imagery, online product shots, billboards, TV advertisements, and product packaging for fashion, beauty, technology, and homeware; the list is endless, which means this type of model required is also vast.

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What do you need to get started as a Commercial Model?

  • Creativity: This is key! You’ll need to come up with fresh ideas and poses for each shoot. Be prepared to experiment.
  • Persistence: It won’t be easy – modeling is often feast or famine. One day you may have several jobs, and the next you may not book anything at all. Keep going even when times are tough.
  • Good looks: This one’s pretty obvious! Commercial clients want models who will sell their products or service well.
  • Marketing skills & tools: Marketing skills starting from your smile to your Instagram account, anything can help you land a project. More skills and tools you have better the opportunity.

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How to Become a Commercial Model

Commercial modeling is a career where competition is high, but if you have the look and personality that a client is looking for, it can be a very lucrative career.

Here are some must-to-do steps to become a commercial model:

  • Decide what kind of model you are
  • Understand the commercial shoots associated with your chosen type
  • Choose what kind of photo shoot you have to complete
  • Learn poses for the product, product usage, and corporate shoots
  • Create your portfolio to include the above shoots
  • Send your Commercial model portfolio to agencies and casting directors

Decide what kind of model you are

in order to become a commercial model, one must learn different kinds of modeling and select those that suit you.

Commercial models promote products in advertisements, catalogs, and other marketing materials. So as a commercial model, it is important to understand that your primary duty is to sell a service or product no matter what kind of photoshoot or what kind of modeling you have chosen for your career.

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Understand the commercial shoots associated with your chosen type

Once you have decided what type of model you are, it is important to understand the different types of shoots.

What kind of products will you be modeling for?

What is the target audience?

what mood or feeling do you want to evoke with your images? Once you know this information, it becomes a lot easier to select which photoshoots to include in your portfolio.

Let’s take the example of Lisa, a glamour model. Lisa might be comfortable with a lingerie shoot to sell an adult product, Where Devika who is a fashion model might feel uncomfortable. and Devika has to find opportunities and businesses accordingly.

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Choose the kind of photoshoot for your portfolio

There are many types of photo shoots that one can take part in as a commercial model; catalogs, lookbooks, online product shots, billboards, TV advertisements, etc. However not every model is suited for each type of shoot so it’s important that you choose wisely depending on your looks and personality.

When you are creating a portfolio to land commercial projects you should exactly know what business you are trying to approach and which product you can sell or market for them.

Plan your photo shoot with the same or similar product and show your skill in front of the camera.

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Learn poses for the product, product usage, and corporate shoots

Poses are a key element of commercial modeling. What you need to do is learn how to properly hold or use your products in front of the camera so that it looks appealing and attractive.

The best thing about learning new ways to pose with various products is that no matter what type of photography you decide on, later on, this skill will be useful. For example, if you decided to venture into fashion photoshoots then these skills can assist you there too!

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Create your portfolio with shots from different types of projects

In order for a casting director or agency, or representative to see how versatile an upcoming model is they usually ask them to provide a range of images showcasing their abilities by including lookbooks, catalogs, online product shots, billboards, TV advertisements, etc. This is why it’s important to have a diverse range of photoshoots in your portfolio when you’re applying for commercial modeling jobs.

If you are just starting out as a model or want to venture into the world of commercial modeling, then start by creating a basic modeling portfolio with images from different types of photoshoots; this could be anything from beauty products to corporate headshots. Once you have a strong foundation, then you can add more variety and style to your portfolio.

Submit your Commercial Modeling Portfolio to Agencies and Casting Directors

The final step in becoming a professional commercial model is submitting your modeling portfolio to agencies and casting directors who work in the industry. What you want to do is find reputable agencies and companies who are looking for models in your area, so that they can assess how well you fit what they’re looking for.

Once again there are many websites online which provide a list of ‘who’s hiring’ or who has open registrations with their website; it makes life much easier when trying to approach an agency directly with no prior connections.

Commercial modeling is something that anyone can take part in if they put in enough effort and research! It requires dedication but once you have honed these skills through practice, success will follow suit! Follow us on Instagram at

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