How to Start a Modeling Career for Male in India?

The glamorous world has fascinated women for centuries, but it is only recently that men have become interested in this glittering profession. If you aspire to be a male model and are confused about what to do, this article is for you.

In India, modeling for men is very similar to woman modeling. More people will choose the nude male model to show toner abs.

If you decide to pursue a modeling career in India, choose a top-notch modeling agency. Male models occupy a vital position in the Indian modeling industry. Being a model requires discipline, patience, and hard work. You have to prepare a plan and follow a strategy to stand out and attract attention. Here are some simple steps on how to become a model in India.

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Do not care how you will make you look even more attractive

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Get a fantastic portfolio.

An essential first step in starting your modeling career is to have a comprehensive and high-quality portfolio to showcase powerful ideas. Don’t let anyone take pictures with a cheap camera. Ask a professional photographer to take pictures to make it look good. Make sure you have an outstanding shot.

Hire a Reputable Agency

Having a well-known modeling agency to find an excellent job for you is an advantage. Experienced modeling agencies continually strive to find great opportunities for you; they can protect you from scammers. So always hire a reputable modeling agency.

Make yourself look better.

You should pay attention to your health, skin, and Body. Modeling is an art-obsessed industry, and there is no doubt that appearance is very important. Continue to eat healthy food, exercise, and remember that you are a worthy person. Drink water all day to replenish moisture, keep your skin soft, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Tips for new male model

Have you considered a modeling career but do not know where to start? Well, we have worked a lot for you – we’ve put together a list of tips on how to become a male model. These suggestions will point you in the right direction and help you reach these life goals even further.

Know your Body mass index

You need to know your BMI to maintain your weight and fitness. This is one of the main things in the modeling profession.

  • The male model’s ideal weight is also calculated based on BMI, but the usual expected range is 140-165 pounds.
  • A man who is a model has a significant advantage that women in this field do not have. Female models will not have a good chance at the age of 25 or 30, but even at the age of 50, men can continue to be successful in this field.
  • The measurements ​​also vary from person to person. The standard size is the typical 40 and the long 42. You need to contact a trainer who will tell you your body shape and the necessary measurements for your body shape.

Get Confident on Camera

Another trick to becoming a male model is to get used to being in front of the camera. It is normal to be nervous at first, but the more you practice, the more natural it will become in front of the camera.

Understand your angles.

The shape transcends the beauty of nature. You need to understand your angles and how to use them for photographers. No one has a 100% symmetrical face, so the model needs to practice in front of the mirror and understand effective methods.

Gain Exposure

It is nice to have a professional portfolio, but how do you find a job if you don’t have exposure? Today, many models are searched on Instagram and other social networking sites. Create a professional account other than your account, then start tagging your modeling agency in your posts.

Avoid fraud.

As a model, if you see a red mark, you need to identify it. Based on experience, if agents have to sign an annual fee with them, they may not be the best agents. Also, do not forget to record the contents of all payment contracts – the fashion industry is famous for people not getting paid properly.

Be Persistent

Some models can work immediately; some do not. The fact is that the result is unknown. The final secret to becoming a male model is to stay tough. Not being accepted the first time does not mean that it won’t be accepted the second, third or fourth time. A booming modeling industry requires thick skin and rewards for persistence.

Attend parties and events

Events and gatherings are real opportunities to keep in touch with people in the glamour world. Make sure to keep up with the latest events and gatherings. Try to create a contact to help you learn more about your profile.

Appear for Photo Shoots

Men who look in the mirror or click on the perfect photo are usually men who repeatedly practiced, stalked lots of photos, and provided body language, posture, and style. Therefore, be careful not to leave any leaf unturned.


Not everyone gets a modeling job the first day they rehearse or audition. You have to wait patiently in any situation. But this is a rewarding career, and you need to be willing to go through ups and downs. Success requires constant commitment and dedication.

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