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The # Time’s Up and #MeToo actions successfully convinced women in various fields to report sexual harassment. Even in glamour modeling and in Bollywood, some actresses talked about their encounters and admitted that casting couches is a problem that the Indian film industry needs to solve. India’s cultural background makes it hard for women to express their views on these issues. Victims’ attitudes towards society often make women reluctant to resist such crimes. But the actress bravely talked about their experiences on the casting couch, which is increasing its awareness.

Here are few actresses who spoke about their experiences of sexual harassment.

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Kalki Koechlin

Kalki can be said to be one of the best mixtures of Bollywood beauty and brain. She is known for expressing opinions. When questioned about the casting couch, she was uncontrollable and said: “When talking about the infamous casting couch, it exists. It did attempt and tangle me in its grip, but I always walk away in a disgusting moment! No matter how much a bad actor has experienced on the casting couch, he will never be able to get support. She remains a bad actor: “Casting couch is not the path to success for an ambitious actor.

Rakhi Sawant

The Bollywood item girl said: “Girls have been abused in the industry from the start, but now males in the industry are also facing this problem. It is sad to have to live in this Kali age.

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Priyanka Chopra

Yes, it is shocking! The fact that Priyanka Chopra is one of the highly paid movie celebrities in India. She has faced the problem of “abuse of power” in her career.

She revealed that she was also banned from participating in the film because someone else was suggested, in one of her interviews after registering for the film. It is an abuse of power. I cannot do anything about It, In her words. I have never been satisfied with the whims and fantasies of a capable person, so I was removed from many situations at the last minute. I only talk to colleagues and friends who respect me. “

Kangana Ranaut

Hot actress Kangana Ranaut went on an arduous trip to Bollywood. The Rangoon star had an abusive relationship with actor Aditya Pancholi, Before her big break. She alleged that Pancholi had physically abused her at the age of 17 and could get rid of oppressive relationships with much effort.

Even after that, the journey of success is not easy for the star. She encountered casting couches in the industry and even opposed them. Kangana Ranaut revealed in the movie “Tanu Weds Manu” that at the end of the audition, the group members asked for sex after the meeting.

Surveen Chawla

The “parched” actress said that she had never encountered a casting couch, but that was the case in the southern film industry. Speaking of her experience, she said: “In the Hindi film industry, I have never dealt with such a sneaky offer. Maybe I am brilliant about my dealings, and I am trying to prevent anyone from receiving the wrong signal. “I played an important role in the audition. This was a huge movie and a big director who doesn’t speak Hindi. You can trust the boldness of this man! The director called his friend, and he asked me to sleep with the director. The friend told me it would be only until the filming. I said, thank you, but no.”

Ellie Avram

Ellie Avram showed the cast, sexism, and persistent bullying in the industry. She said that she was told to lose weight, was short, and was told about her forehead and teeth. A girl related to Bollywood told her that she would never become an actress due to her short stature.

Not only that, but she also revealed that she is at the forefront of the casting couch. She attended several meetings, and most importantly, met two directors who waved her hand and scratched it with one of the fingers. When I asked a friend what this meant, he was shocked and said that he wanted to sleep with you.

Vidya Balan

When Vidya Balan made her debut in Parinita, the director asked her to go to her room, she talked about her casting couch experience. She said that when the director came to see her, he wanted to chat in his room.


From these disclosures, it is evident that the situation is gradually changing as the heroine opposes Bollywood’s sexual harassment. But for many mature female stars, Bollywood’s fraternity is as big as a small and intimate community, and accusations against famous producers, directors, or other actors can lead to alienation and quickly make your fame and fortune.

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