The Complete Guide to Bridal Modeling

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Bridal modeling, also known as bridal photography, is gaining popularity in the wedding world as more and more brides choose to have their weddings photographed instead of videotaped. This type of photography covers everything from the pre-wedding portraits taken by the photographer to the formals taken with the bride and groom, both families, and other members of the wedding party. To help you find out if this type of modeling is right for you, we’ve put together this complete guide to bridal modeling.

 What exactly is Bridal Modeling?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what bridal modeling is, so we thought it would be helpful to take a minute and clarify exactly what bridal modeling entails. To do that, let’s first figure out why some people call it bridal modeling instead of bridal photography. The word modeling implies that you will not only be posing for pictures in front of a camera but doing so in front of an audience too. So, when you think about it, bridal modeling encompasses more than just pictures: You are part actress and part model and all bride!

How can you get started as a bridal model?

If you like modeling and know people in your area who are interested in getting engaged, then it is time to consider bridal modeling. The great thing about being a bridal model is that it only requires one or two shoots per year. So if you have a busy schedule, being a bridal model might be just what you are looking for. You can even supplement your income with some of these part-time jobs.   Ask around at your favorite photographer’s studio. This is where most photographers start their models anyway so they should already have plenty of contacts they can refer you to. Ask them how much they charge and whether they offer any additional services such as hair styling, makeup application, etc. Also, ask them if there are any other requirements besides photography experience that you need to meet before they will hire you such as height or body type (you don’t want to waste time applying when they aren’t going to hire you).

Jobs of Bridal Modeling

Portrait Sessions (Weddings, Engagements, etc.) Artistic Portraits – these are often photos that help promote a specific cause or charity. In some cases they may be used as Christmas cards by an organization. Boudoir Sessions – This is not only for women who are getting married but more so for women who want some good photos of themselves before they get old and wrinkly. Engagement Shoots This is one of my favorite types of sessions. Couples love getting together with their friends or family and having silly fun taking funny photos. It’s like going to a mini party where everyone gets drunk on photo-booth pictures!

Working with agencies and clients

Agencies are a great place to start for finding clients for print and runway modeling. If you’re interested in commercial print work, including catalogs, magazines, billboards and promotional posters, check out modeling agencies in your area. These sorts of agencies have different rates than fashion-based modeling agencies and tend to accept walk-ins, meaning that you can go directly into an agency without having a personal recommendation from someone they know. Before you meet with an agency or model manager, ask what their rates are as well as any special conditions (i.e., expenses) associated with being represented by them. What kind of experience do they have? Do they specialize in certain industries or styles?

Being prepared for your job of Bridal Modeling

One of my passions is photography and I wanted to be a model since I was a child. In order for me to become an internationally known model, it took a lot of time, hard work, and practice. Before you even think about getting involved in modeling, make sure that you are ready for all of the changes that will occur. For example, if you plan on being recognized as a model then be prepared for everyone to know your name. Even though it may seem like fun now it might not always be so fun when everyone knows every little detail about your life and is constantly asking for autographs, but don’t let me scare you away from modeling just yet.


As you have seen, there are many different types of bridal modeling jobs. In addition, it is not necessary to be a professional model or entertainer. If you are looking for opportunities in bridal modeling, then your best bet is to get started on social media by creating a business page and sharing photos of yourself wearing wedding dresses. This will give people an idea of who you are and what type of job you are seeking! Good luck!

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