Why Are Fashion Retailers Still Neglecting Plus-Size Bodies?

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As we all know, the fashion industry is not as comprehensive as possible or should be. One area where the clothing industry lacks inclusiveness is the size range that clothing companies and stores provide to customers. Generally, the “normal” size for British women consists of sizes 6 to 16. Therefore, any size other than this “normal” size is considered plus size. The fashion industry is doing its best to be inclusive, presenting a series of small and large sizes as part of its collection, but this does not consistently achieve its goals.

Plus size modelling has swept the mountain as it has only just begun. Plus-size women now have both stylish and affordable options. There is an endless search behind the store looking for oversized shirts with no design or shape in the past. Women are now seen in varying proportions across all media, including film and television. But like all good things, there is room for improvement.

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Design problem

There are specific standards for the curvy figure. The dress sizes on the shelves of our favorite stores are designed to fit a tailored waist, full bust, and attractive buttocks. It did not consider the perfect and normal characteristics of large-size women, such as big belly, arms, thighs, and love handles.

There is an appreciation for brands tailoring to plus-size women, but there is minimal consistency. The dress design cannot be changed to fit the natural characteristics of the plus-size woman. It may also be necessary to increase the width of the dress, but it will increase in length depending on the size, regardless of the length.

Everyone is not the same, and the minor differences are not the place to criticize. People do not understand or don’t want to understand the different needs of an oversized body. It is frustrating that the same problem continues to occur with array brands. Finding a flexible brand is like locating a diamond in the rough.


Stocking problems

Some retailers maintain that the excuse they have yet to include plus sizes is financial. Stores and brands claim that it is more expensive to produce and stock of various sizes. Making full sizing is much more difficult. Create a sample size and evaluate it up and down. As you enter larger size and shape variations, you will need to create more patterns to do this. This takes more time and money. Similarly, dress no. 30 uses much more fabric than dress no. 4.

However, DaleSandro’s line ranges from small to 5X size and disagrees with this assessment and pointed out that this is just an excuse.

Dalesandro said: “I heard people say that the cost of an enlarged size championship is higher than a normal size.” “But as an independent distributor, if I can do it, they can, if I can 5 million dollars on an advertising campaign, then they can also. These are just excusing to hide their fatphobia.”

Online outlets are not enough.

There is not enough admiration for online fashion resources that offer women oversized fashion choices. Not only they go above and beyond to offer plenty of choices, but they also provide measurement assistance. However, online shopping is not the only option for curvy women. The idea of ​​walking into a store and picking up items off the shelves is much easier than waiting a week for the wrong item. After a while, the trek to drop off baggage at the post office became problematic.

What about within walking distance? These brands are by no means precise in execution, but the variety of size in the store is larger than other brands. Sometimes it will crop up, and it is not possible to order online. Every woman should have the opportunity to try a product and then check its suitability before buying.


Unfortunately, for many plus-size customers, there are still very few online stores open, and none of these stores can cater to the needs of these customers. However, due to increasingly fierce competition, excessive stocking, and complexity in the traditional retail environment, entering this market can offer significant benefits to move forward. The growth rate of plus-size clothing is much faster than that of general clothing. Ignoring this part is due to cultural norms. But the world has changed since the creation of these norms. More and more companies are starting to offer fashion products to this market. This market is one of the fastest-growing market segments. And now, when overall traffic goes down, people need to look for opportunities to increase sales.

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