There is a myth in the modeling world that there are more models than available jobs. That is not the case, especially for curve division. Reputable casting agents are looking for new faces with curvaceous figures to represent their spirit. Even if celebrities themselves continue to compete for jobs, there are many jobs to choose from. There are only a few plus-size supermodels, and even fewer are household names.

It is unacceptable, but on the brighter side, newcomers are willing to join the League of Legends. Unfortunately, the fashion and modeling industries continue to grow to embrace the plus-size sector. But change is coming.

Things to do

Following are two things you must work on to become a successful model:

Believe in yourself

If you believe you are as passionate and motivated, do not let fears get in your way. The truth is modeling is not an easy task. This requires effort, and disappointment is inevitable. Persistence and determination are the best way to get work in modeling.

Understand the requirements

The second is to understand the requirements. It does not matter how tired they may be. Fashion modeling still lags behind business opportunities, as curved models usually do not fit the size of the old school runway. Print work is becoming more versatile, and brands are increasingly becoming more body positive through their advertising campaigns

What are your options?

Jobs for plus-size models are given to those with the best skills. As with any profession, experience is essential, so if you want to know why you cannot find a job, it may be time to practice posture. Not everyone is found in the shopping mall and becomes a superstar. Building a high-quality portfolio and learning on the job is the best way to show your clients and agents your loyalty and motivation to your career.

If you do not want to dip your toes in the water to avoid rejection, do not be. Some options are often forgotten. A “model dream” is usually to make it part of a fashion runway, but other ways are just as effective. Business modeling is arguably the best modeling department. Consumers watch ads all day, every day. If you want to stand out, applying for a corporate job is a reliable way. Commercial work is not very strict with the model requirements.

Beauty is in the eye of the observer. Your look may be suitable for the Cotton On campaign, but not for Sportsgirl. When one door is closed, the other door opens, work. You will discover your niche and gain experience at the same time.

World is changing for plus-size modeling

Plus-size models are becoming popular in the modeling and fashion industry. Many high-end agent agencies now include a “curve” department on their websites. Some argue whether or not the plus model should be separated from the other models.

Australian model Stefania Ferrario created the hashtag “#DropThePlus” to integrate all modeling departments. “That’s a word I’m proud of. I think it sets me apart from other models and wanted to scream from the roof,” Lauren Chan said in an interview with Glamor magazine. It was.

“I was on the plus-size board at Ford Models with women like Candice Huffine and Ashley Graham, and I was damn delighted to have a label that grouped me with them.”

No matter what you think about the terminology, plus-size models are in demand. Their size does not limit their beauty. The idea they advocate is that women of any figure can be beautiful and fashionable. Well-known brands such as “Victoria’s Secret” have dug their heels in terms of diversification, while other brands are also welcoming plus-size models with open arms. Independent fashion boutiques and large online stores (such as The Iconic and ASOS) are leading the trend of providing high-quality clothing to curvy women.


The job of a great model is not as difficult as you might think. The industry has emerged since the Middle Ages and now has exponential value in the curve market. More opportunities require more models. The plus-size models have a lot of options – not all models are trendy, that is okay. The commercial department is a place to celebrate and share different forms. If you are completely devoted and passionate, do not forget to use your potential, there are many ways to walk through the door. Even the most famous supermodels have to start somewhere.

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