7 Ways for Actors to Get in Front of Casting Directors and Get Auditions

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Audition: as actors, we often wait, desire, and pray for them. Auditions are our lifeblood. They suggest getting in the front of a casting director, which means that getting a shot at a job, which means that a little greater coins within the bank account and now and again a badly wanted pat at the lower back and affirmation that we’re at the proper track and this isn’t all a pipe dream.

So what does that depart? You guessed it, precise old-style direct pitching, connecting, relationships, and advertising.

2021 update: stepping into the front of casting directors changed plenty in 2020; any audition that has been going on became ninety-nine% digital. Casting directors are no longer within the workplace to receive snail mail or drop-offs and many have gotten rid of office space altogether. I’m which includes a number of the “older methods” of connecting underneath, however have revised to mirror an extra cutting-edge climate.

1. Get Social

Please don’t groan, I recognize you that likely hate it, but it works! And social media is here to live. 2020 saw casting directors take to social media in record numbers. They are all individuals, who have spent their lives working in the arts and surrounded by people. They have got had entire careers running among crazy time limits and working with actors on an almost daily basis…. and that all at once ground to a halt. Like the rest folks, they wished for an outlet and nevertheless crave the human connection.

Instagram seems to be the fav platform, with many casting directors doing lives, going for walks contests, posting videos and directly viewing actors’ works, and being in touch with them. In case you’re now not on Instagram and actively following and connecting with casting administrators, you are lacking out.

Twitter is the close 2nd, even though I find it often has a political slant. Nonetheless, casting directors love to percentage updates whilst something they solid hit the screen, wins an award, or any other huge milestone. I discover that many also put up casting notices when they have a completely specific or difficult to forged function. Following casting administrators is an incredible way to keep on top of their careers or even find out about workshops and classes.

FB is within the ultimate place, however nonetheless very useful. Many casting directors hold their Fb profiles for buddies and own family handiest, however, there is nonetheless a range of who’s open to connecting this way. On Fb, soar into organizations – there are a ton of dealers, managers, and casting directors on there. Study this newsletter for 16 great Facebook organizations for Actors to connect, Meet Reps and discover paintings.

Sure, I’ve in my opinion booked conferences, auditions, and paintings from my social media connections. DO: comply with, have interaction, and bean in reality fascinated and thrilling person. DON’T: be a creepy stalker begging for work or inquiring for an unfastened career seek advice from or someone to study your substances….. Except it’s specially offered.

2. Self-put up

Long past is the days whilst you may sit around awaiting your dealers or manager to do the whole thing for you…. in case you are repped. In l. a., we as actors are constantly reminded that “we get 90% of the cash so we have to be doing 90% of the paintings.” ultimately, that is nevertheless your commercial enterprise, your profession, and your lifestyles. Leap on some of the webcasting sites and put up on something you sense you are honestly right for and is both going to pay you properly, provide you with awesome publicity or decent photos. The huge websites in other locations are as follows: Canada – Casting Workbook, Okay. – Highlight, Europe – e-Talenta.

3. Attend Workshops

There was a variety of controversy over casting director workshops in the previous few years, however, the bottom line is that they still paintings! This gives you some face-to-face time with casting administrators that may be hard to get another way. And howdy, those humans recognize an element or two about what it takes for actors to eBook work; trust what they have to say. Even as casting director workshops were historically provided in-individual, like the whole lot else they went virtual in 2020. At the same time as this does imply you could take a workshop with a casting director anywhere in the world, you continue to need to keep in mind wherein you are maximumly probable to be solid and on what sort of show.

4. Pitch/join every Week

Another element you possibly hate listening to humans say, but it’s true, this is a business, and ya gotta do the sales part. Take some ideas from the list above and pitch or as a minimum connect with some casting directors multiple instances per week. Do this each week, week in and week out, and like whatever else you’re steady in, you may in the end build momentum and your efforts pay off.

5. Send Postcards

Although this in large part went out the window in 2020, I’m still including it because postcards may be virtual, sent via email, or even posted on social media. Revealed postcards had been round because the sunrise of acting time, and yes have traditionally been very effective, so perhaps recollect an electronic option.

Postcards can take many extraordinary forms, from merely factual, to funny and interesting getting. If you assume they’re previous or don’t work, examine the flyers you continue to get for your bodily mailbox and inbox. big organizations wouldn’t preserve doing this if they didn’t sense there was a return on investment. And keep in mind this, in case you aren’t sending out some type of postcards, I’m able to guarantee you your competition is.

6. Do Drop-Offs

Observe: I’m best together with this now because it’s a remarkable story and can end up powerful if casting administrators ever go again to their offices, however at the time of this writing it isn’t powerful.

If you understand there’s a component which you’re proper for, for my part drop off your headshots and resume on the casting workplace and positioned a publish-It on it with the call of the position and element you need. Introduce yourself whilst you drop your packet off. Alternately, haven’t seen a CD in some time, or perhaps ever, do a short drop-off on the workplace and help them put an actual man or woman to the submission they receive from your agent.

7. Live positive and stay constant

Sure, at instances this could wear you down. however in case you preserve “sending out ships” so to talk, subsequently one or two of them goes to return rolling back in. continuously get in front of your “customers” – casting directors, producers, administrators, and writers. Careers are lengthy and the industry is smaller than you watched! This is a marathon, no longer a dash

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