Top 11 Modeling Agencies in Beverly Hills: Your Gateway to Glamour

Glamour, fame, elegance — words that resonate with Beverly Hills, the hub of fashion and entertainment. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, this glamorous neighborhood has long been synonymous with luxury and style. 

But what does it take to carve out a niche in this dazzling world? Talent, perseverance, and a touch of magic from the right modeling agency.

The path to modeling success begins with finding an agency that not only understands your unique potential but also knows how to guide you to stardom. In Beverly Hills, a place where dreams come true, you’ll find an array of agencies, each offering something extraordinary. 

Ready to discover the perfect fit? Let’s explore the top 10 modeling agencies in Beverly Hills.

Top 11 Modeling Agencies in Beverly Hills

  • Photo Want Modelling and Casting – Beverly Hills
  • Aston Models and Talent Los Angeles Agency
  • The Industry Model MGMT
  • Wilhelmina
  • DT Model Management
  • Next Model Management
  • STATE Management Los Angeles
  • Bounty Models
  • Model Mafia
  • Two Management
  • Luxe Fit Models

Photo Want Modelling and Casting – Beverly Hills

Nestled in the iconic locale of Beverly Hills, Photo Want stands out as both an avant-garde online magazine and an elite modeling agency. Immerse in the glamour and opulence that Beverly Hills is renowned for, our mandate is to scout and refine the area’s most promising modeling talents. With a network intricately woven through Beverly Hills’ glittering fashion and entertainment echelons, we are intent on pairing these dazzling talents with industry titans, enabling them to flourish amidst the palatial residences, luxurious boutiques, and the high-stakes fashion terrain of Beverly Hills. Our steadfast dedication to top-tier excellence and luxury branding positions us as Beverly Hills’ premier conduit for those aiming to ascend the modeling world’s zenith.


  • Beverly Hills Sophistication: Training sessions infused with the elegance and charm synonymous with Beverly Hills culture.
  • Luxury Fashion Curriculum: Tailored programs that embody the epitome of fashion and style unique to this prestigious enclave.
  • Portfolio Prestige: Expertise in curating portfolios that exude the Beverly Hills’ aura of luxury and exclusivity.
  • Media Glitz: Elevating our models through strategic engagements with Beverly Hills’ media moguls and entertainment giants.
  • Runway Glitter: Specialized training modules primed for Beverly Hills’ high-profile fashion shows and exclusive events.
  • High-End Personal Branding: Strategies to position models at the pinnacle of the Beverly Hills modeling echelon.
  • Glam Network: Immersive connections with the area’s top designers, iconic photographers, and event impresarios.
  • Golden Invites: Exclusive entry to Beverly Hills’ most sought-after fashion soirées and elite gatherings.
  • Digital Luxe: Techniques to engage with the discerning and affluent online audience of Beverly Hills.
  • Guidance from A-listers: Mentorship opportunities with the luminaries that shape and define Beverly Hills’ fashion and entertainment landscape.

Aston Models and Talent Los Angeles Agency

Offering a personalized approach, Aston Models stands out for its tailored attention to each model. Their commitment to nurturing and grooming talent has led to several success stories. Their services include:

  • Personalized Coaching: Tailor-made coaching sessions to hone individual strengths.
  • Brand Collaborations: Partnerships with high-end brands to offer unparalleled exposure.

The Industry Model MGMT

This agency thrives on creativity and innovation. They focus on contemporary fashion, offering their models opportunities to collaborate with cutting-edge designers.

  • Portfolio Development: Professionally curated portfolios that highlight the model’s unique aesthetic.
  • Fashion Show Opportunities: Regular participation in elite fashion events.


A global powerhouse, Wilhelmina has earned its reputation through a seamless blend of experience, networking, and diversity.

  • International Representation: A comprehensive network offering models the chance to work globally.
  • Diverse Opportunities: A broad spectrum of possibilities from runway to commercial modeling.

DT Model Management

DT Model Management focuses on luxury fashion and offers its models opportunities to work with top-tier brands and designers.

  • Exclusive Contracts: Opportunities to land exclusive contracts with renowned fashion houses.
  • Grooming Workshops: Regular workshops to develop essential modeling skills.

Next Model Management

Next Model Management’s modern approach to talent management has made them a sought-after name in the industry.

  • Career Development: Guided career planning and management for a structured growth path.
  • Global Exposure: Opportunities to work with international brands and designers.

STATE Management Los Angeles

They’re all about creating stories and building lasting connections. STATE’s distinct approach ensures each model gets the spotlight they deserve.

  • Story Building: Crafting personal brand stories for higher engagement.
  • Community Engagement: Building strong relationships within the industry.

Bounty Models

Bounty Models is known for its ethical practices and transparent approach, making them a reliable partner in a competitive industry.

  • Ethical Representation: Strong emphasis on fair treatment and open communication.
  • Versatile Opportunities: Diverse modeling opportunities across various platforms.

Model Mafia

A trendy and dynamic agency, Model Mafia’s vibrant energy attracts young and aspirational models looking to make a splash.

  • Youth-Oriented Approach: Special focus on grooming young talents.
  • Creative Campaigns: Collaboration with innovative artists and designers.

Two Management

Two Management is about balance and harmony, ensuring a rounded modeling approach that includes well-being and personal growth.

  • Wellness Programs: Comprehensive wellness and personal development plans.
  • Brand Building: Strategic brand-building exercises for individual growth.

Luxe Fit Models

Specializing in fitness modeling, Luxe Fit Models stands out for its focus on athleticism, health, and wellness, offering unique opportunities.

  • Fitness Modeling Opportunities: Collaborations with top fitness brands.
  • Health and Wellness Guidance: Personalized fitness and wellness programs for models.

How to Choose the Right Agency in Beverly Hills

Selecting the right agency is not just about glitz and glamour; it’s about finding a partner who will be instrumental in shaping your career. Here are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Know Your Niche

Beverly Hills offers a plethora of opportunities. From high-fashion runway shows to commercial modeling, understanding your strengths and interests can help you align with an agency specializing in your area.

  1. Research Thoroughly

Take the time to research each agency, read testimonials, and look into their portfolio of models. Understanding their values, ethics, and success stories can give you a clear picture of what to expect.

  1. Consider the Location

Beverly Hills is home to celebrities, fashion, and top-end brands. Aligning with an agency with strong connections within this locale could mean more high-profile opportunities.

  1. Seek Professional Guidance

If possible, consult with industry insiders, mentors, or experienced models who have worked in Beverly Hills. Their insights and experiences can provide valuable guidance.


Modeling in Beverly Hills is more than just beautiful clothes and stunning locations. It’s about aligning with an agency that understands your unique talent, offers the right opportunities, and guides you toward success.

The top 11 agencies in this article have unique offerings, cultures, and opportunities. Whether you’re looking for high-fashion opportunities with agencies like Wilhelmina or fitness-oriented paths with Luxe Fit Models, there’s an agency for everyone in Beverly Hills.

Your journey to success begins with the first step, which is finding the right agency. Follow your heart, trust your instincts, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Your dreams are within reach, and Beverly Hills might just be where they come true.

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