Unveiling the Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kolkata

Kolkata, often called the “City of Joy,” is India’s cultural and artistic heart. Known for its rich heritage, literary works, and flourishing arts, this vibrant city is also a thriving hub for the fashion and modeling industry. The modeling industry in Kolkata is dynamic, offering a wide array of opportunities for fresh talents. 

Whether you are an aspiring model or an established one seeking a fresh perspective, the City of Joy has something to offer.

So, what are the top 10 modeling agencies that stand out in Kolkata’s bustling fashion scene? Let’s find the gems that can be the key to your modeling success.

Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kolkata

  • Photo Want Modelling and Casting
  • Icons
  • Lebbo Model Agency
  • Agency the Capture
  • Elite Model Academy
  • Kings India
  • Indian Model Management
  • Aura Indie
  • Citadel Modelling & Casting
  • SBMI Modeling Agency

Photo Want Modelling and Casting

Anchored in the cultural epicenter of Kolkata, Photo Want emerges as both a progressive online magazine and an eminent fashion modeling agency. Imbued with Kolkata’s rich artistic heritage and its evolving fashion panorama, our goal is to discover and cultivate the city’s upcoming fashion visionaries. With a lattice of connections deeply embedded in Kolkata’s vibrant fashion and entertainment spheres, we endeavor to synchronize these fresh talents with the industry’s stalwarts, enabling them to shine against the tapestry of Kolkata’s iconic landmarks, literature-infused streets, and dynamic fashion narrative. Our unwavering dedication to supreme excellence positions us as Kolkata’s leading beacon for those ardently desiring to sculpt a path in the fashion modeling arena.


  • City of Joy Training: Sessions designed to reflect Kolkata’s unique blend of tradition and contemporary fashion dynamism.
  • Kolkata-Inspired Curriculum: A program interwoven with the city’s rich arts, literature, and fashion lineages.
  • Portfolio Crafting: Expertise in shaping portfolios that echo the elegance and vibrancy of Kolkata’s style ethos.
  • Media Engagements: Elevating our models through strategic ties with Kolkata’s leading media and entertainment houses.
  • Runway Nuances: Modules honed to the distinctive tastes and sensibilities of Kolkata’s fashion-conscious populace.
  • Distinctive Branding: Guiding models to cultivate a signature presence in Kolkata’s intricate fashion tapestry.
  • Bengali Renaissance Connections: Linking models to Kolkata’s fashion luminaries, revered photographers, and event maestros.
  • Entry to Elite Gatherings: Access to Kolkata’s most prestigious fashion events and cultural soirées.
  • Digital Aesthetics: Strategies to resonate with the passionate and discerning online audience of Kolkata.
  • Guidance from Legends: Connecting aspirants with the seasoned pillars of Kolkata’s fashion world for unmatched mentorship and wisdom.


ICONS is an example of excellence, known for its commitment to nurturing new talent. Emphasizing authenticity and individuality, they help models create their unique brand and carve out a niche in the industry.

  • Tailoring Success: Customized plans for each model to shine.
  • Embracing Individuality: Your uniqueness is your strength.
  • Pioneering Excellence: A history of success in the industry.

Lebbo Model Agency

Lebbo Model Agency is known for its sophistication and professionalism. They focus on maintaining a stellar reputation by connecting models with top-notch designers and leading fashion events.

  • Elegance Personified: Sophistication is their signature.
  • High-end Connections: Linking models with renowned designers.
  • Runway Success: Regular participation in major fashion events.

Agency the Capture

Agency the Capture is all about creativity and innovation. They foster a collaborative environment, working with photographers, makeup artists, and stylists to craft a holistic modeling experience.

  • Creative Collaboration: Artists and models working hand-in-hand.
  • Innovation at Its Best: Fresh approaches to modeling and style.
  • A Platform for All: Catering to various modeling disciplines.

Elite Model Academy

Elite Model Academy is the heart of modeling education in Kolkata. They don’t just build models; they develop careers. Their extensive training programs guide you through every step of your modeling journey.

  • Education First: Comprehensive modeling courses.
  • Career Building: Guidance in every step of your journey.
  • Expert Mentoring: Learn from the industry’s best.

Kings India

Kings India is a home for the royalty of modeling. They offer exclusive opportunities and maintain high standards, ensuring their models are always prepared to grace the most glamorous stages.

  • Royal Treatment: Exclusive opportunities for their models.
  • High Standards: Meticulous grooming and preparation.
  • Glamour Redefined: A taste of the royal modeling experience.

Indian Model Management

Indian Model Management transcends the typical agency approach, providing a nurturing platform where models can grow and thrive. With a strong network and an emphasis on core values, they empower their talents to reach new heights.

  • Value-Driven Approach: Ethical practices at the forefront.
  • Strong Networking: Connections across the modeling world.
  • Empowering Models: Guidance and support for career growth.

Aura Indie

Aura Indie resonates with the soul of Kolkata, reflecting its artistic spirit. They embrace diverse talents and provide a platform for aspiring models to connect with authentic Indian aesthetics.

  • Artistic Endeavors: Collaborations with artists and designers.
  • Cultural Connection: Tapping into India’s rich heritage.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Welcoming models of all backgrounds.


BENGAL IT is the digital powerhouse in the modeling scene of Kolkata. They combine technology with creativity, offering innovative solutions for models to expand their digital presence and reach.

  • Digital Savvy: Technology meets creativity.
  • Innovative Solutions: Modern approaches for modeling success.
  • Global Reach: Expanding your presence beyond boundaries.

Citadel Modelling & Casting

Citadel Modelling & Casting is where dreams meet reality. Their extensive casting calls and exceptional management practices make them a go-to agency for those seeking to make a mark in modeling and acting.

  • Casting Excellence: Opportunities in modeling and acting.
  • Exceptional Management: Professional guidance at every stage.
  • Dreams to Reality: Your goals, their mission.

SBMI Modeling Agency

SBMI Modeling Agency is a hidden gem in Kolkata’s modeling scene. They focus on discovering and cultivating fresh talents, guiding them through the complex labyrinth of the fashion world.

  • Talent Discovery: Finding the stars of tomorrow.
  • Cultivating Success: Nurturing talents into professionals.
  • Guided Journey: Personalized assistance in your modeling career.

How to Choose the Perfect Modeling Agency

With an array of options, selecting the perfect modeling agency requires careful consideration and research. Here are some factors to bear in mind while navigating the maze of agencies:

  1. Specialization and Niche

Different agencies cater to different niches within the modeling industry. Some focus on high fashion and runway, while others excel in commercial modeling, fitness, or character roles. Choose an agency that specializes in your niche.

  1. Reputation and Track Record

Research an agency’s history. How many successful careers have they launched? Have they worked with reputable brands and designers? Their track record can be a telling sign of their credibility.

  1. Diversity and Inclusivity

The industry is evolving, demanding greater diversity and inclusivity. Opt for an agency that embraces models of all backgrounds, sizes, and identities. This reflects the changing industry landscape and ensures you’re in a supportive environment.

  1. Personalized Attention

Consider the level of personalized attention an agency offers. Are they invested in your growth and development as a model? Agencies that prioritize individualized guidance and coaching can significantly enhance your career trajectory.

  1. Transparency and Contracts

Study agency contracts carefully. Ensure that the terms are transparent and fair. Be cautious of agencies that demand exorbitant fees upfront or make promises that sound too good.

  1. Industry Connections

An agency’s network and industry connections can be pivotal in your career. Agencies with strong relationships with renowned designers, photographers, and brands can provide you with valuable exposure and opportunities.


Kolkata’s modeling industry is as diverse and colorful as the city itself. Choosing the right agency could be your first step toward a dazzling modeling career. Be it the elegance of Lebbo Model Agency or the comprehensive education at Elite Model Academy, these top 10 agencies in Kolkata provide the platforms, connections, and guidance needed to launch successful careers.

Remember, your path in modeling is a reflection of your passion, determination, and uniqueness. You can turn the City of Joy into your own runway of dreams with the right agency. It’s not just about the glamour; it’s about embracing your true self and letting it shine on the world’s stage. 

Are you ready to take that step? Your time under the spotlight awaits.

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