Top 11 Modeling Agencies in Pune: A Pathway to the Limelight

Pune, known for its rich culture and educational hub, is also making waves in the glamorous world of modeling. With a thriving fashion scene and the emergence of new talent, the city offers an array of modeling agencies ready to groom the next top model. 

The question echoing in the minds of aspiring models is, “Where do I find the right agency to launch my career in Pune?”

Let’s enter the world of glamour as we guide you through the top 10 modeling agencies in Pune. Each agency represents a unique approach, providing opportunities and support for various modeling aspirations. 

Your dream runway awaits, and here’s where you can take your first step.

Top 11 Modeling Agencies in Pune

Pune is filled with incredible opportunities within fashion and modeling, and for those just beginning, it’s crucial to find the right agency. To help you out, here’s a list of the top 10 modeling agencies in Pune.

  • Photo Want Modelling and Casting
  • Blink Online Modelling Agency
  • AAY India
  • The Glamour – School of Modelling & Pageant Training
  • Modellado Studio
  • The Montelo Fashion & Modeling Institute
  • RedCarpet Productions
  • Confidence & Crowns
  • Miss Maharashtra
  • FashionTV Talents Pune
  • Casting Nebula – Digital Casting Agency

Photo Want Modelling and Casting

Situated amidst the bustling urban landscapes of Pune, Photo Want masterfully juggles its identity as a top-tier online magazine and a premier modeling agency. Passionate about identifying raw, uncharted talent, our mission is to nurture and foster the growth of emerging models. Our expansive network ensures that aspirants seamlessly intertwine with industry elites, allowing their aspirations to soar in Pune’s contemporary hubs, lush green locales, and dynamic cultural milieu. Our unwavering dedication to quality and excellence cements our standing as the preferred agency for individuals seeking to etch a notable presence in the modeling realm.


  • Personality Development: Crafting poised and confident individuals ready to take on the global stage.
  • Academic Curriculum: A comprehensive program, merging theory with practice, to create well-rounded models.
  • Multi-Talent Platform: Providing avenues for talents across acting, singing, and dancing, expanding horizons for our models.
  • Media Exposure: Ensuring our talents receive the spotlight through strategic media placements and partnerships.
  • Celebrity Management: Meticulous management services tailored for high-profile clients, ensuring their brand remains pristine.
  • Event Management Opportunities: Offering hands-on experience in event planning and execution, adding depth to a model’s portfolio.
  • Portfolio Creation: Assisting in crafting a top-notch portfolio, a pivotal tool in the modeling sphere.
  • International Outreach: Opening doors to global opportunities through our international affiliations and partnerships.
  • Runway Training: Preparing models for the catwalk with expert guidance and real-world exposure.
  • Digital Promotion: Harnessing the power of digital media to enhance visibility and create a substantial online presence.

Blink Online Modelling Agency

Blink Online Modelling Agency leverages online platforms to build successful modeling careers. It’s where digital media meets high fashion.


  • Virtual Castings: Access to online castings and auditions.
  • Digital Portfolio Management: Expert guidance on maintaining an online presence.
  • Social Media Promotions: Strategic promotion on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Exclusive Partnerships: Collaboration with leading e-commerce brands.

Why Choose Blink Online Modelling Agency?
If you’re tech-savvy and wish to blend traditional modeling with an online presence, Blink is your gateway to digital success.

The Glamour – School of Modelling & Pageant Training

The Glamour is a prestigious school offering modeling training and pageant preparation. It’s not just an agency; it’s an institution for excellence.


  • Comprehensive Training Courses: From catwalk techniques to makeup artistry.
  • Pageant Preparation: Specialized training for various beauty pageants.
  • Personal Development: Focus on communication skills and personality grooming.
  • Renowned Faculty: Learn from experienced professionals in the industry.

Why Choose The Glamour?
If you aspire to excel in modeling and pageants, The Glamour’s holistic approach could be your ideal platform.

AAY India

AAY India is not merely an agency but a creative powerhouse. If you seek to become part of innovative projects and high-end fashion shows, AAY is your place.


  • Creative Projects: Engage in unique and artistic modeling assignments.
  • Global Exposure: Opportunities to work with international designers.
  • Customized Training: Tailored programs to match individual talents.
  • Fashion Show Involvement: Regular participation in leading fashion events.

Why Choose AAY India?
For those who envision modeling as an art form and want to engage in creative projects, AAY India opens doors to a world of innovation.

Modellado Studio

Modellado Studio is renowned for recognizing raw talent and transforming it into professional success. It’s a place where dreams take flight.


  • Talent Scouting: Regular talent hunts to discover fresh faces.
  • Intensive Workshops: Workshops conducted by industry experts.
  • Portfolio Management: Professional guidance on building a strong portfolio.
  • Client Connections: Network with top fashion brands and designers.

Why Choose Modellado Studio?
If you’re an undiscovered talent waiting for the right opportunity, Modellado Studio might be your launchpad to stardom.

The Montelo Fashion & Modeling Institute

The Montelo Fashion & Modeling Institute offers an educational pathway to modeling. It’s a convergence of academics and high fashion.


  • Certified Courses: Recognized courses in modeling and fashion design.
  • Internship Opportunities: Provides hands-on experience with leading brands.
  • Career Counseling: Guidance on various career paths within the fashion industry.
  • Global Network: Connections with international institutes and designers.

Why Choose The Montelo Fashion & Modeling Institute?
If you seek a structured educational approach to modeling, The Montelo Institute provides the curriculum and connections to succeed.

RedCarpet Productions

RedCarpet Productions is synonymous with luxury and grandeur. If you aspire to be part of high-profile events and elite fashion shows, RedCarpet awaits.


  • Luxury Brand Collaborations: Exclusive partnerships with luxury brands.
  • High-Profile Events: Regular involvement in prestigious fashion shows.
  • Media Exposure: Opportunities for media interviews and magazine features.
  • Celebrity Networking: Connections with celebrities and top designers.

Why Choose RedCarpet Productions?
If you’re drawn to the allure of luxury and wish to make a mark among the elites, RedCarpet Productions could be your pathway to glamour.

Confidence & Crowns

Confidence & Crowns is focused on building self-assured models, empowering them to wear their crowns proudly. It’s a haven for personal growth and empowerment.


  • Empowerment Workshops: Programs focused on self-confidence and personal growth.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Modeling opportunities across various sectors.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages participation in social causes and awareness.
  • Success Mentoring: Personalized mentoring for sustained success.

Why Choose Confidence & Crowns?
If personal empowerment and community involvement resonate with you, Confidence & Crowns provides a thriving environment.

Miss Maharashtra

Miss Maharashtra is more than an agency; it celebrates cultural richness and contemporary elegance. If you take pride in your roots and aspire to represent Maharashtra on global platforms, this agency is your home.


  • Cultural Representations: Engages in campaigns that reflect Maharashtrian culture.
  • Statewide Pageants: Organizes and trains for state-level beauty competitions.
  • Traditional & Modern Balance: Encourages a blend of conventional wear and modern fashion.
  • Community Outreach: Active involvement in cultural and community events.

Why Choose Miss Maharashtra?
If your heart beats for the traditions of Maharashtra and you wish to represent this beautiful blend of culture, Miss Maharashtra could be your perfect match.

FashionTV Talents Pune

FashionTV Talents Pune, associated with the globally acclaimed FashionTV, offers an unparalleled platform for those aiming for international stardom. It’s where local talent meets global opportunities.


  • International Exposure: Opportunities to work with international designers and brands.
  • Television Appearances: Regular appearances on FashionTV.
  • Fashion Events: Participation in international fashion shows and events.
  • Elite Networking: Connecting with celebrities, supermodels, and global influencers.

Why Choose FashionTV Talents Pune?
If you envision yourself walking international runways and shining under global spotlights, FashionTV Talents Pune could make your dreams come true.

Casting Nebula – Digital Casting Agency

Casting Nebula is a specialized digital casting agency, pioneering in connecting models with online and digital media opportunities. It’s a star in the digital galaxy of modeling.


  • Digital Castings & Auditions: Wide access to online opportunities.
  • E-Commerce Collaborations: Regular collaboration with top online brands.
  • Social Media Growth: Strategic growth and maintenance of online profiles.
  • Online Workshops: Virtual training and development sessions.

Why Choose Casting Nebula?
If you’re tech-driven and want to explore the digital realm of modeling, Casting Nebula offers a galaxy of opportunities.


As we have seen, Pune has a plethora of high-quality modeling agencies to work with. Whether for magazine covers, television commercials, or fashion shows, these agencies will help bring your visions to life. All that remains is choosing the best agency for your career goals and desires. Good luck on this exciting journey.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and stay positive while pursuing your dreams. After all, different paths lead us toward our desired goals – you need to find yours.

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