A Detailed Insight on Fashion Designer Salary in India

Dreaming about making a career in fashion design? Ever wondered how much money fashion designers make in India? Well, if this is the kind of question that has been on your mind till now, then it’s time for you to find out more about the average salary of Fashion Designers in India. 

We have experts who can guide us through the current trends and offer their valuable opinion about the average pay scale for fashion design professionals currently prevailing in the Indian market. 

So stay tuned with us to get an answer to your curious questions.

Fashion Designer Salary in India: Expert Opinion

The Indian fashion industry reflects a vibrant combination of culture and innovation. A fascinating profession within this world is a fashion designer – the idealistic person who breathes life into the fabrics. 

While creativity, glamour, and fame might attract many to this field, a question is often asked – how much does a fashion designer earn in India?

It varies based on many factors – experience, skills, location, employer, and not to mention, the designer’s own creativity and reputation. Let’s explore it more, providing you with an expert’s insight into the salaries of fashion designers in India.

1. Beginner’s Journey: Entry-Level Fashion Designer Salary

Every master was once a beginner, and the fashion industry is no different:

  • Starting Salary: A fresher in the field of fashion design can expect an annual salary ranging between INR 2-4 lakhs.
  • Influencing Factors: Your starting salary can be affected by the reputation of your design school, the quality of your portfolio, and your internship experience.

2. The Mid-Way: Salary of Experienced Fashion Designers

As you gain experience, your earnings as a fashion designer are likely to increase:

  • Average Salary: After gaining about 5-10 years of experience, fashion designers can earn anywhere between INR 5-12 lakhs per annum.
  • Influencing Factors: The salary increase comes with enhanced skills, design proficiency, and a stronger portfolio.

3. The Pyramid’s Top: Salary of Senior Fashion Designers

Senior fashion designers who’ve made a mark in the industry can command high salaries:

  • Potential Earnings: Senior designers, particularly those with a renowned brand or a substantial client base, can earn over INR 15 lakhs annually. Some top designers even make crores, depending on their market reputation and demand.
  • Influencing Factors: High-end salaries are generally a result of years of experience, a strong brand identity, successful collections, and a loyal clientele.

4. Regional Salary Differences

The location of your work can significantly impact your earnings:

  • Metropolitan Cities: Designers working in fashion hubs like Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore typically earn higher salaries due to the vast opportunities and higher cost of living.
  • Other Cities: In other cities, salaries might be comparatively lower, but these regions also often offer lower living expenses.

5. Freelance Designer Salary

For those who value flexibility, freelancing can be a viable path:

  • Earnings: Freelance fashion designers in India charge based on the project. Their annual revenues can vary greatly, depending on the number and scale of projects they undertake.
  • Influencing Factors: Reputation, quality of work, and networking skills can significantly impact a freelancer’s income.

6. Fashion Entrepreneur Salary

Entrepreneurship in the fashion industry opens up unlimited earning potential:

  • Earnings: As an entrepreneur, your income will depend on the success of your business. It could start from a modest figure and grow into lakhs or even crores over time.
  • Influencing Factors: Business skills, market demand, branding, and customer satisfaction are key factors that influence the income of a fashion entrepreneur.

7. Role of Educational Qualifications

The academic background can play a part in the salary package:

  • Design School Reputation: Graduates from reputed fashion schools often get better starting salaries due to the school’s strong industry connections and placement opportunities.
  • Specializations: Designers with specialized skills or training in areas like couture, textile design, or accessory design may get higher salaries.

8. Brand Affiliation

Working for established brands often comes with a higher paycheck:

  • High-End Brands: Designers working with luxury or high-end brands typically earn more due to the brand’s market positioning and clientele.
  • Retail Brands: Those employed by retail brands may earn a somewhat lesser salary, but these positions often offer more stability.

9. The Reality of Internships

Internships are crucial stepping stones in a designer’s journey, but they may not always be high-paying:

  • Internship Earnings: Many internships in the fashion industry are unpaid or offer a nominal stipend. However, the real value lies in the industry exposure, practical experience, and networking opportunities they provide.
  • Long-term Benefit: Internship experience can significantly influence your initial job offers and salary packages.

10. Celebrity Fashion Designer Salary

Designers to the stars often enjoy a high income, reflecting their high-profile clientele:

  • Potential Earnings: Celebrity fashion designers, who have built a reputation and client base among the rich and famous, can earn anywhere from tens of lakhs to several crores annually.
  • Influencing Factors: This level of earning usually comes with years of experience, exceptional designing skills, and a strong network in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Expert Advice on Increasing the Earnings

While the figures and factors discussed offer an insight into a fashion designer’s salary in India, it’s important to remember that various other factors can influence your income. Here’s some expert advice on how to enhance your earnings as a fashion designer:

  • Focus on Skill Development: Keep improving your design skills. The fashion industry values creativity and uniqueness. The more skilled you are, the higher salary you can command.
  • Networking: Building a strong professional network can open up more opportunities, leading to higher income.
  • Keep Learning: The fashion industry is dynamic. You can increase your market value by continuously updating your knowledge and staying on top of trends.
  • Brand Building: If you plan to start your own label, focus on brand building. A strong brand identity can help you command higher prices for your designs.
  • Client Satisfaction: Whether you work in a brand or run your own label, client satisfaction is vital. Happy clients bring in more business and can help you justify higher prices.


Fashion design is as much about passion and creativity as it is about earnings. As you start this vibrant journey, remember that the path may be challenging and the industry is competitive. 

But with talent, determination, and the right strategies, you can create a niche for yourself in this industry and earn a lucrative salary that reflects your skills and contribution.

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