10 Malayalam Instagrammers You Need To Follow in 2023

Fashion model
Fashion model

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. With its ever-evolving collection of features, it has gained millions of users both from India and abroad. But many don’t know that some amazing Mallu Instagrammers are coming out from Kerala. 

If you’re looking for creative, inspiring posts, these talented Mallu Instgrammers should be your go-to influencers. This blog enlists 10 Mallu Instagrammers who you need to follow in 2023. So get ready for a flood of aesthetically pleasing pictures and thoughtful captions.

10 Mallu Instagrammers You Need To Follow in 2023

Undoubtedly, Instagram has become a platform where talented individuals captivate and inspire millions. Some notable personalities have shone brightly, winning hearts and forging a deep connection with their audience. 

Let’s explore the enchanting world of these top ten Instagrammers from Kerala, fondly known as ‘Mallus’, who have truly understood the art of digital storytelling.

  1. Saniya Iyappan (@_saniya_iyappan_)
  • The Performing Prodigy: Saniya Iyappan, a famous actress and dancer, enjoys a massive following of 2.7 million people. Her captivating posts blend her professional commitments, personal moments, and delightful dance performances.
  • Why Follow? If you’re captivated by cinema and dance, Saniya’s Instagram handle is a must-follow. Her energetic dance routines and snippets from her film sets are a delight to watch.
  1. Pearle Maaney (@pearlemaany)
  • The Multi-talented Enthusiast: Pearle Maaney, with her 3.7 million followers, is a top Instagram influencer. An actress, television host, and video jockey, her feed reflects her vibrant personality and many talents.
  • Why Follow? For those who admire diverse talent and enjoy rich content, Pearle’s Instagram is a treasure box of engaging posts that include various aspects of her life and career.
  1. Priya Varrier (@priya.p.varrier)
  • The Internet Sensation: Priya Varrier, who rose to fame as the ‘wink girl’, boasts an impressive 7.5 million followers. Her feed is a delightful mix of her on-screen appearances, photoshoots, and everyday moments.
  • Why Follow? If you’re a fan of Priya’s charming on-screen persona or simply enjoy cinematic content, her Instagram account is worth following.
  1. Ahaana Krishna (@ahaana_krishna)
  • The Artful Actress: Ahaana Krishna, with 2.7 million followers, is an accomplished actress whose Instagram feed is filled with cinematic moments, artistic pursuits, and glimpses into her life.
  • Why Follow? Ahaana’s page is perfect for cinema enthusiasts and those who appreciate artful content combined with personal insights.
  1. Noorin Shereef (@noorin_shereef_)
  • The Dancing Diva: Noorin Shereef, a well-known actress and dancer with 3.2 million followers, uses her platform to share breathtaking dance videos, acting moments, and personal experiences.
  • Why Follow? Noorin’s page offers a delightful blend of her dance routines and behind-the-scenes moments from her acting career, making it a must-follow for fans of dance and cinema.
  1. Neeraj Madhav (@neeraj_madhav)
  • The Artistic All-rounder: Neeraj Madhav, with 2.3 million followers, is an actor, dancer, and scriptwriter. His Instagram showcases his multi-talented nature through engaging posts from his various artistic pursuits.
  • Why Follow? Neeraj’s page is a one-stop destination for performing arts fans, offering a fascinating peek into his life as an artist.
  1. Nyla Usha (@nyla_usha)
  • The Radio Queen Turned Actress: Nyla Usha, with her 1.7 million followers, is a famous radio jockey and actress. Her Instagram feed provides a peek into her professional journeys, personal experiences, and philanthropic activities.
  • Why Follow? Nyla’s page offers a rich mix of her professional life and personal adventures, perfect for those who enjoy lifestyle content mixed with a touch of glamour. 
  1. Anarkali Marikar (@anarkalimarikar)
  • The Fashion Forward Actress: Anarkali Marikar, with 1.2 million followers, is an actress and fashion enthusiast. Her Instagram feed showcases her eclectic fashion sense, lifestyle snippets, and memorable moments from her acting career.
  • Why Follow? Anarkali’s Instagram handle is a must-follow for fashion lovers and those who appreciate the blend of style with a slice of reel life.
  1. Hansika Krishna (@hansikakrishna_)
  • The Rising Starlet: Hansika Krishna, with over 810.6k followers, is carving out her own place in the digital world. Her feed is filled with personal experiences, fashion statements, and cherished moments that reflect her youthful spirit.
  • Why Follow? Hansika’s page is perfect for those who enjoy lifestyle content, fashion tips, and glimpses into the life of a rising star.
  1. Diya (@_diyakrishna_)
  • The Young Trendsetter: Diya, with her million-strong followers, is a budding social media influencer. Her posts range from trendy fashion statements to cherished personal moments, painting a colorful picture of her life.
  • Why Follow? If you’re interested in fashion trends and lifestyle content and enjoy following young influencers, Diya’s Instagram page offers a charming blend of all these elements.


Through their compelling content and vibrant personalities, these Instagrammers have managed to create a virtual space that echoes the essence of Kerala and resonates with millions of followers globally. 

Their accounts are engaging, inspiring, and relatable testament to social media’s power in shaping our digital narratives. 

These Instagrammers are genuine stars in their own right, painting a vivid picture of Kerala’s culture, style, and talent. Don’t forget to follow them and add a touch of ‘Mallu’ charm to your Instagram feed.

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