What To Post On Instagram Without Having A Product To Sell

By Neeraj
March 26, 2020
Fashion model

Instagram can be a great platform to showcase your work and share your life with others. Unfortunately, it also comes with the pressure to keep up an interesting page – especially if you don’t have a product or service. It becomes increasingly difficult to develop creative content ideas and post regularly when no financial reward is involved. 

But there are plenty of ideas for what to post without having a product to sell on Instagram, which will keep your followers engaged and excited. This blog post will walk through all these strategies so that you need not worry about coming up short of posting on Instagram ever again.

Let’s get started.

What to Post on Instagram without Having a Product to Sell

Instagram: a platform of edited pictures, captions, and millions of users. It’s a hub for businesses looking to promote their products, but what about those without a tangible product to sell? 

Yes, you! You, too, can harness the power of Instagram without a product. Let’s unveil tips to use your unique insights, lifestyle, and personality to win over your audience.

1. Share Your Journey

People connect with stories. Documenting your journey—personal or professional—can foster that connection.

  • Day-to-Day Activities: Simple things like your morning routine or a favorite recipe can intrigue your audience. It’s about making the mundane engaging.
  • Professional Insights: Share your professional milestones, challenges, or lessons learned. It gives a human face to your journey and allows others to relate.

2. Expert Tips and Tutorials

Are you an expert in something? Capitalize on it. From cooking to coding, your knowledge is valuable.

  • Quick Tips: Short, informative posts can attract a busy audience. Make it visually appealing to boost engagement.
  • Tutorials: More detailed how-to guides can appeal to those looking to learn. Break it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

3. Behind-The-Scenes

Give people a peek into what goes on behind the curtain. It’s a great way to foster authenticity and transparency.

  • Workspace: Share images or videos of your workspace. It allows others to visualize where you bring ideas to life.
  • Processes: Detail how you accomplish tasks. It helps humanize your work and show that you put in the effort.

4. User-Generated Content

If your followers create content related to your niche, feature it! It’s a form of engagement that boosts community spirit.

  • Fan Art: If you have a fan base that creates artwork related to your brand, share it. It validates their effort and strengthens their connection to you.
  • Testimonials: Showcase testimonials or reviews from those who’ve benefited from your content. It’s an endorsement of your value.

5. Host Live Sessions or Q&As

Interacting in real time adds a dynamic touch to your presence.

  • Live Discussions: Engage with your audience directly, discuss relevant topics or share experiences. It creates a sense of community.
  • Q&A Sessions: Allow your followers to ask questions. It encourages active participation and helps you address their queries or concerns.

6. Partner with Like-Minded Brands or Influencers

Collaborating can create value for both parties involved, expanding your reach and providing new content for your audience.

  • Joint Live Sessions or Interviews: Host a live session with a like-minded influencer or brand, providing your followers with varied perspectives and exciting content.
  • Takeovers: Allow another influencer to take over your account for a day, providing a fresh perspective and potentially drawing in their followers.

7. Share Inspirational Content

People love to be motivated. Sharing uplifting content can inspire your followers and promote positivity on your feed.

  • Quotes: Simple but powerful, quotes can resonate with your audience and provide encouragement or motivation.
  • Personal Stories: Sharing your personal struggles and triumphs can inspire others and create a deeper connection.

8. Leverage Instagram’s Features

Instagram offers a plethora of features for content creation. Use them to your advantage.

  • IGTV: For longer, more in-depth content, IGTV is the perfect platform. Host extended tutorials, detailed discussions, or in-depth interviews here.
  • Reels: Short, catchy, and fun, reels can be used for quick tips, humor, or short tutorials.
  • Stories: Use stories for quick updates, behind-the-scenes, or interactive elements like polls or questions.

9. Promote Causes You Believe In

If you’re passionate about a cause, use your platform to raise awareness.

  • Informational Posts: Share facts or stories related to the cause. It can educate your audience and raise awareness.
  • Fundraisers: If there’s a fundraiser for your cause, promote it on your platform. You can make a difference while involving your followers.

10. Host Contests or Giveaways

Engage your followers with interactive content.

  • Photo Contests: Encourage your followers to share a photo with a specific theme. Offer a small prize for the best one.
  • Caption Contests: Post a photo and have your followers create creative captions. It boosts engagement and creativity.

Additional Tips

  • Use SEO practices: Include relevant keywords in captions, comments, and your username and bio to boost visibility.
  • Collaborate with your audience: Encourage your followers to tag you in their posts or use a specific hashtag. You can then feature these posts on your own profile.
  • Keep up with trends: Stay aware of what’s popular and use current trends in your posts, provided they align with your brand.
  • Post Consistently: Regular posts help keep you in your followers’ minds. Create a posting schedule and stick to it.
  • Engage with Followers: Respond to comments, like posts, and follow back. Engagement builds relationships.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: They make your content discoverable to a larger audience.
  • Quality over Quantity: Prioritize creating quality content over simply churning out posts.


Remember, your Instagram profile can still thrive even without a physical product to sell. The content you create can be the product you offer your followers. Engaging your audience, providing valuable information, and creating a sense of community can help you succeed on Instagram.

Instagram can be a valuable platform for expressing creativity and connecting with an audience. By exploring these methods, you’ll be able to maintain a consistent, appealing, and interactive presence on the platform, even without a physical product to sell.

Remember, staying true to yourself and your brand is the most important thing. The right audience will appreciate and connect with authenticity.

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