There are some crucial things that you need to consider as an actor before going for an interview. Several things many new actors do that blow their interview. Here are some mistakes that actors do and their solutions.

Mistake: – Appearance

 Dress in dirty clothes, sneakers, unwashed hair, no style, no makeup (female), unshaved (male).

Solution: – 

Dress exactly as you are interviewing for a job with a major company that plans to promote you into the higher rank.

Outfits: –

Males: – Formal clothes are optional. Even if you are a street punk personality then let that be determined by your face and voice, not by dirty outfits. Be groomed, shaven with combed hair.

Females: – Skirt (not too short), Top no cleavage, medium pumps, nice makeup but not overly done, hair pulled back so that the face can be seen and no fragrance or perfume. 

Mistake: – Pictures and Resume

1) Show up with no image or resume. Make certain to give a big excuse, including that you were in a hurry and forget.

2) Show up with an old picture/resume.

3) Be certain the resume is untrimmed, sticking out past the headshot. 

4) Make certain to have a stylish headshot that doesn’t look even a tiny bit like you.


1) Have five P/Rs with flawlessly trimmed edges. Have your resume follow exactly the industry standards. 

2) Give the talent agent your comp card if he handles print work. Have it easily available so you don’t require three minutes fishing in a big bag.

Please ensure that your headshot reflects you. Honesty is, huge! Please be honest in your resume about your skills and previous work.

Mistake: – False Claims and Lack of Preparation

1) Your resume said that you are a trained dancer. But in the interview when the interviewer asked about it, you said “I danced in a high school function.”

Solution: –

1) Generally, an agent or manager will request a monologue. Have three or four prepared readily available. Have them so completely prepared that you can go on automatic pilot, if important. Try not to stop, fumble, smile timidly or apologize in the event that you fail to remember your lines. Cover your mistakes.

Furthermore, since this might be in an agency it would be desirable to select a speech that doesn’t have shouting or shouting in it. Likewise, most agents, and so on lean toward speeches without indecencies.

2) Have three songs remembered whether you are introducing yourself as a singer. Have your music with you. 

3) Guarantee nothing on your resume that isn’t correct. Do not attempt to make extra work look like a featured role.

General Suggestions

Interviews are regularly “talk,” except if they are a sort of welcomed general tryout which is combined with a brief interview. It’s smart to run a few fake meetings with individual actors who have experienced the experience. Now and then it pays to see a mentor for an hour’s work on talk with methods.

At last

Be prepared for practically any topic during an interview. Think rapidly and be strategic without being insincere. Be open. Never chat about your spouse, family, betraying sweetheart or anything negative. Generally significant, never talk about bad for individuals you’ve worked with past.

  • Try not to talk about political and religious issues.
  • Have a mini monologue arranged about “Myself,” loaded with short entertaining stories and be sufficiently adaptable to extemporize continually all through that historical speech.
  • Fortunately, most meetings are somewhat exhausting, well-mannered and short. They simply need to get a feeling of whether you are attractive and regardless of whether you will be lovely to work with.

All in all, the following are a couple of general pointers for interviews:

  • Great habits are noted and appreciated.
  • Sitting in a seat appropriately shows regard.
  • Being coordinated makes an extraordinary impression.
  • Chewing gum likewise makes an impression, but not you want to make!
  • Be on time, something like five minutes ahead of schedule and not one minute late.
  • A crucial remark: If you are called in for a meeting it is because they are keen on you. Something about your resume or looks or execution grabbed their eye.

Create a talking persona whose significant characteristic is charm. Make your meeting the lovely feature of their day

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