Stuck at home? Here are some ideas and challenges to click pictures at home and be creative!

1) Self-Portrait Challenge: The challenge is about “in your space,” so catch a shot that catches you and whatever space in your home best addresses you.

2) Close Focus/Macro Challenge: If you have full-scale lenses, utilize that. If not, have a go at taking close centre pictures with the best lens available to you.

3) Movie Challenge: Put on an incredible classic film and watch it with your camera and a 50mm (or similar) lens in hand. Work on catching the best composition as they occur continuously.

4) Wide Open/Closed Down Challenge: Work on shooting with your lens at its most totally open, and it’s generally shut down. This will provide you with a superior sense of DOF, while likewise driving you to remunerate with the remainder of your settings.

5) Reflection Challenge: Find/make and photograph a reflection. It doesn’t need to be a self-representation; however, it unquestionably can be.

6) Don’t Move Challenge: Sid down someplace, ideally a balcony or porch or park (while keeping social separation) and don’t move for 30 minutes. Attempt to find/catch however many various creations as you can from this one, secured area.

7) Landscape Challenge: This one is restricted to your backyard or in your neighbourhood park while keeping no less than 6 feet from others, yet it’s an incredible reason to get outside and feel less cooped up, without putting yourself or any other person in harm’s way.

Some Other Ideas

Explore the Window Garden
From flowers to bugs, there is a universe of wonderful things to shoot in your indoor garden. flowers look truly new after the downpour. Go very close and furthermore remember the raindrops for petals. Look for bugs like hopping insects or mantises hiding in your vases. They make for extraordinary large-scale subjects.

Raid the Kitchen
Regardless of where you reside, your kitchen will undoubtedly be an exuberant spot full of clutter. Search for tones and examples that stick out. Shoot the cutlery, the food or simply the wreck.

Shoot the View from Your Window

You don’t need to be outside to click photos. Peep out from the window and perhaps remember it for the casing to give the pictures an alternate point of view. You could likewise shoot through finished glass or a straightforward umbrella.

Build a Light Box and Shoot Products

A basic light tent or lightbox can be made with cardboard and butter paper or white cotton material. Use flashguns, CFLs or even table lights to light the items. You can make reflectors by folding silver foil around cardboard sheets.

Shoot all that glossy you can find from wristwatches to fragrance bottles. Attempt to make the visual treatment like a notice.

Build a Makeshift Portrait Studio

Utilize white bedsheets and mirrors as your light modifiers. Transform colourful bedsheets into the studio backdrop or custom colour your own setting.

Do a crash course on posturing for pictures with your companions or family. Think inventively and utilize your gear. Having various lights helps, however regardless of whether you have a solitary flashgun, you can in any case get lovely, diffused light by skipping it off the roof or walls.

Shoot With the Least Used Lens

Dust off the grime from a focal point that you seldom take out. Challenge yourself to work around its impediments and track down great pictures.

Shoot the Mundane Objects of Your House

Have you at any point looked closely at the dividers and furniture of your home? They make incredible conceptual subjects. Get quirky and incorporate the cleaning imprints and spider webs in your pictures.

Capture All 26 Letters of the Alphabet

This is a truly fun test. Observe objects in your home that appear as though one of the 26 letters. Search everywhere. Keep the piece straightforward. Shoot them against similar backgrounds and with similar settings.

Assuming that you experience difficulty observing a letter, then, at that point, structure the shape with whatever materials you have close by. Thusly, you can likewise make words and sentences.

Hope you find this blog helpful. Now go get your camera and click some pictures!

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