If you’re looking to make extra money and have an adorable baby, baby modeling (also known as infant modeling) may be the perfect opportunity for you. What is baby modeling? It’s a business where your child earns money simply by looking cute in photos and videos. So how does it work? I’ll explain the ins and outs of what it takes to get started with this business model and where you can find more information online.

Is baby modeling right for your child?

Baby modeling (or infant modeling) can be a wonderful opportunity for parents to engage their children in creative activities. You may have questions about whether baby modeling is right for your child. Modeling isn’t just an activity—it’s a commitment and involves a lot of time, energy, and work. Baby model photoshoots usually happen on weekends, so you’ll need to consider how much time your child has available during those days as well as your family’s overall schedule. Check out these answers to common questions about baby modeling. How does baby modeling affect your child? Baby modeling will involve long hours away from home and other disruptions to normal family life. You should also consider if baby modeling will cause undue stress or conflict within your relationship with each other or within your marriage. If there are any issues that might arise from making major changes to your lifestyle, it’s important that you deal with them before signing up for baby modeling jobs.

How do you get started as a baby model?

To get started, contact a baby modeling agency. Modeling agencies can be found in all major cities in America, and there are numerous opportunities for you to meet with them to discuss their policies and procedures. When you do meet with them, ensure that you go prepared; you should know exactly why you want to become a baby model (or infant model) and how it fits into your future career plans.

What jobs are available for infant models?

You might imagine that infant modeling is limited to small-time jobs like mall promotions, but in fact, there are numerous ways to earn money with your little one. You could consider working at a family-friendly theme park (ex: Hershey Park), modeling for print ads, or becoming a social media influencer by posting cute photos of your baby on Instagram. Many parents feel like they don’t have a choice but to model their kids; others do it as a way to encourage more positive body image and self-esteem in their children. But despite any perceived controversy, Baby Modeling (infant modeling) continues to be an extremely popular job among young families all over America.

How much can you make as an infant model?

These days, agencies will sometimes charge both models and parents as much as $100 a day to do an infant modeling session. This can add up quickly. Agencies often take 30% of a model’s earnings, so you can imagine what kind of cut they take when their clients are infant models. Even more amazing is that most parents have no idea how little their children are making on these sessions until they ask. Many times it’s under $100 for a full day of work. And since these shoots usually last just an hour or two, well you do the math! So what’s in it for your baby?

How long does the process take?

Working with an agency, you can expect your baby modeling (infant modeling) to take anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on if they accept you or not. Of course, that timeline can be cut short if you decide to go solo and find your own gigs. That said, as a single parent and/or as someone who needs work ASAP, it’s usually better to use an agency since they have contacts within specific industries. In some cases, these agencies will help manage your schedule and organize shoots for you, which means you can focus on spending time with your baby. Some agencies even offer opportunities for bonuses, like paid trips to model at fashion shows in New York City or Paris. Most of all, though: Baby modeling (infant modeling) provides new parents with an opportunity to make money while still spending quality time together as a family. You’ll both love every minute of it!


With Baby Modeling (infant modeling) agencies popping up all over, it’s a popular choice for many new parents. These infant modeling agencies charge a fee for your child to be featured in their portfolio and often have casting calls to meet with clients looking for baby models (infant models). There are many requirements you must fulfill to work with a Baby Modeling (infant modeling) agency, including having at least one parent who can attend all auditions/workshops. Some agencies also require that you have your own studio or specialized photography equipment (as well as professional gear), but some allow you to use theirs when working on specific projects.

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