If you’re a male model, you have probably spent some time wondering, what are male models supposed to look like? This query can be confusing because it seems like there should be an exact set of standards that all male models are held to. The truth, however, is that there really isn’t a right way to look or the perfect body to achieve when it comes to being a male model; the image of the ideal male model just isn’t cut and dry.

Physical characteristics of male models

Male models are typically tall and thin with broad shoulders. To some extent, these characteristics are just natural peaks in a bell curve of what people actually look like. It’s possible to look at many men on television and find that they have similar characteristics as male models. However, many male models go beyond even these broad physical characteristics to get their bodies in amazing shape for photo shoots or runway shows. Male models who take it too far may suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia that can make them ill if not properly monitored. Male model fitness is more about looking great than looking healthy; when it comes to eating disorders, being too thin is almost always better than being overweight.

Age specific

One of our goals was to normalize what male models are supposed to look like. Age is just a number right? Many will agree that there is a common misconception that models are tall and young. We wanted to prove that age doesn’t matter as long as you have talent and passion for your craft. Our goal was also to showcase different body types; by having both men & women over 30 we showed that they can still do it no matter their age or weight. It all came down to how talented they were and if they had a passion for it.


Male models are supposed to be tall. There’s no getting around it—the majority of men’s clothing is made for guys 5’9 and above. Is that fair? No way. But that doesn’t change reality. If you’re shorter than 5’9, then forget modeling (unless you really have a great look, in which case go ahead). There’s a reason why runway models and celebrities with modeling contracts are so tall: height adds an element of elegance to most looks. And yes, there are some short male models out there (for example Ben Stiller), but these guys typically need strong features to offset their height disadvantage.

Weight (BMI)

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a widely used method of calculating how overweight or underweight someone is. Divide that number by your height again. The resulting number is your BMI. Keep reading to learn more about Male Models Supposed to Look Like using BMI. Using Male Models Supposed To Look Like BMI Chart: Male models are supposed to have low body fat percentage and muscle mass which give them their aesthetic appeal. Most male models are required to have an attractive physique with good posture.

Job descriptions

Male models are stereotypically tall, with chiseled jaws and toned physiques. But just how much do we know about what exactly male models are supposed to look like these days? Turns out, a lot! Here’s a peek into what they really look like. The male model stereotype is one of height, but there’s more to it than that. Male models are typically between 5’10 and 6’2, with an average weight of 180 pounds for those over six feet tall and 170 pounds for those under six feet. There is no ideal body type for male models—just general guidelines for weight and muscle tone. As long as you can fit into your clothes well (and not be too skinny or too muscular), you should be good to go.


Male models today are not supposed to look like bodybuilders with their shirts off in every other advertisement. A male model is a tall and thin guy who has an amazing smile and can rock just about any outfit. Male models have been around since man learned how to sew and it looks like they will continue being a big part of our lives for years to come. Men are likely to always want to look at beautiful men so male models will always be in demand. If you think you might have what it takes then check out a modeling agency near you because your future may depend on it!

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