Wedding Photo shoot in Kerala

Our Wedding shoots in Kerala are specifically designed to assist you to capture the important day with your loved one. We Help you capture those precious wedding day moments to cherish later on.

Let’s plan how we capture these wonderful  pre and post wedding moments today 

Wedding shoots in kerala
best edding shoots in kerala done by Candid Novia, Kochi


Top rated wedding Photographers

Photo Want is Associated with the top rated wedding photographers of Kerala. We contribute our sincere endeavors in every snap to give life to your photographs which is the reason we are rated.

With a getting through enthusiasm for photography, Photo Want tries to make each effort an exceptional show-stopper. We are invested with industry-driving picture takers, gifted finish-up specialists, and creation specialists to deliver you the most ideal result. 

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Here’s how we plan your wedding shoots


Pre Wedding Programs

This is the time PhotoWant catches detail shots and the fervor paving the way to the service. Here, we snap each picture's subtleties, similar to solicitations, rings, blossoms, dresses, the service site, and so forth.


The Principal Look

The principal look is a close and loosening-up choice to offer couples. It additionally permits us to have an opportunity to catch profound pictures, particularly when we just have restricted time saved for imaginative shots after the function


The Wedding Ceremony

The time we captures the cherishable wedding ceremony that will document the memories of the vows for your life time Starting from Bride walking down the aisle to the wedding moment


Family Photos

Here is where we take shots of you and your loved family members as the images you take here are lifelong legacies and heirlooms. They often end up being the most cherished images from the day.


Creative photographs

After the ceremony, Having 1.5 to 3 hours for creative imagery is great, depending on what you want to accomplish in this timeframe, posed moments with lighting setups, if you want loads of photographs for your wedding party, here is where we have all that carried out.


The reception

This part of the wedding day can be laid back and fun. We don't let you miss those memories ever. Photo want will offer the best Reception shoot for your wedding.

Unique Wedding shoot Experience in Kerala

With Decades of proven Experience, our team is prepared to Help you Achieve your goals and beyond.

Furnished with a group of imaginative and enthusiastically prepared visual experts, we furnish specific photography and videography administrations with the highest level of perfection.

Photo Want’s proficient wedding photographers in Kerala perseveringly work to give you the most uncommon memories as stupendous pictures. We utilize top-grade types of equipment and regular lighting answers for stunning photos of the most important day in your life. 

Being the best wedding photographic artist in Kerala, we work with the most recent innovation and utilize imaginative thoughts and novel ideas to make your image look extraordinary.


Top Asked religious wedding Shoots in Kerala

hindu wedding Shoot

Offering types of photoshoot assistance in Hindu wedding in Kerala, from traditional to authentic wedding photography, we expect to organize your unique minutes simply in the manner in which you need it.

muslim wedding Shoot

For your Muslim wedding,We help you preserve those amazing moments via a well-curated shoot at a location of your choice.

christian wedding photography

We make your christian wedding a memorable one by assisting you with protecting those astonishing minutes through a well-organised take shot at an area of your decision


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  1. The ceremony site
  2. Bridal hair and makeup
  3. Dresses, shoes, jewelry and other details
  4. The groom getting dressed
  5. Groomsmen accessories and details
  6. Rings
  7. Invitations
  8. Flowers
  9. Gifts and the gift exchange
  1. The moments leading up to the reveal
  2. The bride and groom’s reactions as they see each other
  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • Bride being handed off to the groom
  • Ring exchange
  • First kiss
  • Bride and groom reactions
  • First row/family reactions

Everyone on the pre-planned list

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • The bride’s entire family
  • The groom’s entire family
  • Groups of friends
  • Groups of co-workers



A creative wedding photo session involves the following

  • Bridal portrait
  • Groom portrait
  • Full wedding party with the couple (formal and creative)
  • Group A of the wedding party with the couple
  • Group B of the wedding party with the couple
  • Individual portraits of the wedding party
  • Group A of the wedding party with and without the couple
  • Group B of the wedding party with and without the couple
  • The couple together (formal and creative)