Sunny Leone to Kerala DFTV's Fashion Show in Trivandrum

June 27-29, 2023 Trivandrum

Dream International Fashion Festival will introduce the capital to a whole new era of fashion and style.


27th June 2023  to  29th June 2023

Confluence of Fashion Designers

Sanjana John Forever Naveen Kumar Shravan Kumar Sidney sladen

The Star Showstopper: Sunny Leone

Dalu Krishnadas: The Show Director

Your Guide to the DFF season 1

Day 1: The Grand Unveiling – the 27th of June Day 2: Showcasing Brilliance modeling agencies – the 28th of June Day 3: A Fashionable Finale – the 29th of June

29th June 2023

Sunny Leone graces the runway as a showstopper with an electrifying performance.