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“Embrace your sensuality and capture your confidence in stunning photographs”

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Welcome to Photo Want, the premier destination for boudoir photoshoot services. We specialize in capturing the beauty, femininity, and confidence of our clients through intimate and tastefully done boudoir photography. Our team of skilled photographers understands the artistry and sensitivity required to create stunning images that celebrate your individuality. Whether you’re looking to create a unique gift for your partner or to simply embrace and empower yourself, our boudoir photoshoots offer a safe and supportive environment to reveal your innermost self.

Our Boudoir Shoot Getaways For All

Explore your sensual side in our luxurious and private studio
Experience a personalized and exclusive photoshoot tailored to your vision
Enjoy a comfortable and empowering atmosphere where you can truly be yourself
Discover a newfound confidence as we capture your unique beauty in every shot

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    Our Boudoir Shoot Services

    Experience the transformative power of boudoir photography!

    Bridal Boudoir Shoots

    Cherish the Moments of Your Journey to Forever

    As you embark on a new chapter of your life, our cridal boudoir shoots create elegant and intimate portraits that showcase your unique love story. Immortalize the anticipation and excitement of your upcoming wedding with tastefully crafted shots that perfectly reflect your love and connection.

    Intimate Couple Shoots

    Ignite the Flame of Passion, Together

    Celebrate the love and connection between you and your partner with our intimate couple shoots. Our experienced photographers expertly capture the chemistry, tenderness, and excitement that make your relationship special. With breathtaking shots, we create a visual story that showcases your shared bond and expresses the passion you share.

    Modeling Boudoir Shoots

    Embrace Your Inner Supermodel, Unleash Your Confidence

    Unleash your confidence and discover your inner supermodel with our modeling boudoir shoots. Whether you are a professional model or aspiring to become one, our team will capture your unique beauty, personality, and individual style. Our expert photographers will guide you through poses and lighting to create stunning images that stand out in the industry. Elevate your portfolio and showcase your versatility with captivating shots that leave a lasting impression.

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    All-Inclusive Package: Treat yourself to the full boudoir experience with this comprehensive package, which includes all of our services. From a personalized consultation to professional hair and makeup, enjoy a day of pampering and leave with a collection of stunning photographs that celebrate your true self. 2. Individual Services: For those who prefer to customize their boudoir experience, we offer the flexibility to select specific services. Choose from bridal boudoir shoots, intimate couple shoots, or modeling boudoir shoots to create a package that suits your desires and needs.

    Our Photographers

    We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

    Raunak Shankar


    In the field of wedding photography, Raunak has flourished with five years of experience, establishing Candid Novia as a top choice. Specializing in candid photography, his goal was to capture genuine emotions and preserve them for a lifetime. With over 150+ wedding memories curated all over India, he has expertise in newborn baby shoots, maternity shoots, intimate weddings, and modeling shoots.

    Praveen Nilgiris


    A master in advertisement shoots, Praveen has collaborated with renowned brands such as Red FM, Huggy Commercial, Yavonne Boutique, Kerala ByGone Fashion, and many more, creating visually striking campaigns that leave a lasting impression. With an exceptional eye for detail and a keen understanding of each brand’s unique essence, Praveen’s craftsmanship elevates commercial photography to new heights.

    Trust Photo Want to deliver an unforgettable boudoir photoshoot experience that celebrates your individuality and beauty. Allow us to capture your essence and create a collection of photographs that you will cherish forever.

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