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The first year of your child’s life is without a doubt the cutest time of their lifetime. Child photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture your child’s initial days of blooming. From chuckles, grins, and snickers to the excitement of thumb sucking, crawling, sitting, and strolling! Cherish these minutes; life has no rewind button



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Here is what we do to take good shots of your newly born child.


Set Care

Before each session, we make sure to clean and maintain our baby portrait equipment. Everything that will touch the infant, including fabrics, is washed. Hypoallergenic detergent is used.Because babies' skin is prone to sensitivities, we make sure to clean out all surfaces. This includes the flooring, commodes, accessories, and pouffes. We also use gentle cleaners before every newborn photo session



Before the session, we will ask you about your preferences below. because newborns' skin is still developing. That frequently differs from the silky-smooth skin we envision during the session.Additionally, newborn acne, jaundice, and skin peeling are common in infants. It's possible that some parents will prefer to preserve their newborn's natural appearance in the images, which is why we like to do this session first.


plans before the meeting.

Baby plans are picture shoots that can capture any or all of the significant life events. Maternity, infant, three, six, nine, and twelve-month photo sessions are some examples.In the weeks after your child is born, you will be very busy and exhausted. This is why, before the newborn photo session, we provide you with any baby plans, albums, or print packages. The likelihood is that you won't have much time to visit us for product viewings, product selling sessions, or follow-ups.


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Here are some stages of newly born photoshoot we do

From 7 to 21 days:

This is the ideal time for a newborn photo shoot. The child is quite flexible and will pose for the most amazing photos easily. Intense sleep is an additional benefit.

From 21 to 30 days: 

Your child has started to form their number one dozing position. Their sleep is also decreasing. Infants could now cooperate for all infant poses. 

This period is additionally great for capturing amazing photos. The shoot will take additional time as we need to wait for the child to dive into deep rest. So kindly reserve an entire day for the shoot.

We also take your child’s picture as he/she grows.

Here we have;

  • Infant 46 days to 90 days

  • Baby 3 months to 6 months

  • Toddler 7 months to 2 years

  • Kids 5 years to 12 years and so on

Kindly go ahead and address us well ahead of time to find out about the various styles possible during every period. The best time for a conversation is during your pregnancy period so that you can plan your photo shoot and get the best memories.