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PhotoWant is an experienced fashion photography and videography specialist in Kerala. We will ensure sincere efforts by outstanding fashion photography experts to conduct your photo session in Kerala

PhotoWant serves clients all over the world with their photographic and design needs. All of our pieces combine art, craft, knowledge, skill, creativity, and imagination to give them a special quality of entrancing originality.

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PhotoWant is one of the greatest fashion photographers in Kerala . We provide every shot of our honest efforts to bring life to your images, which is why we are ranked.

Photo Want strives to make every endeavour an excellent show-stopper with a burning passion for photography. To provide you with the best outcome, we work with talented photographers, finishers, and creators who are leaders in their fields.

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How do we plan your fashion photoshoot?


Host model call

We will be able to choose the ideal models for you once we are aware of the concept and look. Do you desire a freckle-faced redhead? Or perhaps a short, blonde punk? We will also take into account how many models you would require.You might need more than one model, especially if you're attempting to limit how much time you take up, depending on how many looks or clothes you want to photograph. We may offer you suggestions for various shots of the models interacting, dancing, strolling down the street, etc.


Discuss Location & Backgrounds

Since your location will have a significant impact on how your final photo will turn out, we always assist our clients in planning the locations they wish to use well in advance.If you insist on taking photos with cherry blossom trees, we will make sure that the park you choose has the right kind of trees and that they will be in bloom on the day you choose to shoot. So we prepare the locations you want to shoot and research your spot beforehand.


We'll Plan Your Look

We prefer to plan a few weeks ahead. This is how you properly get ready for a photo shoot. In business, we develop what are referred to as "model cards." To connect the clothes to a huge piece of poster board, we begin by shooting full-length, detailed shots of each outfit (either on a model or flat on the ground).We photograph each accessory closely (preferably showing how they are worn on the model, which hand, etc.). The materials used to create this look will be included next to the photographs, along with any detailed instructions for how to get the look.


We’ll Set A Schedule For The Day

We sincerely appreciate you planning and contacting us as soon as you decide when you want your photographs to be shot. By getting in touch with us in advance, you can make sure we are available and learn how much time will pass between your session and the delivery of your finalised photo.

Unique Fashion shoots Experience In Kerala

Photo Want Professional fashion photographers from Kerala work tirelessly to capture your most unique memories in breathtaking images. We use top-notch tools and conventional lighting techniques to take beautiful pictures of models.

We are the best fashion photographers in Kerala and we use cutting-edge technology as well as original concepts and creative thinking to make your image stand out.

Top Asked Fashion Photography sessions

Catalog Photography

A catalog photoshoot in Kerala, offers a unique opportunity for Indian-small and medium business to produce high quality images. Based on the requirement a model may or may not be a part of this type of shoot

High Fashion Photography

Top brands in Kerala always look for a super model and high quality photographer to take care of their content creation. Photo want assists you secure a high quality Fashion shoot in Kerala

Glamour photography

Another style of Fashion shoot in Kerala is Glamour photography, primarily targeting huge social media audience. Photowant assists rising models and brands to do glamour photography session in Kerala


Planning Your Fashion shoot? Great ! Let's Plan it, together.

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  1. Pick out your clothes early. You can reach out to us to get
  2. suggestions on what to wear for your portraits.
  3. Practice hair and makeup.
  4. Gather Your Props. …
  5. Eat, Drink, and Rest…
  6. Bring The Necessities. …
  7. Shave The Night Before. …
  8. Get On The Same Page As Your Photographer…
  9. Pre-Plan Locations
  1. lighting, style, hair and cosmetics, good location, models, and even positions. Your mood board should have a distinct visual concept so that everyone viewing it will understand what you’re trying to accomplish right away. PhotoWant will help you with this.
  • It’s best to know what suits you really well and the purpose of the shoot also determines the best thing to wear, but here are the general wears best for a fashion photoshoot.

    Classic clothing includes chinos, khakis, beige, blues, nature-hued pastels, blouses, and basic dresses.

    patterns and florals. only florals, or a random assortment of prints and patterns.

    Also, keep your colour schemes complementary rather than exactly matching (e.g., all white shirts and blue jeans).

Usually, the photo shoot takes 2 hours or more to capture enough client photos. 

To learn how the light hits the model and how it influences the final image, PhotoWant takes pictures from various sides and angles. 

For instance, we turn the model toward the window while our photographer stands with his back to it to create even lighting without any shadows. We look perfect and deploy our skills to make your shoot come out really great.