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Welcome to Photo Want, your go-to destination for exceptional Event Photography Services in the vibrant city of Dubai. We understand the importance of capturing those precious moments that make your event truly memorable. Our team of skilled photographers is dedicated to ensuring that every detail, every smile, and every emotion is beautifully preserved. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a fashion show, or seeking coverage for promotions and interviews, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our expertise and passion for photography, we aim to deliver stunning visuals that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and create unforgettable memories.

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Event Photography In Dubai

    Our Event Photography Services In Dubai

    Trust us to go above and beyond, delivering stunning photographs that capture the spirit and excitement of your event in Dubai.

    Corporate events

    Authentic Reflections of Your Business’s Success

    Our event photography services are tailored to meet the specific needs of corporate events. From conferences and seminars to product launches and gala dinners, our professional photographers are skilled at capturing the essence of your event. We focus on showcasing your business’s success and ensuring that every attendee is highlighted in their best light.

    Fashion Shows

    Unleashing the Glamour and Style of the Runway

    Our team of photographers has the expertise and creativity to capture the elegance and energy of fashion shows. We understand the importance of showcasing each designer’s unique vision and highlighting the models’ grace and style on the runway. Our photographs will capture the essence of your event and leave a lasting impression.

    Promotions and interviews

    Capturing the Essence of Your Brand’s Story

    Whether you’re launching a new product or conducting interviews with industry experts, our event photographers are skilled at capturing the essence of your brand’s story. We focus on highlighting the key moments that showcase your brand’s values and personality. Our photographs will leave a lasting impression and help you connect with your target audience.

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    At Photo Want, we offer flexible packages that cater to the unique requirements of event planners and management. Whether you prefer to purchase all services bundled together in a comprehensive package or select specific services individually, our customizable options ensure that you get precisely what you need. With our packages, you can confidently entrust us to capture the magic of your event, leaving you with timeless memories to cherish.

    Our Photographers

    With an extensive portfolio of awe-inspiring event photography results, Raunak Shankar and Praveen Nilgiris have consistently impressed clients in Dubai. Trust their expertise and our commitment to excellence to capture the essence of your event and create lasting memories.

    Raunak Shankar


    Raunak Shankar is a seasoned event photographer with a natural talent for capturing both candid and posed shots. With an eye for detail and a passion for his craft, he consistently delivers awe-inspiring results. His ability to anticipate and capture fleeting moments ensures that every photograph tells a unique story, bringing your event to life.

    Praveen Nilgiris

    Unleashing the Glamour through the Lens

    Praveen Nilgiris is a highly skilled event photographer known for his exceptional ability to capture the essence of every moment he captures. His keen eye for composition and passion for storytelling through imagery make him a trusted choice for event photography. Praveen’s ability to blend into the background allows him to document the event seamlessly, ensuring every detail is beautifully preserved.

    As the premier event photography service in Dubai, we understand the unique needs of event planners and event management teams. We offer a seamless experience, providing you with high-quality, professional images that capture the essence of your events. Let Photo Want be your trusted partner in event photography. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us create stunning visuals that will forever preserve your special moments.

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